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I haven't done any work on this so no glamour couch shots, I'll take those later. Shot on a case (not included) just so I wouldn't shoot it on the carpet and look like some other online guitar site. ;o}

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There is a fairly large chip on the edge of the lower horn about 1/2" long and 1/4" wide,  I've illustrated the outside edges of it. Swirl easy to match here to restore.

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This chip is a little bigger than 1/4" and is on the back top edge at the V where the contour cuts join together, opposite the forearm contour. The green is a little mottled but still an easy restore.

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There's also another very large chip on the back edge down by the control cover. This one is on both sides of the edge, bigger than 1/4" square on one side and 3/8" on the other. Most of the hard part to restore is still left ;o}

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And here is another one right on the face on the edge of the trem rout. Now this one's less than 1/8" round.

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There are also 2 small finish cracks on the body. The head has 3 little dinks and a rough tip with some clear loss near the top edge.

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Some molten wear on these saddles. The low E saddle is about worn off. Only the second time I've seen wear this deep into the pot metal base itself. Fully functional and not as bad as I make it as usual ;)

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There is some serious fretwear on everything between fret 2 and 15. I'd consider 2 - 15 in need of replacing they're so deep, so deep a fret level would just leave so little fret height that it would be very difficult to play. You could fret 2 - 9 and level, or level the whole board but that's going to leave you about .75mm of meat left. I've tried to show as many frets to illustrate how deep it is.

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