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Updated September 02, 2015


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JPM Desert Camo - this is the LACS built full custom for John that he used to record "HOME" on "Scenes From A Memory", among other things. Wilkinson piezo bridge and the straight non tilt headstock are unique features on this custom, but it does have the back-relieved lower horn and Dan Lawrence hand painted graphic which is standard. John sold this originally when he sold all his Ibanez on his website. Excellent condition with 3 small 2-3mm edge chips in the black side [super easy touch up], JP does keep his guitars clean. In the M100 case JP shipped it in. ** $4750** GONE** THANKS BRIAN** 2/18/05

JPM90th - Mint -, Sweet tighter flame top and head with minimal flaws. A very small amount of very light scattered cert rash on the back and some extremely light wiping swirls in the pick scratch area, otherwise a super clean 90th. Cert of course, original M100 case. The guitar has a slight twist to the neck, the result of which causes there to be more relief on the treble side than the bass side. It's fine for casual play or case queen, but for anything more serious it would require a fret level [EDIT, this used to say "fairly deep cut" but it's been in climate controlled environment here and the difference between the treble and bass side relief is now very small. It would play fine as is or be perfect with normal level].** $2100 AS IS** $2400 Pro rebuild with level** GONE** THANKS MATT** 3/18/11

JPM90th - Near Mint, with one of the killer flame tops and very little play time. There is a little fingernail scratching under the high E right at the bridge pickup, a clear coat touch up to a small 4mm chip on the side of the front edge, between the jack and the strap pin, and a light cert rash buff on the back, just a polish without a wet sand so there's still evidence of the cert rash but it looks clean. There's a small scatch on the back next to one of the neck screws, one spot of a few impressions on the back of the lightly flamed neck, and a small thin depression line just off the bottom edge of the binding on the headstock. I see so many of these I'd bet it was from the factory like this, but it's been so long since I sold them new I just don't remember. The bridge has some small pimpling on the bass side of the plate and the tops of the saddles have some corrosion I'd need to clean. This guitar was previously sold and prepped by me so it's had a fret level and fret end finishing, but before I started having saddle shims made as the bridge has not been radiused. In it's original World 90th case with cert, cover of the cert with some wrinkling. Sold cleaned and the pro setup finished to current spec.** $2475** GONE** THANKS DAVE** 10/11/10

JPM90th - Exc+++ JP90 with one of the killer flame tops. It does have several flaws and all of them have been "touched up" with a sharpie. The top is clean except for the expected light scratch patch under the pickups. There's a small ding on the back edge of the end of the upper horn, 2 small dings in the belly cut on the back, a could scratches and ding in a cluster on the side at the arm contour, and some wear up from the butt strap pin, probably from a cliplock. The back is overall light scratchy as black gets from wiping. There are a couple tiny spots of missing finish on the back of the perfectly 1/4 sawn neck, the clear at the very tip of the headstock is chipped, and there are 3 small depressions on the lower edge just off the binding. There is just enough fretwear between frets 5-10 to scratch your head and, why only there? The cosmo on the bass side of the trem is blistering and has worn off the very edge, and lighter in a few mm. It's in a TJC case, without cert. Loosing money on this one, bought out of Japan in a bad currency exchange rate hike.** AS IS at $1775** or ** Full Monty at $2100** GONE** THANKS JARED** 2/2/11

JPM90th - Killer flame in Exc-, typical area on hazing under the pickups from fingernails, there's a 1cm finish crack on the top edge, another 5mm set of finish cracks [ding] on the edge of the arm contour, and a small 2mm brush on the bottom edge. There's also a 4mm ding that's basically just the finish cracking on the top side of the upper horn, but worst would be the 8mm diameter chip off the back bottom edge. There is some crusting to the trem and tuners which should clean [last pictures shows the bass side baseplate after cleaning], and a small patch of worming on the back of the neck around the 12th. No fret wear at all. In it's original 90th case, no cert. Hotly contested because of the top, it was expensive.** $3050** GONE** THANKS CARLOS** 8/18/08

JPM90th - Exc condition with super clean top except for the light area of fingernail scratches and a finish crack that wraps over the top from a small edge chip by the strap pin. On the back edge there's a small 2mm ding at the head side of the belly cut, a couple small finish cracks in the belly cut, a matching pair of 2 and 3mm chip/dings beside the jac cover, and another small pair beside the jack. Back has some very light scratching as you would expect on a played black guitar but no worming. Headstock is clean except for a small chip at the very tip and a small wood bruise also in the tip. Light fretwear, plenty of cosmo wear to the top of the saddles and on the base edge of the baseplate, with a covering of fine blistering also on the baseplate. Guitar has had a components upgrade with better pots and caps and is shown with speed knobs. All original parts included and I can reverse if wished. In it's original World 90th case with Dean Markley stickers, no cert.** $2825** GONE** THANKS FRANK** 7/30/08

