I thought about starting up another feedback page, but the one I already have up started to be too much of an irritation with all the spammers hitting it. It wouldn't have been an honest page if I edited it so it was always left as it was. But I can see the use for a page I can just add some of the many letters I get post sale. Not to sound like an old sap but these are the kinds of letters that make you feel really good about what you do, and I'd almost say "make it all worthwhile". But then, let's not kid ourselves, I work for the profit margin, so these are just a nice perk ;o}

Thanks to one and all who find your letters posted here.


How goes it ? Its me, Winston from Denver. Its been a couple of months now and I just wanted to drop you a line to say much thanks for the guitar and your service. You've got many customers, so let me refresh the memory. Its the red RG 1570 with custom DiMarzio pickups. Im hoping you remember, cuz it was quite an ordeal with DiMarzio. Well, this is all hind sight, but every bit of the delay was worth it.

Over the weekend I got together with a new local band and just jammed with 'em over some 80's cover tunes. The band's guitarist also had an RG 1570 .... the black one and it looked cool too. We traded guitars and did the "show and tell thing", but feeling the two guitars became apparent that the two RG 1570 were NOT alike; from the fret work to the trem set up .... his RG felt so " box -stock". The point here is, I believe Ibanez makes great guitars but its the little things like attention to the detail and proper setup that really separates a good guitar from a great guitar... and I don't have to tell you who had the great guitar that night.

I just wanted to give credit where its properly due. Thanks Rich for your service. BTW... I still think about the PGM 301.. ALOT, but I just can't seem to put down this RG, it calls to me. You know what I mean ?!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!

Denver, CO


>quite an ordeal with DiMarzio - This was a set with Black / Red humbuckers with a reversed coil neck pickup for typical Ibanez HSH wiring. The first set Dimarzio sent, the neck pickup was not reverse coil. It was returned, and the replacement was a completely different red. Both humbuckers were sent back to make sure they were color matched, and upon final installation I realized *I* had screwed up and hadn't ordered the single as reverse polarity, leading to another 10 day delay. It wasn't all Dimarzio's fault, I have to admit my part of this Murphy's Law pickup order.

Hi Rich,

I bought a Jem7VWH from you about a month ago and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the purchase. No doubt about it, I made the right decision. Plays awesome, stays in tune and just feels right. The fret end dressing and the oiled rosewood finish it off. Like I tell my wife, sometimes you can't put your finger on exactly what the difference is but "the good is in the details" as Neil Peart says and all the attention to the details makes the whole thing more than the sum of its parts.

Thanks for the great service and quality work. If you ever need a reference feel free to use me.

- Ken C., New Hartford, NY


Hey Rich,
It's been a year now and the three JS1200's I ordered from you have been fantastic. They've been problem-free and I've pretty much gotten used to doing the string changes now. There was definitely a learning curve. All in all it's been a great change for me as I only owned Fenders in the past. I now have a FRED in the neck positions and the MO'JOE still in the bridges. It's a pretty cool set-up. Anyway, I just thought I'd check in and thank you again for the outstanding guitars and set-up. I'll be purchasing some more from you in the future. (I'm a really picky guitarist when it comes to quality and I'm more than satisfied.)

John Sielski


Two quick things:
1) Did you end up putting 10 gauge strings on the guitar? If not, no biggie, I just want to make sure I buy the same gauge in the future.
2) You've lived up to your reputation and exceeded my expectations. You have top notch quality control. I went to town on checking out the guitar (making sure new pickups were wired correctly, played chromatic runs at every fret position on every string, checked the intonation, etc). This guitar blows my mind. Seriously, thanks dude. In case you missed that last part...


- Jason

P.S. I'm not easily satisfied, especially on big ticket items,

3/24/08 [2 in the same day] [this was an RGT220 that had 1mm+ nut height, string alignment off to the bass side 1mm+, and to top it off short drilled claw screw holes so that 1 of the screws broke 1/4" inside the body, had to be ground out, plugged, and redrilled, along with normal enhancements and adjustments of course. I could say a lot of jobs were tough, but this one was a true pain]

Hi Rich, guitar got here today, in one piece. It's crap. Naaaaw! I've had to put it down 'cause my hand is hurting quite a bit and I'm playing all day at work tomorrow. Still got it where I can see it tho! I'm just beginning to get a feel for it but the original idea was to get something to play for life and I'm sure this is it. If electric guitars get any better than this well, I just don't wanna know! It sounds as good as it looks and I don't think even my Mesa Road King does it justice. Some one has dropped it in transit though, the case has a slight crack where the strap button has rammed into it. The guitar is fine and that's all I'm bothered about since I can't see any situations coming anytime soon that will mean taking it out of the studio. There's no way I'm leaving this propped up in a bar! My old one will be gracefully retired now, with all due pomp and ceremony, with full military honours. This neck is fuller but it's growing on me mucho already and I can't get over just how beautiful the guitar is. Hardly dared touch it at first! There seems to be no sound it won't make either, I've had Kossoff (Free) and Knopfler (Dire Straits) already and there's much more to come. I think you can say I like it... a lot. To think I could have wasted another $4000 on a Gibbon LP. I've made a slight tweak to the pickup heights (bass lower & angled a bit, treble higher) but apart from that the set up is also spot on. I am staggered to be one of the 45 owners of these worldwide. Lil' ol' me got one!!

Thanks Rich. [His name also]

AR5000 to the UK

I talked to my Dad today and he gave me some great news. UPS dropped it off yesterday but his lazy ass didn't get to it until I went to sleep, damn this time difference. Here is what he had to say.

