BWM1BS - Ibanez continues it's relationship with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead with another version of the Cowboy guitar, this time with a new bridge and pickups. I'm guessing at the specs until they publish them. The guitars will be Sugi built of course.

BMW1BS_F0520924 - SECOND STOCK - Description tag marked "Sample guitar. Buyer directed 2nds", the buyer being the guitar buyer at Hoshino. My guess is they built this guitar in 2005 to try and lure Bob back into a deal for 2006, he obviously had the guitar as he signed the backplate, but the deal would not take place until 10 years later in 2016, As a sample of this grade this is definitely a J Custom and all build evidence points that it is, what a fantastic instrument. The final run to be produced by Sugi a decade later. As an artists sample I would expect Bob had this for at least a little while, nobody else would be handling an artists sample to put signs of handling and play, and it shows both. It was covered in fingerprints in the controls area, the whole area. I probably should have left alone but I wiped it down. The back shows evidence of polishing, there is a very shallow scratch on the back of the neck that would easily wetsand and polish out, and 3 very small marks on the back edge of the upper bout. Otherwise it's a wonderful elaborate instrument, probably one of the most complex Ibanez has ever built for sale. Supper light triple stamped S on the back of the head. All Second Stock guitars come with 1 year Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty. **$4750 AS IS, $4850 BRONZE, $5075 SILVER**


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