Koch Collection - Part 2


Fred is a dealer and collector in Pennsylvania Folk Antiques, of extremely good quality. He is also a savvy collector of just about anything cool. He's always had an uncanny sense of putting together collections of cool stuff, before anybody else recognized how cool it was. As an avid art collector, he saw a Bowling Ball Strat in a museum guitar exhibition and as soon as he got home he Googled "swirl guitars" and that night bought his first, a great UV77MC that was on ebay as a Buy It Now [since sold back to that original owners wife as a 20th Anniversary present to her husband]. He was hooked, after all, he knows cool when he sees it. A week later he was in my living room buying a DNA. He got GAS, and we all know what GAS is!! He started amassing a great collection of some of the coolest Ibanez guitars from the Golden Era, JEM, UV, JS, etc., always with an eye for quality, condition, and rarity. Fred was my first whale, of which there have been many and there always seems to be a couple active at any given time, but he was my first. You never forget your first, her name was Pam!

While the majority of the collection is high grade Fred would get bored and buy something common every now and then, a DBK for the kids to screw with, a VWH because he was collecting JEM's and you have to have one, right?, and similar. GAS is incurable until it's run it's course, and it smells like roses when you fart. I've had GAS for 20 years, and it always smells like roses. Fred, John Cowan, and I got together with our DNA collections [at that time] and shot the pictures of the group of 29 together shown below. 14 of those were Freds. He ended up with 16 DNA's at the peak but was DNA heavy and balanced the collection by selling off 10 DNA's, which ended up being the Koch Collection - Part 1 sale. They were sold just a little too early as within a year DNA prices had started to soar and ended up 100-150% higher than that collection was sold for. Fred's motto, "like Mick said - IM GONNA WALK AND DONT LOOK BACK!".  Fred's  a Rolling Stones insaniac, but instead of going to 3-4 shows on a tour now he's down to one. We're all getting old ;/ He's played bass for many years, and spends a lot of time painting canvases, he might be the next Warhol, you just never know, but there's alot of Warhol in his work ;o}

The farmhouse where the collection has been stored was willed to the siblings together, and the others want to sell, leaving Fred no place to store the many collections he's kept there. This includes a collection of 18 custom color 70's and 80's Marshall full stacks that is just a sight to see! Fred definitely knows cool when he sees it. I've got my eyes on the Purple and Red stacks, as soon as I figure out where to put them!

All guitars are sold AS IS. No labor is included with the purchase and they don't need anything to be collected. They were all inspected for good necks and all passed, but that doesn't mean a fret won't choke out with low action and big bends. The majority are also old basswood guitars which I would expect the stud anchors to be loose. If you want them to be played, then at the least they'll need a fret cleaning and a good sorting and setup, any setup level as far as you want to go, casual play, serious shredder instrument, or clean it to hang on the wall, but all labor is extra, and quoted by what you want done and what I'm working on. 

SOLD - JS3 #26 - Near Dead Mint - Extremely cool and very difficult to buy, Donnies are at the top of the JS food chain. This guitar is #26 and is a 1991, signed, numbered, and dated by Donnie. This is one of the 4 New unsold JS3's Ed Roman bought out of the House of Guitars sometime around 1997, and the last one he sold. While in his possession he had an "artist" make copies of this guitar which he would sell for $5000, but this is the original. It has impeccable provenance, Roman sold it around 2001 to Steve Kearns who was a Cisco executive and passionate Ibanez collector that put together a fabulous collection [at one time he had both of Petrucci's LACS 7 string Picasso guitars]. Bored with Cisco, Steve parted out much of his collection when he went to a Silicone Valley start-up and Fred purchased it and has owned it since 2004ish. This is basically a new guitar but under inspection I found 2 things. A small very shallow 2x3mm bruise of the treble side of the neck, and whatever this clerarcoat blemish is on the edge of the control cavity. It is tough to describe, itís like a little scratchy patch inside a circle, which is not a ding, which is all within a scuff terminating in a straight line just to the left of the circular scratchy patch. It has slight texture, deepest at the line termination, but there is no marking to the cover against it so it was most likely pre-assembly. You will find clearcoat blems and anomalies on JS graphics as they were painted in Bensalem [then later by H&S in LA] and do not have a Fujigen finish. It would probably wetsand out but Iím not putting my neck in the guillotine to try. Stuff like this is best to just leave alone imo. The rest is as new, none of the factory polishing and wetsanding marks have been touched and are all still present so the guitar has not been polished or toyed with in any way. All the pickup mounting ring screw heads have no corrosion and there isn't a single pick scratch on the rings, or anywhere else. The guitar was never played, or if it was there is no evidence of it at all. There is a spec of thin blue paint on the trem cover about 1mm diameter, no doubt from the artist Roman used to make the copies of it, and there are a few squiggly scratches on the control cover. The case has both collectors stickers on it for identification.**$17,500**


SOLD - JS3 Prototype - Near Dead Mint as built, finished, and assembled. There are no damage flaws I can find anywhere, although as more custom/proto body it is not as purely finished as one that would be used as the finished product. Donnies as well as Rainbows have alot of texture to the underlying painting so the clearcoat shows low spots that were never sanded out. These low spots actually have more gloss than the wetsanded and polished body. The body never was polished well and is in a lightly hazy surface. Its look would benefit greatly with just a better polish. This guitar has a long known provenance, Kent Kollmeyer purchased this guitar at the Chicago Guitar Show in 1996 from a Texas dealer that had gotten this and an original Chromeboy from his Ibanez rep. The rep told them that both guitars were from the same employee. Kent owned it until Fred coaxed it away sometime in the early aughts.