JPM90th - This 90 has a flame top as sick as they come!! Sick! It's in Exc+++ showing only minor pick scratching and a 1" scratch on the back that will not catch a fingernail, and a 1/4" curved scratch that just barely will. Nice lightly flamed neck, body back with some light cert rash. In original world case with cert, cert has a wrinkly front cover** $3000** GONE** THANKS SETH** 1/16/06

JPM90th - Exc ++, this is a guitar that has been played a little. There is a typical cloudy patch in the pick scratch area, some scattered light scratches especially on the back where there's a patch of button scratching near the neck screws and another near the end of the control cover, some light fine pimpling on the bass side of the trem, but a 1/2" x 1/4" very shallow circular dink with a straight finish crack running through it on the bottom side near the volume knob. One of the rare USA imports in the J Custom case which does have some tolex ticks and the handle is separating on one side. Cert signed by JP and Portnoy [I'm pretty sure that's an MP sig anyway]** $2400** GONE** THANKS CRAIG** 5/10/06

JPM90th - Mint -, only the lightest signs it was ever played. In clean World 90th case, with cert of course.** $2400** GONE** THANKS BRIAN** 1/25/04

JPM90th - Mint -, Sweet tighter flame top and head with minimal flaws. A very small amount of very light scattered cert rash on the back and some extremely light wiping swirls in the pick scratch area. Cert of course, M100 case.** $2400** GONE** THANKS JEREMY** 7/23/04

JPM90th - Player condition but with the KILLER flame. This is the 3rd one I've had from this batch.  Face is clean with typical fingernail patch. There's a 5mm finish crack on the top side at the contour, a 2mm dink on the front edge between strap pin and jack, and a 3mm dink on the front bottom edge with a 1mm dink right beside it, medium cert rash on the back. Just a hint of fretwear but some serious finish wear on the trem. In original world case** $1825** GONE** THANKS JOSH** 7/20/03

JPM90th - DEAD MINT with sweet flame!! OHSC in Clean Original shipping box!** $2550** GONE** THANKS THAI** 4/24/03

JPM90th - SICK Flame! This is the 3rd I've had of these Best quality flames and I dare say this one dances the MOST, not even a contest! Best quality head flame also. Body more blue than the usual blue/green. Near Mint with some light pick scratches I'll definitely be buffing out, it also has 3 small scratches on the back that will catch a fingernail here. Unfortunately no cert. OHSC. Expensive, but you won't be asking why when you see it in person** $2500** SALE** $2250** GONE** THANKS MICHAEL** 9/3/02

JPM90th - MINT-, Sweet flame, only the lightest signs it was ever picked up, clean OHSC** $2400** GONE** THANKS JIM** 3/31/02

JPM90th  - Untouched, Unplayed, No excuses! Best flame I've ever seen on a 90th!! Sick offers only, it's in my collection, and it's the BEST!! :-)  **GONE**THANKS FRED** 2/25/02

JPM90th - In Exc + condition, 3 very small and insignificant clearcoat cracks on the edge, an area of scratching on the very edge of the headstock. Some wear "whitening" to the bass side of trem. M100c case** $1600** GONE** THANKS RICH** 1/31/02

JPM90th - This 90 has a flame top as sick as my personal 90!! Sick! Exc+++ showing only minor pickscratching and a 1" scratch on the back that will not catch a fingernail. Superb!** $2600** GONR** THANKS STEVE** 12/5/01

JPM90th - Dead Mint. Small clear flec at edge of neck pocket where the neck was set in here, factory. OHSC in Original shipping box** $2500**  GONE** THANKS TIM** 9/13

JPM90th - BRAND NEW untouched and flawless, in stock** $2600** GONE on eBay** THANKS ERIC** 12/25

