AF180BS - Wonderful single cutaway Fujigen built jazzbox. This is a Japan market model not imported into the US. Please do not confuse this with the myriad of cheap Chinese built Artcores flooding the market. This is a fine instrument.

F1309630 - LINK TO MORE PICS - UNMARKED Second Stock - Dead Mint, never stamped with the S, I got there before they could! These were Japan market guitars they brought in to do big store events for certain dealers, with non available models at the event to entice sales. This guitar is untouched and absolutely brand new, but technically a Second even though it is not marked. It was a Second only because when unsold, even to the dealers it was offered to, it still had to go. At the discounted Second price it's a superb instrument and I'm happy to have it in inventory. All Second Stock guitars comes with Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty.** Bronze Level $1700** Silver at $1800**




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