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Updated September 02, 2015


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PGMFRM1 - Near Dead Mint, one of the only 2 1's I've seen with figured Korina. The other was book matched Chevron while this one is straight matched, which I prefer. The plastic has been removed from the pickup side of the guard and there is some light fingernail scratching from minimal play, otherwise it is flawless and as new. The picture series is from when I had it new with the additions of the current pickguard pictures. Everything as it was when sold, all case candy, cards, cert, strap, headphones, etc, the only thing missing is the shipping box. ** $6500** GONE** THANKS ALVIN** 5/21/13

PG10th - Near Dead Mint 10th with very nice figure to the top and headstock. It's only flaw is a bruise to the tip of the head that deformed the binding and took a tiny chip of clear off the end. In it's original 10th specific [large pebble finish] Chinese M100 that has white wall rub streaks on the edges but also a fairly large damaged area on the corner. I do have a clean JP90 case [very similar but small pebble] I can swap it with for +$100.** $3050** *AS IS* - $2675 **On HOLD for Marc** 12/1/08

PGM10th - Near Mint with a patch of super light pick/fingernail scratches [maybe 40 of them] and a tiny 1mm ding near the edge of the headstock. In clean original case with a little white paint scuffs.** $2450** GONE** THANKS CHRIS** 4/24/06

PGM10th - Near Dead Mint, only the slightest signs of play. There is some gold corrosion on the tuner heads probably from fingerprints, and the serial number is "fading", odd, but no funny business, just the way it is. Very nice figure in the top for a PG10 and nice dark rosewood on an excellent bow profile neck. In clean original case. Pics loaded here.** $2500** GONE** THANKS MATT** 8/30/05 

PGM10th - Brand New in shipping box [with heavy road wear]. This one has a nice subtle but tight figure that dances like crazy. Picky condition spec, there's dust? in the clear in a small area between the neck p/u and below the neck, 3 areas on the back with tiny surface bumps [clearcoat anomaly]. Untouched. In M100** $2500** The replacement neck I've been waiting for the last 15 months is FINALLY here!! I sold this guitar 5 times but couldn't because the original neck was not good. Now I can finally sell it!!! ;) ** GONE** THANKS MIKE** 12/30/04

PGM10th - Near Dead Mint, only the slightest signs it was ever played or out of the case. One of the most figured tops I've seen on a 10th which typically have very bland tops. In original M100 Signature case.** $2100** GONE** THANKS CHRIS** 2/25/05

PGM10th - Brand New in shipping box. Not much figure in the top, but then none of them do ;) Untouched. In M100** $2300** GONE** THANKS GEORGE** 6/30/03

PGM10th - Brand New in shipping box [with heavy road wear]. This one has a nice tight burled figure to it.  In M100** $2400** GONE** THANKS DYANNE [For the Governor, to Shane. Lucky guy!!!]** 5/16/03

PGM10th - Brand New in shipping box. Nice subtle and consistent top , a little tighter, but not quite as fancy as the one above.  Picky condition spec, very shallow fisheyes that were almost but not quite wetsanded out on the lower horn, .3-.4mm neck pocket gap treble side. In M100** $2200** GONE** THANKS MIKE** 2/26/03

PGM10th - BRAND NEW and untouched, yes I believe this is the first to migrate to our shores. Unless somebody here was fortunate enough to actually be a contest drawing winner for one of the 50 PG10's in Japan, I entered 3 times, no luck. If you had any idea what this cost me you'd think I was crazy, total worldwide production estimated between 100-150. This is a 25 fret hardtail model with string through bridge. Mahogany back with maple top, trapezoidal abalone and pearl inlays, reverse head, gold hardware, neck, head, and body bound in a cream/tan binding. Pickups are Dimarzio Tone Zone neck and bridge with a Jem single in between. Included is a PG10th leather strap with embossed Gilbert self portrait line drawing and "Rock Hard With PGM10th, Paul Gilbert". In it's original double box which houses the original guitar shipping box and M200 case.** $2400** More pics here **GONE** THANKS EDDIE** 6/26