JPM90th - BRAND NEW but I put a chip in the back** GONE** THANKS CHRIS** 12/26

JPM100A - What is a 100A? This is part speculation and part deduction but France never called the P1 a P1, they cataloged it as the JPM100B which would be a typical Japan model designation number. If there was a B, then there was an A, and the original Japan only release of the "P1" had the multi color pickups like the P1 the John played at the time. If there is any spec different about a model Japan has a different model designation for it. Following protocol this would have been a limited issue of probably 50 pieces although I have never heard a specific number, and then the regular issue P1's would follow, and I have seen plenty of these in Japan and also bought one to include in this investigation. Basically I've spent the last year collecting possible JPM100A's from Japan to pull them apart and see how you can determine a true A from a converted B. To put together a decent group I inevitably overpayed for most of them, so the prices may seem high on some [although with pro setup they should be in line] and some are at a loss. It was just an experiment to solve a mystery. The details of how to tell an original ended up being very simple. Factory wiring has a very particular look to it. As techs we all solder well but nobody does this job like an assembly tech that does nothing but wire 100 guitars a day. It's so clean and precise and almost "cold" with zero heat distortion to the plastic wraps. In addition to the factory wiring is the Patent Applied For stickers on the base of the Air Norton, the solid core ground wires instead of multi strand, the way everything is cut and twisted before soldering,  the original untouched foam spacers, and the whole general look to the assembly. I though there would be some secret I might find but in essence it's just common sense, although I do believe I found something very particular to A's that I'll be able to confirm as soon as I break down the early US P1's I have, but this I'll keep to myself if it verifies. All 4 A's I have turned out to be original, and all fall within a very narrow band of serial numbers. I've just started keeping JPM serial numbers so as I gather more the better I'll understand them, but the range is so narrow as to be within 37 digits from low to high. It's only a 4 piece sample and with more data I'll have a more precise picture.

JPM100A - Exc+ condition original 100A that looks very clean but there are plenty of small marks dings and finish cracks. There is a 2mm white spot [ding] on the edge in the upper horn, a 4mm finish crack on the top edge of the same horn, a 4mm round circle crack/ding with little depth 2" above the trem, a 2mm finish crack on the arm contour, a reverse circle finish crack on the edge between the pin and jack, 2 short finish cracks on the edge below the tone and a 3mm circle dong on the edge below the vol, with 2 tiny marks in the very clean pick scratch area and another 1mm ding on the edge on the neck p/u rout. On the top side there's  short finish crack in the belly cut and one on the edge near the rear point of the cut, on the butt side there are numerous small marks from being set down on something very rough like concrete, and then on the bottom back side is another small 2mm white mark. The back is very clean with a very light 2" scratch off the jack cover and some small ones off the AANJ. On the back bass side of the lightly flamed neck there are 2 separate patches of what look like fingernail scratches. Very clean head, imperceptible fretwear, hardware all very clean except the strap pins. This guitar has seen very little play time but managed to collect it's share of small marks. In heavy duty Ibanez gig.** $2600** or **AS IS at $2350** REDUCED**$2400** or $2150 AS IS** GONE** THANKS LARRY** 6/2/11

JPM100A - Exc condition original A with a very clean face, but some front edge problems. Lightly cloudy pick scratch patch, there are a series of tiny marks on the front edge of the upper horn, a couple more on the arm contour, there is 1 4mm chip with a 2mm and 5mm light edge ding on the edge between the jack and tone, a 3mm edge chip at the vol, and a smack on the inside of the tip of the lower horn. There's a straight and circle finish crack of the back edge point of the belly cut, a 5mm finish crack of the bottom of the lower horn, a 2mm ding in the middle of the back with a series of finish cracks and light impressions where a buckle would tick the back, otherwise the back is clean. There are quite a few fine string scratches across the face of the headstock and through the logo, and light fretwear mostly on the G. Hardware very clean, in SKB case.** $2525** or **AS IS at $2275** GONE** THANKS NORA** 12/1/11

JPM100A - Player grade to beater grade, when they have this many marks it's tough to pick a grade. Poor, Fair, lots of cosmetic damage but nothing to keep it from being a good player. Otherwise there are plenty of pics to be able to see the innumerable amount of character marks this guitar has collected over the years. This is definitely a 100A.. Being sold AS IS and at a loss, in original gig bag.** $1375** GONE** THANKS FRANK** 3/2/08

