JS25ART - This is arguably the coolest signature model ever. Joe has always had that artist spirit, whether he was designing his picks and straps, publishing a coffee table book of his graphic art and designs, or drawing on the guitars of his fans. In a stroke of genius, Joe has taken his artistic talent to his signature model and personally painted 50 of them with his unique designs. Painted at the LA Custom Shop over 2 days and then carefully wrapped and sent back to Japan for finishing, the JS25ART is a true original, being the only signature guitar actually painted by the artist himself. Yes, Eddie did stripe guitars to be painted and it could be argued that is very artistic, but I don't think they're even in the same conversation. Joe's designs are reminiscent of  Basquiat's work during the 1980's, without the graffiti, each being based on the series of 3 figures, some in combination with graphics, some as stand alone, all, very cool. Joseph Satriani has proven he is much more than a world class musician. Limited to the 50 guitars painted, 25 of them will be available in the US.

There is a fantastic video documenting the process here.

The company US and WORLD guitar galleries.




JS25ART #14 - F1503171 - Like most of the new Limited guitars I sell this guitar was purchased from another dealer, Sweetwater, and even on a "please do not touch" request, somebody did a plug in test and chipped the super thin paint on the very edge of the angled jack rout flipping the cord out instead of pinching it out, and then touched it up with Sharpie so it had the full purple hue. I have pics of it somewhere from the Sweetwatr rant but they are lost. Anyway, I loved the gold outline and popping color and characters on it in comparison to to the rest so I kept it. I took it to Mike in Bensalem who did the check in inspection of every ART for HUSA, and he went straight to this Japanese ink, and with a few swipes of the genies wand it disappeared. It wicked under the clear edge so well it's virtually undetectable. We both agreed that even trying to put a clear over it and getting the sheen blended would be more risk than reward and leaving it alone was absolutely good enough, and it would pass his check in inspection. Anyway - I recently purchased another that I've wanted since the first time I scrolled thru the full gallery, but, another rival [and compadre'] beat me to it in Italy. That guitar actually has an EU CITES permit good anywhere in the world for the rest of it's life. This one does not!  I have a finite number in that collection so it's on a one in, one out policy, and this guitar drew the short straw. It has very distinguished company and it's still tough to part with.

JS25ART #14 - Brand New Dead Mint Minus Nearly untouched, definitely unplayed with a very small factory touch up on the thin edge of the output jack. cert, shipping box, a couple extra stickers on the box from Sweetwater. Considering what I just paid for #32 I'm listing this one at $8250. Any way you want it, if you want to play it, untouched as it is, or anywhere in between.

No dealer is guaranteed to get anything. No sell pages are allowed of the model until May 1st when the dealers that will get get them, know they've gotten something. These will not be distributed in the normal way.

The guitars were locked in a large glass case for the show.

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