PGM10th - Near Mint, the smallest 1mm dink and a few fingernail scratches under the pups from flawless. Missing the leather strap but in flawless case** $1850** GONE** THANKS BRAD** 5/28/02

PGM90th - This 90th comes with the story that it was one of Paul's clinic rig in 1998. He had 2 90th's, one modified with offset dots, and this one modified with centered dots. I have no reason not to believe this as this was the same owner I bought my LACS built PGM550, also bought through Paul. Paul has replied to inquires that it wasn't his, just for full disclosure. Again the source had bought several guitars directly from Paul so I still have no reason not to believe it, and there are several pictures around of Paul with the offset dot inlayed 90th. This 90th has been played but is in Exc+++ condition. Light scratchy surface from play, the only damage would be a shallow ding on the bottom side which shows the oval finish crack and a straight finish crack through the center. Otherwise a little cosmo wear off the edge of the bridge baseplate and low E saddle, and a small amount of fretwear are the only other flaws. The original HUSA J Custom 90th case is super clean and cert is in center pocket. Control cover signed by Paul.** $3200** or **AS IS at $2750** GONE** THANKS ANTHONY** 2/10/09

PGM90th - Exc condition with just a 1cm finish crack on the top near the arm contour and a thin edge bruise on the back bottom edge. The entire body is covered in fine spider scratching from wiping down, and there's some finish wear on the low E saddle.  Hint of cert rash on the back and very mild fretwear. Before you ask truss cover is in case and only off to check neck. In original world 90 case with cert.** $2250** GONE** THANKS ANDRES** 11/27/06

PGM90th - Player grade, the front looks very good with only 3 small dings and some light scratches, large matte pickscratch patch, the finish wear on the bridge the most unsightly. The back edge has numerous chips, too numerous to try and count or describe as well as plenty of small dings and finish cracks. Pics will have to do the talking so most are high res. It's had a level and the fretwork reminds me of my 78' Les Paul, more fretless wonder than jumbo, but still plenty of fret. Very clean headstock as if it matters. In decent thickness gig bag. No cert.** $1375 AS IS, or $1550 cleaned and setup** GONE** THANKS DAVE** 9/30/06

PGM90th - Mint -, there are 2 very small dings on the face, about 1mm and 1.5mm, scattered wiping scratching, some light cert rash on the back, and cosmo wear off the very edges of the E and A saddles, otherwise pristine. Has it's cert of course and is in it's original M100 Signature case that has some corrosion on the latches.** $2400** GONE** THANKS DREW** 5/15/06

PGM90th - Exc+++, there's a small impression on the top where the upper horn begins that left a 2mm finish crack, otherwise the top is super clean except for scattered fine light wiping scratches and swirls under the pickups. The back has more of the same light wiping scratches but also a couple spots of what looks like cert rash but is more probable just normal fine scratches from a rub. The lower strap pin was hit at one time and the clear around the base of the pin has chipped away on one side. In clean HUSA J Custom 90th case that does have some spots of white latex house paint from an obviously sloppy painter. It does come off with a fingernail.** $2100** GONE** THANKS FABIO** 5/26/06

PGM90th - DEAD MINT FACTORY UNTOUCHED NEW PG90th!! Raped by Customs and Brokerage brining them in driving the price up. ;( In the world 90 case** $2000** GONE** THANKS JOEL** 4/16/02

PGM90th - DEAD MINT FACTORY UNTOUCHED NEW PG90th!! Raped by Customs and Brokerage brining them in ;( In the world 90 case** $2000**GONE**THANKS FRED** 2/25/02

PGM90th - MINT minus with one small mark on the top** $1450** GONE** THANKS JUSTIN** 2/28

