PIA3761 - After 33 years Steve has decided to give the JEM a facelift naming the new model after his wife. Of course this has started a long debate about it's merits or lack of but essentially outside of the monkey grip turning to rose pedals there really is very little change. The covered pickups have always been a point of debate and may come and go as the new model matures. The vine has had a redesign but until I can compare one side to side I don't see a huge difference. These guitars are built in Japan and the JEM will continue to be built in Indonesia for the time being.

The Stallion White will remain a catalog production model while all the colored models are very limited and will be tough to get.



Thirty-three years after the release of one of the most legendary and iconic signature guitars of all time, the Ibanez JEM, Steve Vai and Ibanez have once again collaborated on something completely new, in what Steve has described as "the next evolution of the JEM". After all those years with his trusty JEM guitars at his side, Steve recently felt an urge to design a new guitar that reflected his own personal growth and journey as an artist since the release of the Ibanez JEM in 1987. Steve and Ibanez worked tirelessly over a period of time in order realize Steve's vision; a guitar that can not only capture the same thrill and exhilaration that his JEM guitars have always provided, but also one that adds new elements of aesthetics, design, and function. After an exciting process of research and development, Steve and Ibanez were able to create something that exceeded all expectations, something that Steve has deemed “Paradise in Art”. Ibanez is proud to now offer this new guitar, the Ibanez PIA, as the next of evolution of our amazing partnership with Steve Vai. The 'Petal Grip', arguably the most eye-catching feature of the PIA, is something that Steve feels visually represents the bond that two entities can create when in synergy with one another. It is this synergy, and its ability to create a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than its parts, that the Ibanez PIA is born.





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