JPM100A - Exc+++, This is definitely my cleanest 100A. Face looks super clean but it's evident it's had a hand polishing to the pick scratch area, which must have been light because there are only signs it existed. On the top side there is a 1mm light white mark that I have no idea what is, a 3mm finish crack on the back bottom edge, and the worst is a 1/2" finish crack on the bottom side of the lower horn near the tip that is just deep enough to cause a circle crack around it. It looks bad but is very shallow. The e in the headstock logo has 2 scratches through it, and there is minute wear to the tips of the points of 2 saddles. Super clean, plastic still on the covers, barely a hint of fretwear. The switch had been rotated [evidently for switching preference] and the vol. was so loose it had also spun nearly 360, the result is when I realigned the switch the hot lead to the bridge pickup snapped at the switch and I'll have to resolder, otherwise all electrics as would be expected of an original A. In clean original silver band M150 that I believe is Chinese made as it's lighter gray than the TKL/SKB made US version.** $2750** GONE** THANKS MIRO** 11/7/07

JPM100B - Exc + and very clean, but with minor flaws. I'm listing this with the A's because I bought this from Japan to have a sample of a factory B, considering most likely all US P1's had their pickups installed in the US, as was the status quo for many years. And the neck pocket on this one is stamped JPM-100B. The face is very clean with some light circular scratching below the pickups, a 3mm finish crack between the trem and bridge pickup, a 2mm finish crack 1" off the edge near the jack, and a light scratch that runs on the arm contour. There's a 3mm ding on the top front edge at the center of the belly cut, a fine 3mm finish crack 3" away, and another 5mm finish crack on the side at the arm contour. There's a small 2mm ding that's just a circle crack near the tone but on the back bottom edge / side is what I believe is a decent chip fill 1.5cm X 7mm. On the back there is 2 areas of shallow "cuts" for lack of a better way to describe, and a light 2" scratch on the belly cut. Super clean headstock and a recent fret level that I'll clean up and crown better. The wiring appears original but being a year later than by serial number to the A's, it was definitely done by a different hand, with the solid core grounds loose and not tied together which would be standard, and the Air Norton now with it's Patent number sticker. In decent no name case.** $2550** or **AS IS at $2300** REDUCED**$2300** or $2050 AS IS** GONE** THANKS ERIC** 11/21.12

JPM P1 - This was a US sold JPM so we'll forget the whole A / B thing and just call it a P1. I'd have to grade this one Near Mint. The only real scars are a 1/2" long crack/ding in the back, and a 1/2" scratch between the control and trem covers. Otherwise it is super clean with light fingernail scratching under the pickups, a tiny grain size ding on the upper horn near the edge, and a tiny scratch on the top side edge. Flawless headstock, no fretwear, plastic on all covers but trem. The strap pins with the usual odd heavy corrosion that for some reason always attacks the strap pins. These will be replaced if requested. In generic SKB case, no bar shown but will ship with bar of course.** $2200 AS IS** or $2475 Pimped out, polished, pro rebuild** GONE** THANKS ANDRES** 1/27/12

JPM P1 - 1995 with cert in super clean EXC++++ collector condition. There are few flaws on this one, a super light scratch off the belly cut, a 4mm finish crack on the side off the front edge near the end of the belly cut, and the worst is a 5/8" double finish crack about 2" away which I believe was caused by a case rail smack due to the subpar packing when I received it. This has no depth at all. Otherwise there is some very fine fingernail only scratching below the pickups close to the E string, and a 2mm spot on the back of the neck where the clear is missing that's taken on slight color. No fretwear, hardware all in superb condition, the black back is super clean, cert in original envelope and in crisp condition, paperwork including unfilled warranty card, the original and correct M150 silver band case had the center latch broken off which I repaired with metal backplate and is now bulletproof. Clean certed P1's are becoming very expensive with somebody from the UK actually dropping $3800 on ebay for one that wasn't even as clean! This one won't cost you that much, but it will cost you.** $3200** GONE** THANKS JESS** 6/9/08

JPM P1 - 1995 in EXC -, this guitar has definitely been played and shows use. Cloudy patch below the pickups, a 3mm ding on the edge of the trem rout at the high E fine tuner, a very small edge bruise on the back point of the belly contour, but the worst section is the bottom front edge between the jack and switch where there are 3 edge chips / dings that have been filled with black paint. The first near the jack is about 4mm diameter, the 2nd next to the tone know at about 3mm, and the last between the vol and switch at 7x3mm, with a few finish cracks mixed in between these. There is also a small ding on the bottom side, and another filled edge chip on the back bottom edge opposite the vol, a small 3mm filled ding on the inside of the lower horn, and the point edge on the lower horn has been blacked. Typical light scratching on the black back, the frets are showing medium fretwear even throughout the board that will cutout during setup. In clean M100 case.** AS IS at $1650** or Pro Setup at $1925** GONE^^ THANKS ALAN** 12/31/07