PGM100 - Exc condition but has peculiar issue. It has all the markings of having had a very professional buff, but it also has the symptoms of a lot of UV exposure. There are areas like the bottom side that are more green than blue, and areas where the blues has pixelized, the F holes mostly orange now and tip, pickups, and logo faded. Condition wise the paint is very good with a 5mm finish crack in the upper f hole, and a lock screw wrench bruise on the edge of the trem rout. There are some minor edge dings on the bottom edge and scratches on the bottom side of the lower horn. Very little fretwear but the trem is showing a lot of pimpling. In it's original flimsy gig bag.** $1000 AS IS or $1150 sorted and setup.** GONE** THANKS SCOTT** 11/30/07

PGM100 - Exc+ 1990, in fact this may be the earliest 100 I’ve seen. The face is very clean except for some minor impressions behind the trem from wrench/string changes. There are 2 areas of light scratching on the top side, another area by the jack, a 3mm edge circle crack/ding below the vol. knob, and a series of small finish cracks and small dings on the back edge below the control cover. The back also very clean with a 3mm finish crack beside the trem cover. The neck and head are very clean, there are a couple light scratches near the end of the head that took a line through the swoosh, and the frets show even light/medium fretwear. The trem has some pimpling on the bass side and the low E saddle shows corrosion, the neck plate also showing pimpling corrosion, and the pickup and mounting ring screws sowing rust. There is very little if any fade, no NJFC’s., but as you can see the single coil is missing. If I can come up with a replacement I’ll change this add to reflect it. In original gig bag.** $1100 AS IS** or ** $1300 Pro Setup** GONE** THANKS ERIC** 3/20/08

PGM100 - Player condition with more little finish cracks and dings to list. Rarely do I say refer to the pics but in this case I will. To note are the front edge top horn smack that has the finish on the top loosened and could use some super glue run under it. Also there is a large chip at the point of the belly contour that occurred during shipping [chips in the bag] and nasty wear and blistering to the trem baseplate. Otherwise it has a very good neck and very little fretwear so it'll continue to be a good player. In thin Ibanez gig bag.** AS IS $750** Cleaned and setup $950** GONE** THANKS LARRY** 4/28/06

PGM100 - 90' first year model in Exc+++. There's a 3mm shallow depression on the face up from the single coil and a couple other smaller depressions, pimpling on the bass side of the trem, corrosion on the neck plate, NJFC's as would be expected, wear to the signature on the control cover, minimal fretwear. Otherwise an extremely clean example. In M100 case.** $1175** GONE** THANKS NIKOLA** 11/2/04

PGM100 - 93' in Excellent played condition. The face is very clean with a few scratches over the pickups, clean sides, some scratches near then corroded neck plate and a 3mm finish crack an inch under the belly contour. One 3/4" NJFC inside the upper horn. Some minor shallow bruising on the back of the neck that can just barely be felt and some fretwear but definitely not bad. Plenty of pimpling on the bass side trem plate and cosmo wear to the tops of all saddles. In cruddy old Ibanez gig bag.** $1000** GONE** THANKS JAN** 12/15/04

PGM100 - 92', original, and super clean! Crisp body and neck, no fade on the pups, it's ONLY flaws are a 1/4" edge of corrosion on the neck plate and about 20 tiny pimples on the bass side of the original Edge with just a little finish wear on the saddles. Nice crisp PG sig on the control cover and a nice Billy Sheehan sig on the trem cover in matching gold. More pics here. In original Prestige Deluxe case** $1125** GONE** THANKS ROB** 6/4/03

PGM100 - Near Mint!! Very few blems, a tiny depression on the face and a couple scratches on the plastic bridge pickup bezel. a tiny flec beside the trem cover and 1 crack, 2 impressions, all on the back, CLEAN!!! It does have some strange wear on the tops of both strap pins and the tops of the saddles have finish wear, also the tuners are showing some fine pitting. Picky pics here. Nice large sig and self portrait on face. There must have been a second run of these for the home market as this is a 95'. In perfect M100** $1125** GONE** THANKS JEFF** 12/3/02