What is it? Is it a test body painted as a color palette sample? Donnie #3 shows nearly an exact match to the colors and there were several early guitars painted in reds that Joe has and were in promo shots. This very well have been one of the original samples painted by Donnie and it might very well be a mate to the catalog guitar, which you can tell was hurriedly finished with mismatched parts to get catalog shots and make the NAMM show deadline. It is quite possible this is the very first "Donnie" ever painted, there is no contesting it's very early in every detail. At this time period Radius bodies were used as necessary in the US for experimental and development work as we had stocks of them for H&S Bensalem to finish, and there is at least one Radius bodied JS2 that made it out as a finished guitar. Signed and dated where it should be, it's also signed and dated again in the trem cavity, which may or may not be in Donnie hand. It may, and I do believe it is, but "Donnie" is spelled wrong. Donnie did love to drink and would supposedly drink quite a lot while painting, so, I'm almost not surprised. This would be where Donnie would sign his earlier bodies, usually in a much larger size D Hunt, and also sign the number of the guitar. One look at the body grain and while I can't say exactly what it is it looks much more like alder or ash to me. It's a very heavy body at nearly 6 pounds for the body alone

IMO this was an artist stock Radius body in alder or ash with typical single humbucker rout only, painted black, and sent to Donnie to do a sample of either design or palette. Donnie laid out a design and after it was fully completed, he proceeded to paint a completely different design on top of it. Whether immediately or over the years, the drawing underneath has bled thru the final painting leaving a complete ghost image, in essence it's 2 Donnies in one. It was sent back to Bensalem and was cleared, wetsanded, mildly polished, evaluated, and as soon as they were finished it's intended purpose, somebody laid claim to it. But they didn't want it finished off with a JS neck, they wanted a custom spec neck. At this particular time Custom Shop activity was transferring to the newly established LA office so it's possible it couldn't be done at HUSA, but whatever the reason it was sent to LA with orders for this custom spec'd neck and instructions for build, and the guitar was finished in LA. The custom spec Birdseye Maple neck was made by the LACS, finished and stamped by Mike Lipe on 5/15/91. And Mike built a beautiful neck using beautiful woods, spec'd with a JS carve but non skunk stripe, small truss under the board, which is a beautiful rosewood slab thinned very thin at the sides like a JS should be, with large pearl dots. They used an unnumbered LA plate on the assembly. There was no attempt to accurately build this as a JS as the tone knob is in a much further spot, would only make sense if it was requested to put there. It has the high pass filter push pull pot on the vol but a normal tone as a single humbucker the 2 way switch is doing that job. The cavity is copper shielded as all CS guitars would be but not to the extent if it was an artists guitar so there are gaps at the wiring rout and to the jack. It was put together with neck screws as spring claw screws and the ground wire is at it's full extension right now, so it was not an artist quality build. IMO it was something built because an executive wanted it. It was then sent back to whoever ordered the build. To be able to get this done you would have had to have the clout, to be able to claim the body, and order the custom build, which points more to an executive than employee guitar.**$10,000**


SOLD - JS5 Prototype - LA070791 - Near Mint - The is one of the 3 JS5 samples painted by other artists, this one was painted by Pedro Cruz who painted many of the USAC guitars for Ibanez. Even though these were samples they are and were sold by Ibanez as JS5's and must always be considered JS5's. The other 2 guitars have never surfaced. This painting is exceptionally beautiful and realistic. Pedro even painted the tops of the pickups to blend in with the painting. Fred purchased this from Toys From The Attic, who had Joe sign it on the arm contour and then clearcoated it, in their eyes making it ultimately more collectible. Pedro painted the beautiful forest over a deep green pearl base which shimmers in the light. Condition of the body is Mint except for the noted over-clear. There was a scuff thru of the original painting before LA cleared the guitar on the bottom side, with another small scuff near. There is an area of clearcoat missing from the back of the neck at the 10th that defies explanation, and a couple line impression in the back of the neck. There is some paint that has flaked off the bridge pickup as painting on wax is never ideal. No fretwear or signs of play, this guitar was never a player. Because this was an LACS build for Joe the neck is a "JS Pro" built by LA and the control cavity is copper shielded as all LACS builds of the time were. The body appears to be stamped JS1 and would be Fujigen cut. The plate number is 1 off the JS4 Prototype I own and 3 off Joes Rainforest. It is in its original M150 case with period description tag and Freds control identification. **$12,500**


SOLD - JS2KPLT #73 - Brand New Dead Mint with factory box and no excuses. The correct US complete package in absolutely untouched condition with sleeping bag, tools, paperwork, Warranty, and Cert in its original HUSA envelope. The only negative is the typical tiny edge stress cracks the headstock overlay gets at the screw holes. The neck is absolutely perfect quarter sawn. The HUSA case has not been in the box so it does have a classic white stripe on the back side end, and one small spot of tolex deformation where it hit a wall on each end. The box in Excellent condition with the #73 masking tape I affixed to it 15 years ago. It will ship in its original box taped closed. **5000**


SOLD - JS10TH #86 - This early 10th has just enough evidence of play that it's not sacrilegious to play this guitar, but it's such a small amount of evidence it would fit into any collection. There is only light scattered scratches below the pickups, that's it. The rest is basically mint with typical wiping scratches scattered, with the normal small pitting and larger pimples of the early non "Chrome"boys, as the first run are "Gold"boys. A few scattered light scratches, but there is nothing about the surface to keep a picky collector from being happy [and obsessive collector will never be happy with the condition of any 10th ;)]. In normal light it looks flawless Under 300W halogens nothing is unseen. Correct US case is in Exc but has some ticks to one end and a couple off another corner. Warranty card, strap ambered to a medium gold, and mint strap but it's lost the "packaging". Fred's JS10TH identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.  A superb US package early Chromeboy.**$5750**