JPM P1 - 1995 First year model with original hang tag reading JPM100 B, makes me wonder if the 100A would be the first issue with muticolor pickups. This one has a lot of small finish cracks scattered around the edges, the worst being about a cm long near the tail strap pin, typical cloudy pick scratch area of a played guitar, but no fretwear to suggest it. Unfortunately the red has taken a fade to an orangish hue. I though the pics were just red weak when I bought it but alas it must have seen a little too much sun at some point in it's life.. In flimsy Ibanez gig bag.** $1350** GONE** THANKS RON** 4/6/06

JPM P1 - Dead Mint -, only the most minor signs it was ever touched, a few light scratches on the back. Possibly the cleanest P1 I've had. In M100** $1800** GONE** THANKS ANDREW** 12/20/03

JPM P1 - 95' in Excellent. There are 3 tiny 1 and 1.5mm dinks in the top, just the circle cracks, no depressions, pick/fingernail scratching in the scratch area, the black back is scratchy but noting deep at all. Crisp certificate, in E3C case.** $1575** GONE** THANKS RALPH** 4/29/04

JPM P1 - Dead Mint -, only the most minor signs it was ever touched, a few light scratches on the back. Possibly the cleanest P1 I've had. In M100** $1800** GONE** THANKS MICHAEL** 8/30/03

JPM P1 - Mint -, only a light fingernail scratch patch away from flawless. In original  M100** $1600** GONE** THANKS JEFFREY** 5/5/03

JPM P1 - Excellent condition but has the same clearcoat layering as the P2 below, on the lower part of the front and only visible when light is coming up from below. I had this one sold and asked the buyer if he wanted the minor pick scratching buffed as I was going to the body shop with the P2, of course he did. Gave it a very mild wetsand and buffed it, only to realize later it had already been wetsanded when I sold it to the previous owner. Lesson, 1 wetsand OK, 2 is NOT, and you never know if it's been done before you. Obviously it's in high polish and looks great. My lesson is your gain. In clean M100** $1300** GONE** THANKS CHRIS** 1/23/03

JPM P1 - 95' with signed Certificate in Excellent condition. 1 small 2mm flake off the tip of the lower horn (in the black, easy touch up but I'll never get to it) 1 2mm clear crack down near the edge on the face where it got a slight dink but didn't dink, and a small 3mm dink on the back with about 4 small 2mm cracks near it. Minimal fingernail scratching under the pups. Looks extremely clean. In crisp original M100.** $1700** GONE** THANKS LARRY** 5/27/02

JPM P1 - 95', and at 10,000 guitars into 95' a very early P1. Excellent+++ condition, 1 tiny .75mm dink on the back right next to the trem cover, a 2mm crack on the back near the lower horn, some light scratching across the back near the bottom strap button, and a tiny .5mm clear crack on the lower edge. In clean M100 case** $1650** GONE** THANKS JORGE** 3/18

JPM P1 - 95' in player condition. A few dinks, a sizable chip on the front bottom edge, plenty of button? scratching on the back, but still looks great from the front! Very few pickscratches. Repaired stress crack behind nut that is stable. Ships in shit M100 with ALL latches broken! First pic color is way off due to image adjusting to get the chips and dinks to show up better, it's pure P1 color. $1000**GONE** THANKS MIKE** 1/29/02

JPM P1 - 95' Damn near MINT. $2000** GONE** THANKS MIKE**   8/11

JPM P1 - 95' in Near Mint, signed and dated twice, front of body and back of head. 2 minor cracks on the bottom flat with no associated dinks or depressions, small patch of light scratches on back, everything shown in the pics. Cased in a non Ibanez but very cool guitar shaped molded case, much nicer than the standard M100C** $2000** GONE** THANKS GLEN** online 45 minutes :-)

JPM P2 - Exc condition original issue early 1996 out of the lighter weight group, running a hair over 6 1/2 pounds. There are 3 small 2-3mm dings on the front probably from the tip of the bar [2 of them anyway], and the front edge of the lower horn wasn't blacked out very well [see pics] before it was cleared. The biggest issue is a 1/2" x 1/2" triangular touch up at the very end of the bass side neck pocket, the paper black impossible to match, and the original clear edge visible. There's a 4mm ding on the gack next to the jack cover, and typical light swirl scratching between the trem cover and AANJ from play. It has had a fret level and very little play since, with plenty of fret life left. The black bass side of the trem is just starting to lighten but not bad. In generic case.** $1925** or **AS IS at $1700** GONE** THANKS ERIC** 4/9/09