PGM100  - was a very clean example until an idiot shipped it to me uncased and wrapped in newspaper! Trem base plate broken so trem replaced with used Lo Pro. Plenty of pics** $625** GONE** THANKS CODY** 3/8

PGM200 - Excellent ++++, this is the cleanest 200 I've seen. Very early 1990 and is as green as every 200 I've seen [should be blue, clear yellows, blue + yellow makes green], the face is extremely clean, just normal fingernail/pick scratching you can see at the right angles, and 2 areas on the upper horn where either some chip out was sanded away or just overzealous sanding long before paint. There's a 4mm finish crack on the top side of the upper horn and a pair of tiny marks beside it, a tiny finish crack on the back top edge, and some small finish cracks on the back near the tail strap pin. The back and end of the tip of the headstock has some very small marks, the bridge definitely has some white corrosion considering it's spent 14 years on an island [Japan of course], no fretwear. In old probable original gig bag.** $1750** GONE** THANKS CHRIS** 3/20/05 

PGM200 - Excellent -  with various finish cracks on the body edges and back, but a very rare model that was only offered in Japan. In new very cool gig bag.** $1525** GONE** THANKS EDDIE** 5/29/04

PGM300 – Beater. Rarely do I ever say “just see pics” to describe condition, but they tell the story. Not much of this 300 hasn’t been touched in one way or another, but it does have a good neck and only mild fretwear and that is key for a good player. In crapiest grade Ibanez gig.** AS IS $750** GONE** THANKS JASON** 8/21/07

PGM300 - Near Dead Mint, 03' model with the Edge Pro, only some cosmo wear to the edges of the E, A, and D saddles keep it from being dead mint. In astonishingly new M150 case circa 1992.** $1200** GONE** THANKS BRIAN** 10/19/04

PGM300 - Player condition which isn't bad but has a fairly badly touched up dent on the face about 7mm round, a small 3mm dink next to it, another 12x4mm dink on the arm contour. 15x3mm chip off the top edge next to the lower strap pin, a couple small chips and dings on the back bottom edge, a chip off the back edge of the lower horn, dink at the point where the belly contour meets the side. Clean maple board with some fingernail worming. This one actually has the dual PAF's that are supposed to be spec even though every 300 I've seen has had a TZ in the bridge. In clean Prestige Deluxe case.** $850** GONE** THANKS RICHET** 5/10/04

PGM300 - 97' in super clean. There's some ultra light fingernail/pick scratching [super fine, but larger area], a possible factory impressed 4mm line on the back top edge, a 6mm scuff on the back side edge, some micro fingernail worming on the super clean maple board, and a scratchy bass side of the trem plate [unexplainable]. Virtually no play wear at all. In M!00** $1050** GONE** THANKS SEAN** 6/23/03 Trem cover signed like all 300's but the inside also embellished - CONTAINS : CORN, SYRUP, WATER, MOLASSES, SALT, MALT, BHT, FD&C RED NO. 7 & RAISINS - Paul always did have a whacky sense of humor, check the inside on those signed plates for the occasional rambling of your own! ;o}

PGM300 - Very Good +++, very clean overall but with 2 small chips on the back edge, 1 bottom one top. Clean hardware, no clearcoat wear through to board. Awesome tone! In nice M100** $800** GONE** THANKS EDDIE** 12/5/02

PGM301 - This is an early 2004 301 in Exc condition. The top is very clean with just some scattered fine scratching, there is finish wear to the low E saddle on the bridge and the bridge [along with the rest of the guitar] needs a good cleaning. There are a few small chips on the side back edge between the butt strap pin and the jack, and one of the side front with a small bruise near it. It has neck joint cracks on both sides of the pocket, there is a worm trail bruise on the back of the neck and a small but deeper ding on the back around the 5th, the back tip of the headstock is bruised and there are several very small chips around the end of the head on the top and bottom edges. There is no fretwear and no marring to the 1/4 sawn eye dazzler fretboard, In it's original M100C.** $900 AS IS** or $1175 Platinum package** GONE** THANKS REECE** 7/1/10