SOLD - JSBDG - 020458 - New In Box, I picked this out for Fred from the last batch of 8 I bought. It was a last hurrah for old times sake, Fred hadn't been collecting in a few years. I believe this is the last guitar Fred bought. Beautiful orange graining to the super premium rosewood fretboard, this is one I would have picked for me, but I'd already done that. In case with all candy, cert still packed, strap, complete in original factory shipping boxes. 1 of 88 built by the Sugi Custom Shop, these are the highest quality JS guitars ever made.** $5850**


SOLD - JS1000BTB - F0155350 - Brand New, unplayed condition. The only faults are the cosmo wear to the strap pins, which I believe happen from the case evaporatives attacking the plating. Otherwise this guitar is absolutely perfect and has a nearly perfect quarter sawn neck as a bonus. In very clean UV1000 that does have one tolex tear on the headstock end, this would have been a guitar I sold originally as no other dealer bought these Chesbro import BTB's in UV cases, I probably sold this to Fred originally as he never touched the guitars he bought. All cards, paperwork, bar and tools, all like new. The case has Fred's JSBTB identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$1950**


SOLD - JS1000BTB - F0155308 - Near Mint, this guitar was played a little bit so it has some fingernail and pick scratching below the pickups, and lightly above the pickups, and some fingernail scratches behind the trem from bridging to use the fine tuners [would be my guess]. There's also a broken scratch line on the back butt end by the strap pin. Other than that and some corrosion and wear to the cosmo on the strap pins, the guitar is like new. In very clean UV1000 this would have been a guitar I sold originally as no other dealer bought these Chesbro import BTB's in UV cases, Fred probably purchased on ebay from the original owner. All card and paperwork but no bar or tools. The case has Fred's JSBTB identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$1550**


SOLD - JS90TH - Near Dead Mint Edge equipped version [they did come with Lo Pro also] that is perfect except the back has been buffed to remove the common cert rash, as all guitars were originally shipped with cert under body. There are just a couple polished cert scratches left to reveal it had them and the higher than factory polish says it's been buffed. In unplayed condition otherwise, the tops of the pickups do have some light wiping scratches from probable dusting, but absolutely no chrome missing at all. A virtual brand New JS90TH. JS90TH's with no chrome wear on the pickups are virtually impossible to find. No cert. Fred is still looking for it, we found the other 90TH certs in their original boxes. In its original World 90TH case as it was a Chesbro US guitar, with all tools, paperwork, and complete Warranty card. The case Mint except for a crack around one foot that depressed the foot about 2 mm, and identification label on headstock end. I believe this came out of the Kearns collection as this is exactly how he labeled his guitars, which means I probably sold it to him originally and did the buff myself.**$3750**


SOLD - PGM90TH - New In Box - Superb flame on both the body and head. No cert rash, Dead Perfect with slight bumps at the abalone joints across the butt end purfling, No fog spots at the ends, no clear blowout. This guitar is perfect. I sold this to Fred and it was definitely cherry picked out of the batches of 90's I was importing from Bangkok. I love that word, don't you? The guitar is unplayed. These are the only 90TH's that were actually signed as Paul signed the control covers for every guitar. The otherwise mint molded World case has Fred's PGM90 identification tape next to the plaque. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.. The box has some deterioration around the edges of the model sticker, and the stickers on the other end gone from whatever the box was sitting on [concrete], otherwise a new box. Includes the Cert and styro bag from original packing in box. Absolutely the best PGM90TH available anywhere in the world and couldn't be improved upon.** $4250**


SOLD - JPM90TH - New In Box - with the slightest signs it was taken out and looked at a few times. Beautiful matching tight flame on both the body and headstock. No cert rash, I sold this to Fred and it was definitely cherry picked out of the batches of 90's I was importing from Bangkok. I love that word, don't you? It has a small patch of 3-4mm cloudy spots running away from the treble side corner of the trem rout which just look slightly cloudy. Virtually unnoticeable. The guitar is unplayed. The otherwise mint molded World case has Fred's JMP90 identification tape next to the plaque. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.. The box has some deterioration around the edges of the model sticker, otherwise a new box. Includes the Cert that has a few waves, and styro bag from original packing in box. Absolutely the best PGM90TH available anywhere in the world and would be very difficult to improve upon** $4250**


SOLD - JEM90TH - Basically a Brand New JEM90 with the typical cloudy pickguard. It was probably played a little but there's no way to tell, the pickguard had some fingerprints on it when put away and you can tell those areas from the spots that just turned while sitting in the case alone. This one has no pitting at all so if you wanted to chrome it, it should come out really nice.  The charge to strip and chrome the guard  is $250. Everything but the guard is as new. This is a Chesbro guitar and should be in the molded 90th case but it was "upgraded" to a new UV1000, still near new, a little tarnishing to the gold from sitting. Cert, Warranty, and tools all in the well. Fred's JEM90TH identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$2000**


Assembled from the collections of Fred Koch, John Cowan, and I, which included a couple in inventory at the time. This gathering took place in August 2003.