JPM P2 - Exc++ 1999 reissue that has had all hardware switched over to cosmo and PAF Pro's installed. Of course I can switch everyting back to black at the buyers request, and I have a new set of SS and AN pickups but they are larger logo [current] than would have been original. Otherwise it's very clean with a perfect to. There are 3 tiny spots on the back edge of the belly cut [like if you touched a stucco wall], a V finish crack on the edge at the arm contour, a small <2mm chip on the front butt edge that has been filled, what looks like a probable touch up to the edge between the jack and strap pin, a 2mm edge ding on the back of the lower horn, and a tiny ding of the edge of the jack cavity. There is some minor worm trails and dings on the back of the neck and the truss cover holes have never been drilled. All in all a very clean reissue. No fret or play wear, also no case.** $1825** GONE** THANKS HONG** 8/4/08

JPM P2 - Near beater grade with several front edge chips, dings, finish cracking, all well documented in the many close ups. Worst is the thru crack behind the nut that runs from bass to treble which I will glue, it will be very stable and as strong as new. Otherwise it has very little fretwear and all hardware is excellent. In bass length crappy gig bag, and AS IS except for the crack fix.** $1100** GONE** THANKS JONATHAN** 2/13/08

JPM P2 – 1996 in EXC+++. This guitar has been played but very well kept. There is the hazing below the pickups from fingernails and some minor dimpling on the lower frets that will cut out when I do the level. Otherwise it’s very clean with an especially clean black back. Was supposed to be in original case [and MINT was claimed of course] but it’s in an SKB.** $2000** GONE** THANKS LUIS** 11/17/06

JPM P2 - Mint - original early 96'. Super clean. Enough fingernail scratches below the pickups to show a test drive or 2, 2 very light scratches near the jack, a 4mm [I believe] finish crack on the back bottom edge only seen from one angle [that's how hard I was looking this over for any flaws], a few super light "wiping swirls" scattered, otherwise it would be Dead Mint. Plastic still crisp on all covers, trem cover signed and then cleared in, everything you'd want on a serious collector, or player if you wished. Signed promo pic included [not crisp]. This is [probably] as close as you'll find to a new 96' P2. In original M100C with same matching price sticker as the guitar.** $2150** GONE** THANKS KELLY** 8/14/06

JPM P2 - Near Mint 1999 with only the lightest of trail worming on the back between the trem cover and AANJ [could not capture in pics], lightening to the bass side of the trem, and corrosion on the strap pins. In clean original M100 case.** $1700** GONE** THANKS ADRIAN** 2/3/06

JPM P2 - SUPER clean original 96', very few light fingernail scratches in the picking area and a micro crack right on the edge of the black on the lower front edge, about 1mm diameter. Back virtually void of even any light wiping scratches, just super clean with zero fretwear. In clean original M100.** $1550** GONE** THANKS FRANK** 2/17/05

JPM P2 - Original issue 95' in Excellent. 2 scratches about an inch long each on the face, only the one by the vol. knob is noticeable. There's a 8mm finish crack on the top edge, and another larger one on the back caused by the purple clip-locks with the associated patch of clip-lock scratching, also one small 3mm ding in the back field. Some light fingernail/pick scratching, minimal fretwear, filthy/dusty in the pics. In original M100 with deep scuff across the top center.** $1250** GONE** THANKS SHANG** 4/26/05

JPM P2 - 96' in Excellent. There's only one very small clearcoat dink on the face that was professionally filled so all that's visible under close inspection is the tiny circle crack, about 1.5mm round, but the professional wetsanded through the top layer of clear. Not his fault, even I did not know these were shot with multiple coats! What you see is a slightly hazy line about 3mm wide where the edges of the top coat and the next coat meet. There are 3 spots, a line that meanders across from the top edge to the bridge p/u, another area just off the top edge, and one on the curve of the arm contour. These can only be seen at the right angles and the face is in a state of high polish [Duh!] and still looks great  This is the best shot of it [pre polish] taken in sunlight because trying to shoot it with the spotlight just does not show them No fretwear, the black back amazingly clean and scratch free. In clean [has an Ibanez sticker on it] M100** $1100** GONE** THANKS RICK** 2/21/03

JPM P2 - 96' Near Mint, 1 tiny (1mm by 2mm) dink on the back near the trem cover, otherwise CLEAN! Clean OHSC $1600** SALE** $1400** GONE** THANKS JASON** 9/17/02 