PGM301 - Near Mint 2003 model has maybe 15 fingernail scratches on it in the pick scratch area, otherwise dead flawless except it was shipped on it's Prestige instruction manual so has some light cert rash on the back, probably from the dealer. In it's J Craft case, with pro setup.** $950** Or ** $1000 with the back buffed** GONE** THANKS DAVE** 4/9/06

PGM400 - Exc++ with only a 2mm finish crack on the top, and a 2mm circle ding/crack on the bottom of the lower horn, normal dull area of fingernail scratching under the pickups, and some light scratching on the back over the trem cover. The bridge is showing a lot of corrosion as well as the tuners  There are fog spots at every fret from neck shrinkage but the clear edge on the bass side has lifted right at the edge, probably from the same shrinkage, could probably use a wicking with superglue to seal and fill. Medium fretwear, missing one strap pin. In it's original flimsy gig bag with all paperwork. Bar probably not original [it's threaded] but works. AS IS.** $1300** GONE** THANKS WILL** 2/20/13

PGM400 - Exc. minus condition with several small face flaws including a series of finish cracks at the end of the upper horn, a ½” L shaped scratch near the arm contour, a 1x3mm D shaped finish crack ding in the pickscratch area, and another finish crack on the edge of the lower horn, with 2 very small finish cracks elsewhere on the top. The top edge has the worst of the damage with a small 3mm chip, a large 6x8mm chip, and another small 2x6mm chip. There are several flaws on the back staring with a small chip on the back tip of the lower horn, another small bottom back edge chip, a series of 4 dings near the jack, and a few finish crack/dings between the cover [missing] and the AANJ. There is also 2 small dings on the inside of the lower horn, a 2mm NJFC on the bass side. The neck is in superb condition with just a couple small bruises on the back edge in the end round, no fretwear, and fogging at the fret ends but nothing lifted. Hardware good but there is gold blistering on the middle saddles. I just noticed the knob has been broken out and part of the center is missing, and the control cover signature has been “protected” with a clear overlay. In pink lined JEM1000 with sticker residue, small pieces of sticker, and a large area of missing tolex on the back.** AS IS  $1200** GONE** THANKS SCOTT** 11/30/07

PGM400 - I have no doubt this is one of the cleanest 400's in existence. There's a 2mm finish crack and a 1mm impression below the pickups, and impressions under the corners of the trem [probably because it's been sitting unstrung, truss loose, neck is perfect], a light 1/2" scratch on the side of the arm contour, and a small 2mm scuff on the tip of the head, otherwise the paint is absolutely pristine. There is allot of gold wear on the trem's baseplate from the previous owners overzealous cleaning, some fingernail worming on the fretboard from play that should blend out during prep, and just a hint of fretwear. All in all this is one cherry 400 since they are normally found in players grade. In best grade gig bag and with it's original red Gilbert strap, a rare enough find on it's own. Alder body, Humbucker From Hell neck, FS1 single, and Tone Zone bridge pickups.** $1650** GONE** THANKS KRIS** 10/19/06

PGM400 - I thought the one above was the cleanest 400 I'd ever see, till I saw this one. Just some light gold wear to the saddle tops, and light fretwear keep it from cherry. The paint is perfect, neck and body. and there isn't a single pick scratch on it. Some fog spots at some of the frets ends from shrinking frets but nothing cracked or burst. There is what appears to be a 3/8" crack in the fretboard that could only have been there when glued on if that's what it is. It has been smoothed a bit resulting in a micro scallop between those frets. Otherwise it's just super clean. In heaviest grade gig bag.** $1700** GONE** THANKS EDDIE** 10/18/06