SOLD - VAI2KDNA #186 - Near Dead Mint with one of my favorite swirls of the original 17 I put together for the Pickoff in 2000 and was the 5th guitar selected. Since I originally sold this guitar the headstock residue was cleaned at that time. The pickguard residue around the routs on the back side of the guard has never been cleaned, I only started doing that later and by request. This guitar was played just a little bit, maybe a few weeks. The only evidence is the very light minimal scratching on the pickguard below the pickups. Aside from the pickguard the guitar is Dead Mint. There are 2 tiny fog spots on the back on the edge of the jack cover and the bottom edge just off it, but these are original to the guitar and not as a result of any damage. This is a Chesbro US cased guitar and a complete package with all paperwork, tools, cert, and sleeping bag. The case is in Near Mint with some contact scuffing to 2 corners on each end. Identification number written on tape and put on the case plaque but it is on the protective plastic so to remove it just remove the plastic. Present the night of the group shot 186 is the second guitar down in the 5th row.**8250**


SOLD - VAI2KDNA #228 - Dead Mint and Brand New condition with a beautiful swirl with a sweet smoke streak running thru the trem. This guitar is untouched. The smoky residue on the face of the headstock that was present on every new DNA has never been disturbed. There isn't a single pick or fingernail scratch on the pickguard. The paint is flawless and exactly as it left the factory. I wiped the case evaporatives off the body as I was inspecting it to take the pictures. This is a Chesbro US guitar and the package is complete with all paperwork, tools, cert, sleeping bag, and in Near Dead Mint Chesbro US case that has 2 spots of wall scuff [white paint transfer] on one corner only. Identification number written on tape and put on the case plaque but it is on the protective plastic so to remove it just remove the plastic. Present the night of the group shot 228 is the third guitar down in the 5th row.**8750**


SOLD - VAI2KDNA #147 - Stunner, Near Dead Mint, with lots of areas of swirmagenddon, you'll see in the pics. Beautiful colors and balance, there's nothing missing on this one, including the sweet fretboard. This guitar was played maybe once, probably a few times as there's enough fingernail scratches on the guard, I'l be generous and say 100, all very light as you can see. I think the headstock was cleaned when new and is now a combination of light atmospherics and light wiping. Probably should just be cleaned. The screws backed off to free the pickguard to eliminate contact spotting, everything I would have done. There are a couple cloudy spots on the bass side corner of the trem rout which are actually low spots that never got wetsanded so the polish only polished the slight texture. DNA's are thin clear and the wetsanding was not done deep so you will find these low spot cloud spots on many DNA's. HUSA cased that is perfect minus a light scuff on the back end and a tolex snag on one of the corners. Crisp bagged cert, cards, tools, Y2K bag, everything as new. Present the night of the group shot 147 is the second guitar down in the last row.**8500**


Fred preferred the World Y2K Flight Case over the tolex US cases so kept those cases when he sold off the non US guitars years ago. The next 3 are US guitars but are in the Flight cases he just liked better.

SOLD - VAI2KDNA #14 - Near Dead Mint with a deep rich palate and beautiful pattern. This guitar was chosen 7th in my original pickoff and sold to Fred at some point before the 2003 shot above where it is at the bottom of the second row. There is just enough light swirling on the pickguard to know if was carefully played a few times, and a few faint handling scratches, but there is an odd fog spot on the bass side edge of the neck pocket that extends slightly beyond an odd circle crack. I have no doubt this was caused when the neck was changed by HUSA under Warranty for a crack in the bubinga of the original neck. Otherwise the guitar is Dead Mint. This was a HUSA guitar and has all paperwork, Warranty card, tools, bag, and Cert, but is in the World Flight case Fred preferred over the US cases, which has a few scuffs on the top and back sides. The identification tape has fallen off the plastic cover over the plaque leaving some tape residue. This guitar does have its original shipping box with a little deterioration to the label but otherwise very clean. The neck serial number no longer matching the serial on the box since the neck was changed under warranty.**7250**


SOLD - VAI2KDNA - #60 - Near Dead Mint with one of the darkest swirls you'll find in a DNA, with a back that could win many awards. This would be my favorite of the group, and was definitely one of Fred's. There is just enough color in with the black to make it really pop. Somebody had better buy this one before I do. There is just enough light swirling on the pickguard to know if was carefully played a few times, and a few faint handling scratches, otherwise it's absolutely Drop Dead. This was a HUSA guitar and has all paperwork, Warranty card, tools, bag, and Cert, but is in the World Flight case Fred preferred over the US cases, which has a few scuffs and a tolex tick on the top, and several scuffs on the back. The identification tape is on the plastic cover over the plaque. Present in the picture of 29, it's near dead center being 4th row 3rd guitar down.**$8750**


SOLD - VAI2KDNA #141 - Near Dead Mint, much brighter color palate with lots of yellow and pink with a little green and black. Almost more of a UVMC color, but does have enough blood red to not mistake it. It's in unplayed condition without a single pick scratch, but it did get a small back edge chip off the jack cover that's 2x4mm wrapping around the edge. Would be an easy clear touch up if desired. Otherwise the guitar is flawless. The headstock soot was never cleaned but has been disturbed a little so should be cleaned.  The is a Chesbro guitar purchased from Apple Music with Warranty card but missing the manual. It is in the Flight case he preferred, that has a couple scuffs on the top and a tolex snag, and a few more scuffs on the back side. The sleeping bag and Cert in the headstock end of the case. The identification tape has fallen off the plastic cover over the plaque leaving some tape residue. Present in the picture of 29, it's 2nd row 3rd down.**8000**


