AF200 - A Classic release, the Japanese built AF200 has always been their finest full bodied non signature jazz box.

F1318545 - LINK TO MORE PICS - Second Stock - This was the 2015 NAMM show guitar, flown to LA from Japan for the show with Nippon Cargo stickers on the box. It survived the show with 3 deeper scratches on the face of the headstock near the treble tip. Otherwise it has just a few fingernail scratches on the pickguard, plastic removed [the guard not very well polished at manufacture with light sanding scratches no fully polished out], and a fairly deep half S stamped on the back of the headstock. A couple mars to the top of the case. These are wonderful instruments with wonderful woods. All Second Stock guitars come with 1 year Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty.** $1450 BRONZE** $1600 SILVER**





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