PGM400 - VG condition 400 with a couple 3mm dings on the top, one right on the arm contour and one down near the knob, with a couple other very small bruises. The back side edge has a chunky 2cm x 5mm smack, and a couple small bruises on the back of the lower horn. There's also a chip at the top end of the headstock, and fog spots at all frets from neck shrinkage. Very little fretwear, gold wear on the trem saddles. In it's original cheap Ibanez gig with original Gilbert 400 strap. AS IS.** $1175** GONE** THANKS DAVE** 9/30/06

PGM500 - Exc+++ 500 in very clean condition. The body has 2 2mm finish cracks on the face and a pair of 2mm slight edge bruises on the front bottom edge that just cause some near imperceptible finish cracks, otherwise not even any pickscratching. There's a 4mm finish crack and 1" scratch on the bottom side, and a small gouge on the control cover, overall super clean body for a 94'. There's a chip at the tip of the headstock and the hardware is just covered in something. You can see where I started getting it off the high E saddle on the bridge and it comes off clean, but when I scraped it off the low E tuner knob it was still spotted. I hit it with some polish and it cleaned, but looks more like I cleaned the gold right off of it.  It may be easier just replacing the tuner knobs and ferules. No fretwear, hardly any play time at all. In one of the worst fitting bass cases I've ever seen, but protected it here from Japan. Has ABBA sticker on it which should raise your credibility with shredders immediately.** AS IS $1275, or Pro Rebuilt and cleaned $1575** *AS IS* - $1150** GONE** THANKS GREG** 12/20/08

PGM500 - Near Dead Mint, 3 very short finish cracks near the back bottom edge and a few fingernail scratches in the pick scratch area are the only things to note. In original M100. $1150** GONE** THANKS MANFREDO** 5/9/04

PGM700 - Evidently we're going to have to rethink that claimed production of 50 as this one bears serial number 71. Hmmm. It's the first one I've seen over 50, not that they come up that often. This one is in Exc -, it does have lots of little marks but because it's white you just can't see them except when you catch them in the light right. I could 20 small to medium impressions on the face with a couple little scuffs, several more scattered around the sides including a small patch near where the arm contour would be, surprisingly the back with just a few and a few rivet trails. There are no marks on the back of the neck but there's a 1/4" chip to the back side of the headstock point and a couple tiny spots to the very tip. Very little fretwear, hardware all near mint, the signature on the control cover overlaid with clear tape. There are no separation or cracking problems around the neck joint that I have seen on a couple being sold in Japan in the past. This is a 700 that's been played so would make a perfect 700 for somebody wanting one that looks clean but that can still be played. In the only case I've ever seen these in when they have come up cased for sale. I'm not sure what case it is and very doubtful it's an Ibanez case, but this is the 3rd I've seen in this same case type. Simple setup.** $3700** or **AS IS at $3400** On HOLD for Ronald** 9/9/13

PGM700 - Super rare and super clean, this is #17 of the reported run of 50 made for the Japan market only. The only face blems are a pair of small depressions at the edge between the pin and jack, and a 3/8” line/light scratch ending in a tiny depression, otherwise the face is super clean but does have overall spiderweb wiping scratching, very tough to see because it’s white. The back is also super clean with a few lines of super shallow dot impressions that I can only surmise are from the gig bag zipper. Headstock and back of neck is perfect, there is no fretwear, but it looks like it had a slight fret end shave at the factory post paint as the fret ends look absolutely factory and no sign of file chatter at all, but a hair of clear stripped right at the edge of the board from what I believe was a slight file back. Outright this is the cleanest 700 I’ve seen. I have seen a couple of these in cases but this one is in the much more common high grade Ibanez gig. $4500** or **AS IS at $4200**GONE** THANKS DARREL** 3/30/10