SOLD - JEM777PMC - 917685 - Near Dead Mint virtually new condition swirl with beautiful colors and pattern, that is so rare in a PMC out of the only 271 built, there are a handful. Impeccable condition with just light swirling to the pickguard from the little play it did have leaving even wear to the pickguard screws, and a 2mm thin fog spot off the top edge just past the grip. There are a few straight line worm marks in the fretboard but it's very possible there were there as new. The plate with just speckled spotting on the front 1/3, the rest of the hardware is Dead Mint. As a later PMC it has the solid green knobs. Back cover is signed by Steve, for the second time. There is a shadow signature from a previous signing, but there's also enough wear on the cover I don't believe it's the original. It was not signed when I sold it so I think Kent put it on and didn't put the original in the case. This guitar has a long provenance from Me to Fred in the early aughts, Fred to Kents collection for a few years, then back to Fred. I regretted selling this guitar when I sold it originally, in fact it was only the 4th PMC I had handled. I always missed this guitar! In it's original clean pink UV1000 that does have some tolex ticks and scratches, but is very clean as is the hardware. In the well is its original 1/2 warranty card, a nice UVMC swirled strap, the bar and tools. For a PMC package this one checks all the boxes.**$5950**.


SOLD - JEM77PMC - 911645 - Near Mint minus - Sweet open swirl of mostly orange and pink with the swirl defined by the purple. Signed by Steve on the back between the covers which is in a nice spot for a body sig. There is plenty of play scratching on the pickguard and other signs it was played quite a lot, but the guitar is in incredible condition. On the front there is a minor trio, a small scuff to the top edge of the pickguard, that runs to a 1/2" long scuff on the bottom edge of the grip [there's 1 scratch in that scuff that wouldn't easily polish out, the scuff could be], leaving a 4mm ding [set of finish cracks with tiny fog spots] right in the middle, off the bottom edge of the grip. There's a finish crack under the edge of the pickguard right at the edge scuff. Otherwise the body is perfect save for a tiny 2mm NJFC treble side. The back of the neck is perfect and very clean, and the headstock is near mint other than the small 2mm edge distortion just below the very tip and a mar left next to it on the bottom side. The fretboard is Excellent as played but has a factory paint fix against the 5th and between 5th and 6th where they lightly sanded off clear blems and didn't reclear leaving the maple raw. You can see it's taken on just a little color where the maple is exposed. There is some light fingernail worming scattered thru the board but there is virtually no fretwear, and it had a wonderful  neck relief profile.. Except for the corrosion on the plate the hardware is super clean with only some light cleaning scratching to the trem baseplate, there is cosmo wear to the tuners of a guitar that was played regularly. It is quite strange this has the later solid knobs, which isn't uncommon in MC's, but it has such an early serial number to have later solid knobs. They are quite probably original though. Bar, tools, manual, a Fretwear catalog and an early Ibanez stocker in the well as case candy. It's in its original pink UV1000 with some tolex ticks and end scuffs but in Excellent condition with a never set lock. Fred's PMC CAMO identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience. **5000**


SOLD - JEM777PMC - 916848 - One of the best PMC swirls you will ever see, without doubt. Great pattern, strong colors, and good balance is incredibly rare combination in PMC's. This guitar was played a lot, most likely gigged by a player also performing like Steve would, or, he was just very drunk. This guitar has so many chips, large losses, finish cracks, fog spots completely loose clear, the is just horrible. There isn't more than a few inch area where there isn't something. There will be plenty of condition pictures below, and note how amber the clear has turned in the close ups even though you don't notice it in the longer range. Every MC ambered like this but with these chipped guitars you can see how dramatic the original colors still are underneath the clouded and ambered clear. Long Neck Joint crack running bass side 1/2" around the back. It was played high as most of the rivet worming in on the trem anc con covers which have been worn nearly smooth. For a guitar played so much there is virtually no fretwear, and very little dirt in the fretboard that never did have a very thick coat of clear. Clean pink clip lock installed. It was also fitted with a battery box on the back for some reason, whatever was done it's been returned to "original" long ago, except there's a 223 cap on the volume and a 223 linked between the tone and volume knobs. I don't know why, I don't know what it does, I just know the 223 on the tone would normally be right side to center on the pot, and there should be a 331 cap on the volume. Of course the guitar is almost as dusty as it is bruised. I'm sure I never cleaned it when I sold it! All in all this guitar is a mess and in very natural relic condition, but - look at that swirl! It doesn't get any better than that in a PMC. There's no doubt it's in the superior class. Anybody that has one this nice that's clean, please get ahold of me, I've been looking for that perfect PMC to keep! This one is in it's correct and beautifully Salmon lined UV1000 that has as many gigging scars than the guitar, and it includes a very cool paperwork history, with complete warranty card, manual, the original hang tag when the guitar was sold new marked at $1549.99, with case, no store ID on the tag, but also an original "receipt book" receipt dated 9/24/01, number 273, that I had completely forgotten I ever used, from a 3 book order, this was the 27th from the last receipt I wrote before I realized WORD was easier and a whole lot cheaper! Rare Ibanez Rules memorabilia HA!, none of the other guitars I sold Fred had the receipts, he forgot to take this one out of the case. This PMC sold for $1600 plus $20 to ship, in 01. Complete tool set and the original strap pins, but no bar with this guitar. This guitar also has the later solid green knobs standard on later guitars. Fred's JEM PMC CHIP identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience. **$2850**


