NAMM 2003

The partially finished NAMM review is now online here. Due to the size it will probably be sometime this weekend before it will be finished.

This is the time of year countries around the world announce what's new for the next year. Well, there are plenty of changes this year! A translation of the Russian site says that ALL Japan made Ibanez will now be Prestige models. Most current model #'s will see a change as they are deemed Prestige. In addition the Lo Pro has gone through a complete redesign as Floyd's patent has now run out. It is unknown if these will retrofit an existing Edge/Lo Pro, but from the pics of the base it seems unlikely.

First the model changes. This is from the Russian site so the US and other countries will not get the same models/colors/etc.

  • Signature:
    JS900 discontinued, JS1000WH discontinued
  • Prestige: New RG Prestige models:
    RG3120VV discontinued
  • RG models upgraded to Prestige, with Edge I tremolo plus other improvements:
       RG550/570 -> RG1550/1570
       RG550EX/RG570EX -> RG2550EX/RG2570EX
       RG620QM -> RG2620QM
       RG420GK -> RG1520GK
  • RG7:
    RG7420 and 7620 are replaced by a new model: RG1527
    RG1077XL model number changed to RG2077XL
  • S Series:
    Equipped with ZR Tremolo
    Model number changes: S1220 -> S1620, S1540FM -> S1670FM
    Removed from production: S520EX
  • Double Edge/Double SAT:
    New tremolo, Double Edge I
    Prestige necks
    S2120X and S620X discontinued
    RG620S colour ZS discontinued
  • SC
    SC420CM is discontinued, should be replaced with Korean SZ model

    Korea (Cort):
  • Signature:
    New colour (WH) added to JS100
  • RG:
    Equipped with new tremolo: Edge II
    Model number changes: RG270/270DX -> RG370B/370DX (RG370B has black hardware)
    New model: RGT42 [just now becoming available in Russia]
    New model: RG321 (replaces made in Japan RG421)
    RG170 production moved to Indonesia
    CHE colour discontinued for RGR220 and RG270L
  • S:
    Equipped with new ZR tremolo
    Model number change: S370 -> S470
    RRF colour discontinued, new colours added
    New model: S470DX
  • EDR:
    EDR470EX: Equipped with Edge II tremolo
    EDR 170 changed price
  • Other models:
    AX125 production moved to Indonesia
  • SA:
    no changes

Now for the new bridges, the Edge 1, Edge 2, and ZeroRocker.

Ibanez have not yet reached final agreements with their endorsed artists (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc) and therefore can not confirm which tremolo will be installed on the signature lines.

Edge I - The new bridge looks like a new age Lo Pro with radically redesigned saddles. The base is a new casting mold but resembles the original Lo Pro base. The saddles now feature a hardened insert to promote string life and  have a "string through bottom" loading design where the ball ends are left on and strings fed through the bottom of the trem. Assume a trem cover with 6 holes or slots to facilitate string changing.

Edge II - This one has the look of a budget Edge 1, same basic design but the less accurate posts found with a TRS. The saddles look like the new redesign but are missing the hardened inserts. No string through loading.

Zerorocker - looks like a promising new design. Hardmounted at the nose with possible ball bearing pivot points. It's a very slim design but will have to see this in person to figure it out.

All in all it looks to be an interesting year to come.


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