JPM P2 - 99' Reissue in Near Mint, 1 short 1/8" clearcoat crack on the bottom flat (part that sits on your leg), very light swirl marks in the pickscratch area, otherwise Perfect! OHSC missing handle** $1400** GONE** THANKS BRENDAN** 11/21/02

JPM P2 - EXC++ 95'!!, VERY lightweight at 6 1/2 pounds! Killer player and very resonant! Face is flawless, back is flawless, 1 small circle crack on top side, and 1 tiny line on the bottom side edge, and the 1 whack I just gave it :-( top back edge of the contour, just a crack, but looks like a chip in the pics. 1 pic shows the overspray on the inside of the p/u cavity, still trying to get a firm answer if these early ones were hand painted. OHSC $1500**  SALE ** $1300 ** GONE** THANKS MIKE** 9/13

JPM P2 - FLYWEIGHT original run 96', small crack and dink on face, large and small chip back bottom edge, pics soon, OHSC $1250** GONE** THANKS ROB** 8/7

JPM P2 - MINT and Perfect 99' cased in a UV1000 - $1500** GONE** THANKS HERIBERTO** 9/13

JPM P2 - Perfect and a 95'!! COOL! GONE** THANKS MATT**

JPM P2 - ULTRA lightweight at 6 pounds!! EXC. condition except for the large area of missing clear on back bottom edge, not visible from front + 2 small dings -   $1000** GONE** THANKS LOUIS** 12/5

JPM P3 - Exc +, this guitar presents very clean and though it does have several faults they are very small. There's a light patch of fingernail scratching under the pickups, otherwise the face is perfect. There are 2 small chips about 2mm each on the top side edge by the strap pin, probably caused by the clip lock, several small impressions with and edge bruises by the jack, and a few more tiny ones scattered around the side. There's a small 2mm back edge chip behind the arm contour, and a 1"+ edge rub through where the black was rubbed off before the guitar was clear coated [something I've seen on several JP's]. Aside from a small patch or deeper scratching between the lower horn and AANJ screws, the back is very clean with very light scattered wiping scratching. The neck is super clean except for some tiny impressions on the back around the 13th, and the headstock is flawless, plastic on the truss cover. Almost no fretwear besides a little dimple on the G string 2nd, and a touch of cosmo wear to the top front edges of the center saddles, with just a few very small pimples on the baseplate. All in all a very clean playable P3. It has a cliplock on it now but you can have it with original pins if you wish. In super clean original UV1000.** $1700 AS IS** or $1975 Platinum packed** GONE** THANKS DAN** 6/22/11

JPM P3 – Exc+++ P3 that is still much more white than ivory and with only minor flaws, the narrow band of fingernail scratching below the pickups being the worst. There’s a 1mm chip on the bottom side edge near the jack and a tiny touch mark a couple inches north of it, also on the edge. Otherwise there is just some very light wiping scratches. On the back there are 3 light scratches between the AANJ and the belly contour, and about 100 tiny dots [clueless] off the lower corner on the trem cover. There’s also a possible/probable 2mm finish crack on the corner of the belly contour. No fretwear, clean headstock, overall a very well taken care of lightly played guitar with just a little dust on the headstock. In clean original M100 but with EB sticker on the top.** $2000 AS IS, $2200 full pro setup** GONE** THANKS MIRO** 11/14/06

JPM P3 - Exc.+++, Extremely clean face with only a hint of fingernail/pick scratching, nice sig by JP in red lower front. There's a patch of fine scratches/scuff on the upper back, some scattered light ones beside the trem plate, and a 4mm clearcoat crack on the front edge of the lower horn. Cosmo wear to tops of the E-G saddles but clean baseplate and no fretwear showing. In M100 case** $1500** GONE** THANKS ROBERT** 7/2/04

JPM P3 - 97' in Excellent condition. Has a chip on the back bottom edge that's been filled, a small edge clear crack, a couple small back bottom edge bruises, and wear to the very edge of the trem plate. Sweet dark chocolate rosewood board. In clean M100 case** $1275** GONE** THANKS LARRY** 6/1/02

JPM P3 - 4 BRAND NEW and untouched P3's, cased at $1900** 1st GONE** THANKS DON**12/6** 2nd GONE** THANKS ANGEL**12/2** 3rd GONE** THANKS STEVE**12/2** Last GONE** THANKS MICHAEL** 1/25