SOLD - JEM77GMC - 918015 - I have a soft spot for these, and this is a good one. This came out of Kent's collection and he loved GMC's, he had great ones, I even have one of his! Kent and Fred horse traded a bit back in the day with several guitars going both ways. Near Mint and a beautiful swirl is a rare combination This was played for a few months or so with a light scratch patch on the guard, but has survived in incredible condition. There are two small edge scuffs off the tone knob, 2 very small 2-3mm fog spots, each with an associated tiny crack, in the field 1/.2 way between the knobs and the jack, and a larger 5x3mm fog between trem and pin that shows no hit spot at all, on the back a small fog spot off the jack cover, and small patch of fine rivet worming of the control cover. The clean nearly perfectly 1/4 sawn neck with beautiful rosewood and headstock are perfect but a couple shallow impressions at the tip end of the headstock. There is a 1/3 area of fine corrosion on the plate but the rest of the hardware is in near new condition. Replaced strap pins to lockers, the original pins are not included, This is a late build so it has the solid green knobs. In it's very clean original later pink wire latch UV1000 with a 1/2" tolex hole on the front end, otherwise only a few minor scuffs and extremely clean hardware. Just the lock card, tools, and bar in the well. Fred's GMC KK identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$5500**


SOLD - JEM77GMC - 915408 - Near Mint minus sweet busy lighter palette Green swirl. It was played and has a mildly scratchy pickguard and some light fretwear including the shallow 2nd fret dimple, on a beautiful dark rosewood slab. The paint and wood on this guitar is nearly pristine. There is a 5mm fog spot on the bottom front edge center of the waist, and a light quad scuff near the end of the headstock where it bounced/slid 4 times across it, and another almost at the tip on the bass side of the swoosh line. There are 100 tiny pimples on the baseplate and wear to the top of the E saddle, lots of corrosion to the neck plate, the strap pins with lots of cosmo wear, 1 1/2" NJFC bass side and 1/2" NJFC treble side of the neck pocket. It's in what would have been a brand new UV1000 ca. 1999-2013 [I'm sure there are slight variances if you had a large collection to test], with manual, tools, bar, and green cliplock [the dark later not the neon green]. Fred's GMC ALIEN PUKE identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience. Fred loved that the original owner had named it and kept it on the guitar.**$4750**


SOLD - JEM77GMC - 915394 - Players example that has several battle scars and has been modified with a switch between the knobs, vintage V strap pins added, a new hole drilled for the pin upper horn. The guitar has been played but shows only mild and even fretwear, light hazing on the pickguard, but is very dirty, some type soda or coffee under the pickguard just over the neck, headstock covered in thick dust, metal parts coated with patina that will clean off down to some pimples on the bass side plate, and the wear to the saddles. In damage there's a 5mm shallow ding on the arm contour,  a long finish crack/bruise off the tone knob, and a small chip and ding within 2 inches. The large chip on the back edge at the jack cover is the worst, and a 8mm fog spot a couple inches away. The neck is free of blems, showing some play dirt, and a ding on the bottom front edge of the headstock. It definitely could use a good breakdown, clean and setup. It's in a fairly clean JEM1000 with a broken lock, tongue not returning even though the combo works, so the latch was removed and not included, in fact the only thing in the well is an incorrect chrome 2 bushing Jackson bar [that does work on the Lo Pro]. Fred's GMC CHIP identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience**$2500**


SOLD - JEM77BFP - Near Mint and still much more blue than green BFP. The only blem on the front is a small impression off the bass corner of the pickguard, and the only only paint blems are a very small 1mm back edge chip near the jack cover and a small finish crack on the bottom side right beside it. There is some worming on the trem cover but nothing on the paint. The neck is super clean, there is a front edge chip on the bottom front edge of the headstock, and some fingernail worming on the fretboard at the second fret. Very light and even fretwear, the hardware is near mint and the plate showing minor corrosion.  There is plenty to be cleaned under the pickguard and I believe the knobs are replaced with Laser Blue RG770 knobs. It's in an Exc pink lined UV1000 with only manuals and a few tools, no bar. The top of the case is very clean while the back has plenty of long scuffs and there are more on the end caps. Fred's JEM BFP identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience. **2950**


SOLD - JEM777LNG #31 - New, untouched, low number. Fred is the original owner on this LNG. It was purchased from HOG where it sat in an interior glass case with no UV exposure, wearing it's hangtags for 13 years, and then in the case for the last 15. Of course, HOG had given another customer the original case ions before they sold this, so anybody with plaque case #31, here's your guitar. All paperwork and case candy were in the case. HOG pulled a brand new UV1000 out of storage [I bought 4 new pink lined from them when they finally cleared those out around 2010!], a little dulling to the lockplate, otherwise new with a couple light stripes on the back end. So you have a brand new unplayed pristine LNG with it's handrest and hang tag, the plastic still on the pickguard but loose in areas as expected.  Being this low a number it is a clearcoat sprayed signature where Steve had signed with the not-Sharpie and they were rubbing off. Paper towels taped off in a parallelogram, then rattle can cleared. They did not shoot a dust coat first so all these cleared signatures show evidence where the ink was breaking up. This clear layer is not very heavy so there isn't much distortion. The heavy cleared signatures show lots of distortion. This was obviously "tried more than a few times over the 14 years on display so it's got some pickscratching on the plastic over the guard, and did lightly bump a couple spots, a 3mm finish crack on the bottom side an inch off the tone, and a 5mm finish crack on the back just off the belly cut/arm holder point, and one where it tried to finish crack 3mm on the edge of the jack cover, but didn't crack. The 3 of #31 had a fine scuff line thru the original pen before it was cleared. There's also what I think it airbrushed clear sprayed on the B/E to edge at the second fret. If I'm guessing this was done by the HOG, I don't know why but there 's a depression at the middle of it with a spot of discoloration. I'm guessing HOG did this because Brand New #xx which I sold had 2 areas on the board that had the clear sanded on the board to remove pimples, to the wood, and never resprayed. The neckplate is flawless, as is the trem and rest, the tuners showing some odd wear from a winder. A Brand New low number 777LNG with handrest and hangtags in a brand new pink lined. Fred's JEM777LNG identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$5950**


