RG1020IR7 - The first prop model I've done, because the timing is right. Not because it's my 10th Anniversary as an authorized dealer, or 20th Anniversary as Ibanez Rules, but because Fujigen is making good guitars without neck issues right now so I believe in the production enough that I'll order 24 guitars that cannot be rejected. From the beginning I wanted to make a beautiful base similar to a Texas Special that was also as customizable as possible, within the limits of the program. It was a rocky start as the first version included abalone purfling on body and head that was just beautiful with the Surreal Blue Burst, but with pricing out of control and well into J Custom territory we had to start over and this is essentially the original concept without the purfling in a match set of 6 and 7 string.

The highlights - Mahogany, Black Ebony, Pearl binding and inlays, optional hardware color, optional 5 way or 3 way with coil taps.

Guitars are due January 2019, the process just took too long.

12 Total production - 3 left available.

Anybody interested in ordering is always first come first serve, choices go to order of deposits taken, first order is first pick, on down the line. Although I would expect all the quilted maple may be from the same lot.

10% Fully refundable deposit required to order.




Customization -

The 7 string comes with cosmno hardware but they can be ordered eith either Chrome or Gold*. Black available if desired. *Gold with a $175 upcharge.

They are built with a 3 way blade switch with - 1 - bridge Hum, 2 - both Hum, 3 - Neck hum - with a coil tap push pull tone pot to split the coils in all positions

They can be changed to the typical 5 way switching without the coil tap for $25

Push pull tone pot activated 3 way

Optional standard 5 way HH switching


The original model mock up but the version with a switched coil tap we quickly changed, and rosewood, now ebony..



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