JPM P3 - 3 tiny chips on the back and 1 thin long one on the top front edge, Extremely clean otherwise, Clean OHSC** $1300** GONE** THANKS DAVE** 7/26

JPM P3 - DEAD MINT - , 1 tiny 1mm mark next to trem cover on back from absolutely Flawless!! Pics taken and further inspected, it is a tiny dink 1mm x 1.5mm. In flawless OHSC** $1900  SALE ** $1800 ** GONE** THANKS MICHAEL** 9/18

JPM P3 - Near MINT, very clean face, very light scratching on the black back $1700** GONE** THANKS JEFF** 4/9

JPM P3 - BRAND NEW** $1800**GONE**THANKS JIM**10/6

JPM P3 - EX++ some pick scratching and slight board wear** $1750**GONE** THANKS ATIM**10/8

JPM P4 - Near Mint, a tough condition to find this model in after 10 years. There is some very light pick marks below the pickups in what would normally be a polished area, this one just starting to show the lighters polish below the bridge pickup. On the bottom side there are 2 either light scratches or finish cracks, about 2 and 5mm long. There's a series of tiny finish cracks on the back bottom edge at the jack about 1cm long, a 2mm finish crack just off it on the back side. Very odd is the few small to tiny dings on the inside of the lower cutaway, like somebody that kept dropping a 3mm wrench when tightening the nut or something. There is a very small patch of jean rivet polishing lines off the back edge of the trem cover. No fretwear, all hardware mint, strap pins have been changed to Schaller, in new condition UV1000 case.** $1850 AS IS** or ** $2050 with a Platinum level service** GONE** THANKS KARL** 12/20/09

JPM P4 - Exc + with a very clean face, just a hint of polishing where you would finger bridge, and a super thin edge chip on the front inside edge of the lower horn.  There's a small 2mm edge chip off the jack cover rear, 2 small edge chips off the back edge at the arm contour, with a couple very small marks nearby, and a chip on the back edge of the lower bout. There's a strange light "whiteish" area middle back that may be something in the matte texture, or anybodies guess, doesn't appear to want to clean off. There's also a lot of button trails on the trem cover and just off the cover toward the AANJ, where there's a little chip off one of the neck screws. Neck and headstock are very clean but there is a patch of what I believe are pick scratches from the high E  down on the head from what I would guess is somebody picking for the high pitch. No fretwear, the fret ends definitely exposed enough to be sharp, and the black on the bass side of the trem lightening. In generic case.**$1650** or **AS IS at $1375** GONE** THANKS AARON** 3/8/10

JPM P4 - Good condition. Looks clean from the front and has zero fretwear so would make a great player. Flaws are numerous though. An area of "polishing" on the upper horn and a longish "scuff" running down from the upper horn  to middle body, on the back there's a sizeable dent, about 3/4" across, more finish marks, something that looks like a paint spot, and  2 touch ups on the back bottom edge. The binding on the tip of the headstock was also broken and so-so glued back on. Missing truss cover and trem cover, and ALL hardware switched to cosmo. In absolutely throw away junk M100 with 2 broken latches.** $825** GONE** THANKS WILLIAM** 2/9/05

JPM P4 - DEAD MINT FACTORY UNTOUCHED NEW!!   Straight out of a warehouse and the only one left. This one has a scuff on the head and  a small edge crack, again obviously factory as they've never been out of their cases. In new M100 case** $1500** GONE** THANKS ROB** 12/16/02

JPM P4 - Player with some edge chips and some polishing in the pickscratch area, Clean M100 case** $1100**  SALE ** $950 ** GONE** THANKS BRAD** 8/30

JPM P4 - DEAD MINT FACTORY UNTOUCHED NEW!!   Straight out of a warehouse and the only ones left. This one has the finest lightest scratch on a side, obviously factory as it's never been touched. In new M100 case**  $1600** GONE** THANKS MARK** 10/9/02

JPM P4 - DEAD MINT UNTOUCHED NEW!!! No excuses, and that's VERY tough to say with P4's and the matte finish!! Most discriminating collection quality and condition. Beautiful dark rosewood board, Flawless!! In it's original flawless case,  in shipping box.** This will probably be the last P4 this perfect I will ever see** $2000**  GONE** THANKS JEFF** 12/4/01

JPM P4 - DEAD MINT - , small bright streak on head, factory, perfect case** $1650** GONE** THANKS PABLO** 7/9

JPM P4 - was Dead Mint till UPS smacked the case hard enough to put a circle crack on the top edge! - $800**GONE**THANKS BEN**9/2

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