SOLD - JEM777SK - 1987 - In Near Mint condition. Super color even on the pickups, a pure 87' with the larger edge contours on the body. A guitar that was played alot but carefully so there are minimal blems, 4 short 3mm finish cracks on the top, a couple on the back, some light button scratching between cover and plate, ample scratching to the pickguard. Otherwise it's pure, exhibiting all the original factory wetsanding lines in the polish, this has never been toyed with or enhanced in any way. There is some even fretwear and some even clearcoat wear thru on the maple fretboard leaving some light dirt in the open pores. There is some larger pimples on the bass side of the trem and the plate is rather crusty. Back of the neck with only light dirt, no bumps, scratches, scars of any type. Headstock perfect but a little dirty as is all the cosmo. A very clean early SK in vibrant color. The anchors are definitely loose and studs leaning so if this is going to be anything but a case queen it will need service. It's in its correct 1987 case that's dirty, but nice on the outside except some heavy corrosion on the corners at the treble end of the case. There's some strange dirty/oily areas on the headstock end end and the top of the well. Lock set at 777. No paperwork, just general junk left in the well by previous owner.**$3500**


SOLD - JEM777VDY - Near Mint, super clean. This guitar was played for a few years as evidenced by the normal scratching on the guard, but the paint it extremely clean with no brownish hues present on many DY's, and super pink pickups. The top is extremely clean with only a series of small circular finish cracks lined in a row when it bounced across something. There is a scuff on one side of the jack rout and a sliver chip on the other, and a few very minor shallow depressions on the back. The perfectly quarter sawn neck is super clean as is the headstock. Mild and very even fretwear. The hardware is Exc but there is some pimples on the bass side of the trem baseplate and cosmo wear off the very edge, the plate with typical corrosion. Some patches of thick corrosion on a few frets. In it's original pink line UV1000 with some tolex tears mostly on the edges, and the thread unraveling on the body end, and a replaced latch screw. Rare Lo Pro manual sheet and hang tag and the bar in the well. Fred's JEM DYV identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$2950**


SOLD - JEM7VWH - How could you not have a VWH in a JEM collection. 1998, ebony, Mint minus, it has light swirling scratches on the pickguard and a 1/2mm depression just off the guard toward the jack, and a little patch of button scratching in the belly cut just off the grip. Some slight scratching to the trem baseplate but extremely clean with no wear. No fretwear at all, this guitar was played, but very little. In very clean UV1000 but comes with bar only.**$1950**


SOLD - JEM7BSB - Exc condition with very little play and very little stain loss to the back of the neck, but has it's share of edge bruises. The worst being a couple on the front edge of the arm contour, the only blems on the front of the guitar. There's one on the back edge near the butt pin and some edge rubbing on the back edge in a couple places, and also an edge bruise on the back bottom edge of the headstock. The pickguard was replaced with a mirror DBK guard and there is some play scratching to the guard, the hardware all in near mint condition. The previous owner had Steve sign the front of the headstock and those pictures all included in the case with the manuals. In super clean UV1000 case. Fred's JEM BSB identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$1500**


SOLD - JEM7DBK - Near Mint, but - filthy. Fred bought this in case any of the Grandkids [or anybody else] wanted to make noise on a JEM at the many family and social affairs held at the old farmhouse [PARTY!! Fred throws the meanest Christmas party you could possibly imagine]. He'd plug the guitar into a custom color full stack for them, but very few ever did, Aside from a bare few scratches on the pickguard which are mostly from wiping, a small back edge spot exposed, and a small bruise at the front bottom edge at the tip of the headstock. Everything else is as new, including the store retail stickers partially left on the trem cover. So this guitar sat out on a stand for a decade or so, and it's covered in a film and light crust that can only be described as possibly how dust bubbies are crewated. Tested in a few areas I can guarantee every bit of it will clean off with a soft cloth and a little spit for the pickguard, and cleaning the headstock face with spit on a microfiber cloth. Mgic Eraser if needed after but I believe it will clean perfectly with the microfiber/spit alone. All hardware needs to be removed and cleaned. So it's virtually a new guitar that needs a full hour of cleaning, and another of setup, and you'll have a monster player in incredible condition. Oddly in a silver band M150 that was either always an RG/JEM case,. Comes with bar and tools**$1125**


SOLD - Pedro Cruz Custom JEM777DY employee guitar. - DY body that was serial number 881926 [as written in the pocket] either sample painted or custom painted on request. All the yellow is the original DY, and the graphic is in the rest of the 777 colors, pink, LNG, black, with the Yellow it's UVMC colors. Painted in a lizard and spider motif the pink and black are airbrushed with brushed pinstriped "LNG" outlines, with a little LNG airbrushed in fills. However the circumstances of a DY body being painted by Pedro, afterward it shows 100% the signs of an employee guitar. The complete mismatch of parts, black tuners, rest of the hardware cosmo except fo  the pads and string retainer painted black, thru body pots pickguard mounted so the knobs are 1/4" off the guard, the V7/S7/V2 pickup set, this is 100% an employee guitar put together with parts available to purchase over the build time. The neck is a standard WALRJ-T24 Wizard Angled Locking Rosewood Jumbo Teeth 24 fret, but he chose a nice one.  It's virtually near mint as refinished. There's a 3mm fog spot in a 2mm finish crack on the top, and some scratching on the bottom side, There are 2 chips at the end of the treble side neck pocket but the bare wood is cleared over so they are 99.9% the reason this DY body was available as a reject. There are several areas of clearcoat pimples and small blems from the original spray. There is play scratching on the pickguard and lots of pimpling to the bass side of the trem, but there is no fretwear, or any blemished to the neck at all. Neck joint crack on the treble side. In a literal half baked case the entire front bottom edge fully melt distorted, but from the top it looks pretty good, and does have all it's working latches and feet! Fred's CUSTOM SHIT - PEDRO CRUZ identification tape next to the handle. IMO an employee asked Pedro to paint a UVMC palette spider and lizard themed graphic on a second 777DY body he had scored, Pedro delivered a painted and cleared body, and the employee finished it off with sourced parts over time.**$1500**