PGM700 - The ultra rarest of all the PGM's and Holy Grail to most of the serious PGM collectors. This one is in Excellent condition, but there are allot of marks on the body front. Most notable are 2 depressions near the edge behind the bridge. 1 is 6mm x 3mm and cause a curved 6mm finish crack, the other is 8mm x 3mm that caused a shorter 3mm finish crack. There are a total of 6 more dings on the face that left circle cracks, ranging from a tiny .5mm to the largest at 2mm. There are also numerous depressions that caused no cracking at all, ranging from tiny to around 8mm x 2mm, I count a total of about 12 of these scattered around the top. The sides are very clean. The back has few dings, one near the strap pin edge that's about 3mm and left a 3mm finish crack, other smaller ones that left no cracks, but plenty of rivet worming scattered across the center raised section of the back. None of it deep but definitely visible in light angles. There's a chip about 3mm round at the tip of the headstock which is the only finish loss on the guitar. NO problems with the neck joint whatsoever, which is a problem area on 700's. Not even a hair of a crack visible [I have seen more than a few of these with finish cracks all around the set neck, and 1 where the neck was loose]. All hardware in superb condition. Serial # F960025 which I translate as 1996, 25th PG700 made. A definitive answer of total production is not available but the rumors and speculation floating around is that 50 were estimated to have been built. [although that number could just as easily be 100 and it wouldn't be any easier a guitar to buy]. In heavy duty probably original Japan issue Ibanez gig bag, non model specific. Pics loaded here.** $4000** GONE** THANKS MARKUS** 5/31/05

PGM800 - 800's always look pretty clean as any flaws are very tough to spot with a pure clear finish. Face is clean with 3 or 4 small indents under 2mm but there's an 8mmx1mm ding on the arm contour. The back is covered in light button scratching with 2 or 3 worm trails, but there are 3 chips on the back bottom edge below the control cover, all under 1cm. The headstock looks clean but there are 2 small edge dings. Unfortunately somebody has added p/u surrounds and there is a lot of gold wear on the treble side [I have removed these and included shots of the holes left, which would be best filled with a Minwax color match fill stick], very little wear on the bridge. Medium but even fretwear the deepest under the B string. In best quality Ibanez gig bag.** $1250** GONE** THANKS ANDRES** 11/27/06

PGM20TH - EXC++, This one has a small 4mm chip on the side edge behind the arm contour, enough of a cloudy scratch patch under the pickups for a few months play, and a scuffy light scratch patch on the back that's probably from it sitting on the cert and moving. There are a few tiny dimples and a longer worm trail on the back of the neck around the 12th from the bar that was not secured in the well and was under that spot on the neck when I opened the case [as usual]. I cannot feel them. Otherwise there is no cosmo wear or fretwear and it presents very clean. The strap pins have been changed to clip locks but the strap itself was not included. The cert also has a scuff that bit into the edge of the pseudo disc. In it's original TJC case.** $1550 AS IS or $1875 Pro Setup** GONE** THANKS JASON** 1/22/14

PGM20TH - Near Dead Mint, it would be cosmetically perfect except for about 50 light picking/fingernail scratches below the pickups. Otherwise perfect except for a 5/8" NJFC, probably from when it shipped to me unpadded. With cert and all paperwork/tools in it's TJC case. $1725 AS IS or $2000 Pro Setup** GONE** THANKS KRIS** 6/11/13

PGM401TFD - Brand New, looks like it came off demo service or possible dealer out of biz return. It has some super light button type scratches in the belly cut, and a scuff/patch of scratches on the corner of the neck pickup. Otherwise it is perfect, and it is New so it sells with factory warranty. ** $1800 Basic setup** or $2100 Platinum** GONE** THANKS KJETIL**8/13/12

PGM401TFD - Brand New, I believe this one came out of tech after correcting a string alignment issue. It's is not absolutely perfect but it's very close and since the pocket has already been worked on I would leave it as it is, it's that close. There is some tiny chips at the end of the bass side of the neck pocket from working it open to correct the alignment, and evidently while in tech it got a light scuff across the top of the neck pickup which is about 5 scratch lines wide. It is new so sells with factory warranty.** $1800 Basic setup** or $2100 Platinum** GONE** THANKS MICHAEL** 9/3/13


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