PAYPAL - We’re changing how we treat refunds. If you refund (partially or fully) a transaction to a buyer or a donation to a donor, there are no fees to make the refund, but the fees you originally paid as the seller will not be returned to you.



You have the right of refusal on any New or Used instrument for 7 days from the time received. If you cannot tell if the guitar is for you in 7 days another week isn't going to make a difference. You cannot keep and play my guitar for a month like all the warehouses that don't care about the quality they provide. You must contact me within this period to request a return authorization. Guitars returned MUST be in the exact condition they were received. Returns with no problems will be refunded the purchase price minus all shipping charges, any service charges or assorted fees if applicable, If you want more liberal return policies then I suggest you buy from a Chain store that will take your return up to 30 days after purchase. I am not a chain, there are perks to dealing with Chain stores, just as there are different perks to dealing with Ibanez Rules, a liberal return policy is not one of them. The typical music store policy in the US is 7 days and No Cash Refunds, store credit only, so you should find this arrangement above typical. Bottom line, be sure of the model you want before you order!

Guitars returned MUST be in the exact condition they were received!! If it was New and Untouched when you received it, it must be returned in New Untouched condition. If it has 1 pick or fingernail scratch on it it is not in New Untouched condition. If it is dirty from being played with dirty hands, it is not in New Untouched condition (ALLways be sure to wash your hands before you touch your guitar). The same criteria go for all Used guitars. Just cleaning a guitar can take up to an hour and time is money. In the event the guitar is not in the condition shipped penalties will be assessed on a case by case basis. If it is chipped, dinked, buckle/rivet marked, or scratched the refund price will be that of a Used guitar in comparable condition as I of course cannot resell it as New and untouched. This could result in as much as a $400 loss to you so be extremely careful. If any damage is deemed *significant* the return will be refused. If it is just dirty the penalty will be charged at 1 hour shop time, $35.

Guitars must also be packed exactly as received and must include all tools and paperwork intact. Body wrapped in the styro bag it was when shipped, at full pitch with all parts tight as it was shipped to you, and with all case extras stored so they cannot escape and make their way around the case during shipping. It is highly advised that you fully insure the return with the shipper. If there is damage during shipping of a return the damaged merchandise will be refused and sent back to you. It will be your responsibility to collect the damages from the shipping company, just as if there is any damage to a guitar I have shipped it is my responsibility to pursue the claim. Claims can take 6 months or more to be processed [read, refused until finally made to give in]. I have never had a claim on any guitar I have packed and shipped. I have had several on incoming. The reason you will be responsible is because you were responsible for the packing, and you are the one with the vested interest in getting the claim finalized. If the damage is a result of not following the return packing instructions be advised that the shipper will probably refuse your claim. All returns must be shipped signature required, no exceptions.

There are no returns or exchanges allowed on custom orders or "Special Order" guitars. A cancelled custom order will result in a 25% restocking fee, or loss of your 25% non-refundable deposit.

The distributor will not accept returns on any previous year model guitar and as such if a previous year model was specifically ordered for you I cannot accept the return.

Parts may be returned for 30 days in new, untouched condition, with packaging. The same deduction of shipping and fees apply as above.


International return policy is the same as US policy above. With all the increased costs of shipping and currency conversions I felt it required to make sure the customer knows that an international return is going to incur a significant loss to the customer. As with the US policy you loose the cost of shipping to you. You also have to ship the instrument back to me in a timely manor [although I will be as fair as possible here depending on the shipping options available to you]. You should also be aware there is a large difference between buying a currency and selling it so if I refund the same amount that you paid for an item you will receive much less than you originally sent. Currency exchange rates also fluctuate widely and depending if the rate has risen or fallen you may find this significantly affect the amount you receive in return, sometimes to your advantage, but of course sometimes not. You would also loose all fees that are kept by the transferring banks. Bottom line, whether you are a US or international customer I will supply you the very finest instrument possible so that the instrument itself leaves no possible reason for return, but sometimes life throws circumstances that cannot be avoided and returns are a part of doing business, just be aware that an international return is very costly for the customer.

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