SOLD - UV77RE - A10508 - Dead Mint Brand New with a beautiful swirl. Not even a hint it's ever been touched. This is a complete US package with cert, paperwork, tools, and the PAW poster that is rarely included. The case has some typical minor scratches but on the back end there is a long one in the plastic that runs about 2', curling across the aluminum bands in a circular motion than back across and down the side. Since it's on the back end it's in a place almost never seen, or looked at.**$6850**


SOLD - UV77RE - L09502 - Dead Mint Brand New with outstanding swirl with its even mix of rich colors in a stunning pattern. This was the second guitar picked in my original RE pickoff and could have easily been the first. It does have a 1/4" NJFC on the bass side that is hiding in the fine neon green line so tough to see in the pictures. This was present when I received the guitar from the dealer only present because of how poorly they packed it. Also present is a 1/2" squigly line scratch or scuff just below the single coil, and to the bridge side of the single coil is  a 1/2" and 1/4" "scratch?" I believe is on the back side of the guard, not the top. It might not be a scratch and wipe off but the guard would have to be removed to see, and I'd consider it a non issue as it is. Some things are better left alone. It is a complete US package with cert that has never been removed from it's clear cover, and I did not remove it for pictures because it's very difficult to get back in. Paperwork, tools, and the rarely included PAW poster all present and perfect. The case is also in perfect condition.**$7250**


SOLD - UV77MC - Fred had to have an MKR in the collection so he watched and waited until a really nice one came up. Near Mint 1991 MKR with extremely little signs of play and no issues. There is some very light guard scratching you can see from the pictures is very sparse,  there are tiny spots of corrosion on the saddle tops [most of this will come off with a fingernail and WD40 or clearcoat polish] and tiny spots on the baseplate, with crusty corrosion on 3/4 of the plate. We call these "put away wet", where the hardware isn't worn but has been eaten at for a couple decades sitting in the case because it wasn't put away cleaned of hand oils and sweat. The paint, the neck, the headstock, everything is just near New. It's in a later pink lined with wire latches that has several tolex ticks and 2" wide tape residue on one end, along with Freds taped identification next to the handle that has fallen off, these both can be cleaned with GooGone and patience. My low tack tape used for inventory ident, but I have always used hang tags from Staples around the handles for identification. The lock has been broken open once but is picked, fully functioning, just shows evidence of having the faceplate hammered back closer to flush. No paperwork at all, this is most likely an offshore import put into a later pink lined, trem bar is the only thing included. **$3750**


SOLD - UV77GR - Near Mint very clean example of a GR. The paint is perfect on the face, the only body blems being a 1/2" finish crack cluster on the bottom side where it bumped something very sharp very lightly., and a 1/4" finish crack another 2" away, a light cliplock scuff on the back above the pin, and otherwise the paint is just flawless crisp. It was covered with decades of case evaporative buildup which I had to clean on the body to inspect condition, but left on the face of the headstock which is clear in the pics. This guitar was little played but I believe did not have the best neck and was fret leveled fairly deep to true up most of it. There is still some dip left in the mid bass side edge, otherwise looks very playable, but with very wide crowns, and what I believe are several tool marks left by whoever did the "work" in the maple fretboard. The guard has scratching of a guitar played for a few years, then put away for a few decades, changing hands to Fred in between. The hardware is all superclean, tuners coated in the same patina as the paint was, and the plate is almost perfect. The trem is touching the guard on the treble side so it's obvious the anchors need to be tightened if this guitar is to be played. In JEM1000C that has some tolex ticks, but is missing the latch, and the plate has been "flattened" with many fairly precise hits. Combo [picked] works perfect, but has no latch. The strap pins missing and a cliplock is in the well with a trem bar. It's the darker not neon green, and there are no screws or grommets for the strap. Fred's UV GR identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$2750**


SOLD - RBM400 - Quite simply the cleanest 400 I've seen, and I sold it many years ago. Consider it a near new 400 that shows only wiping scratches on the pickguard, a few extra around the volume from use, and gold wear to the treble edge of the bridge mounting ring from bracing a pinky. There are a few tiny pimples on the trem. That is the brightest gold beehive knob I've ever seen. The only blem I could find on any of the wood is a small bruise in the trem cut near the strap pin. The Bolivian Rosewood neck is just beautiful, The 400 is the last evolution of the Bolivian guitars build only in 94, this a very early production 93 build. I always liked the passives in the 400 far more than the EMG's in the vaunted M2 with the Koa, If you've been looking for a 400 you could not find a better one for sale probably ever.  This Bolivian has a natural very optimal neck profile which is not always the case with the Bolivians. This is a good one in every way. In a very clean RG50, which was actually the correct case for the model and what almost all are found in, even though they fit into pink lined very well. Nothing in the well but a trem bar and case keys. Fred's identification tape next to the handle, but left blank. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$3500**




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