JEM777LNG # 297 - Exc+++, It's definitely had some serious play time by the amount of cloudy scratching to the guard, but it has very little fretwear and the only cosmo wear is to the points on the lowE saddle and the outer point of the handrest hinge, the original humbucker screws very clean with some natural wear to the treble side neck HB screw. He hardly ever had his hand on the rest but bridged with his fingernails on the pickguard is how I read it. There is virtually no clear on the fretboard but in the scallops and remnants on the inlays, the clear showing light scratching running head to bridge over the inlays. The board is showing light dirt along the G string and other areas, and it has the look of a board that has been cleaned. The neck is pristine at the neck pocket which would usually be showing some dirt in the L sides of the maple where this has no dirt in the back of the neck at all, and the finish is a little too smooth, although that can happen with play also I believe the back of the neck has been cleaned, as there is evidence at some point steel wool or similar scrubbed the fretboard. In hand it looks very clean. Otherwise the body is in wonderful condition with no neck joint cracks, a 4mm finish crack on the top off the trem and one on the arm contour, with an 8mm U crack on the front lower edge off the switch that didn't take the chip, just left the crack. There are about 100-200 tiny spots on the face of the guard you'd never notice, reminds me of a shot of hairspray nearby and the overspray settled on it laying in its open case [had a 540R once that was hairspray, looks just like it. Will wipe off with acetone if it is but this isn't my guitar so I'm not going to try, they're too inconsequential]. There is a small 3mm scuff off the jack cover that lead into and scratched the cover, an 8mm finish crack off the back bottom edge, a 4mm finish crack with light impression below the trem cover, and a 4mm impression 1" left of the signature, which is still very strong showing just a little lightening and no factory or armature attempts to seal, paint, tape, or protect it in any way. That can't be said for the neck plate and my bet is when it started to crackle on the end the owner decided to protect it with a coat of clear. It has worn thru in the middle to reveal perfect shining cosmo and rubbing did remove more, my bet, acetone would make it disappear, it would have to be removed from it's plastic seat first of course. All in all a very clean presenting LNG suitable for collection or playing. In it's Near Mint original pyramid plaque case, like most the plaque has fallen off [my theory is the cases were toyed with [Armor All] or something by either TKL or HUSA because they all have a much glossier sheen, and tape didn't like to stick to them]. The plaque suffered a couple bruises at some point while off the case. Included is the original full complete HUSA Warranty card, tools and bar.**$4950**