First, when he opened the case, which he said was brand new, he liked the darm red color lining, but the color of the guitar blew him away. He said it reminds him of the Hulk, I found that funny.

After he picked his jaw up off the floor he plugged it into the Bose system he has, along with some other electronic processors, and said it sounds totally different than anything he has ever heard. I told him it has different pickups, but I think that is less than accurate since this Jem has Evos while my other one has PAF Pros. The other Ibanezes I have there have older stuff as well, so this shocked him.

The action is awesome, and he said that the frets are the best he has played on. You got major props from him on that.

He played it while I was on the phone so I can hear it. It sounded very different than what I thought it would, even over the phone I can hear this. I am very happy that I bought this guitar. He said it is like a mix between a strat and a tele, but something else as well. I guess this might make sense to you since you have heard all the types of Jems that are out there. I have only heard a few.

Anyways he says I will love it and it will be perfect for what I play. He said whoever the guy was who set this up did the best job he has ever seen. He has been playing guitar for a long time and putting up with me and my Ibanezes since I started playing. For him to get this blown away i'm sure that you take your job seriously and that goes a long way for me.

I have looked at some other guitars that you have and I got a few questions for you. How do the Breed pickups compare to the Evos that are in the BSB? What about the pickups in the 20th? Your site also said that you can get some of the 20th's from a friend who has some to unload, so are any of those still available? Are they worth picking up? How heavy is it?

I wouldn't mind picking up another one or two before I get home, so let me know which Jems you like the most, sound wise and playing wise. I also saw the blue stained JS that you have. I really like the way it looked but haven't played them long enough to know if they will work with my style of music. I know you love the JS models, so maybe you can tell me more about them, comparing them to a Jem would be perfect.

With my Dad being blown away by the work you have done and how this guitar plays i'm sure to buy more. Let me know what you think of the other Jems, especially the 20th and the ones with Breeds in them, and i'll see what we can do. Thank you for all the work you have done to make this happen. I really need to come back to the states to play this guitar and enjoy myself. Sometimes I wonder why I came over here. Talk to you soon.


Steven, contractor in Iraq


Hi Rich,

I bought a Jem 7DBK from you five or six years ago and I never had the chance to thank you properly! The setup was AMAZING; literally, the first night that I had it I was doing stuff that I had previously thought
"impossible." I was in highschool at the time and the stuff that I could do thanks to your setup just started blowing people out of the water. Long story short, you are responsible for getting me laid for the first time! THANK YOU. Now, 6 years, 1 college, 3 cities and 3 guitars later; this is, by miles, still the best electric guitar that I have ever owned. I have
recommended this website to all of my guitar playing friends and the next time I buy an electric guitar, it will definitely be from you!

Thank You so Much,


Buy a guitar from Ibanez Rules and get laid!! ;)

[EDIT - Guaranteed carnal knowledge no longer available with new guitar purchases]


Hey Rich,

I went out to the local music store (big chain) to pick up some strings and then I spotted a JEM 7VWH. I couldn't resist the temptation to pick it off the wall and play it. I was completely baffled by the difference. When I received the JEM you sent me, it was in topnotch condition and to this day I haven't had to change anything on the setup (just replaced the strings n-number of times) and so I knew you did a great job. However, I would've never thought the difference to be this big.
The JEM I played at the store was horrible compared to mine. The neck felt rough, it sounded 'different' and the setup on it was, I assume, standard, which is just really bad. They were even asking more than what I paid you.
I left the store with a HUGE smile on my face knowing that the JEM I bought from you was the best possible guitar I could get with, IMHO, the best possible setup! In short, you're worth every single penny you ask for guitars and setup. I will never buy an Ibanez from anywhere else and would recommend others to do the same. If you haven't bought a guitar from Rich, you are truly missing out!




I just wanted to let you know that I received both of my Ibanez RG321's in cases and was very excited. Upon opening each of the shipping boxes I immediately realized that you do not skimp on packaging. These where packed as if I had purchased a PGM321 or better "A NEWBORN BABY". I am impressed that you would take such good care with such an inexpensive guitar. Ok, the cases are now open and, BAM! "Those are the best looking frets that I have ever seen!" You take great time, patience and pride in your work and for that I commend you. I can't wait to get these ready for the plug! I'll send you pictures of the finished project soon. You have just earned the trust of a lifelong customer and friend!

Thank you,

Nick Smith

When shipping Newborn Babies always remember to double diaper!



The EGEN-18-TVF was delivered at 12:45 CDT this afternoon. Naturally, I was called in to work and had to leave the the house at 12:35 for 2:00pm start in the French Quarter. One of my roommates called and said "It's here".

I got home late; I would have written you sooner if it was possible.

Please pardon my language, but this guitar, and the set-up job you have done is "FUCKING AWESOME!!!" I could write for hours about how fine this is, and I will when I have time. Brother, you're even better than you THINK you KNOW you are!

I must go; I'm beat. I'll email to you the greatest accolades you've ever gotten ... just as soon as I get some sleep (don't call me before 10:00am, man).

I can't thank you enough, Rich. It's simply beautiful to the touch and it absolutely SCREAMS. Do you set-up basses?



Hey Rich,

It's been 5 months since I last contacted you. Five months ago I ordered a SV5470, and since then I've been playing it, a lot. And I've been wanting to write you an email from the day I received it but Procrastination got the best of me.

I want to start off by saying it was set-up perfectly, ZERO fret buzz, Fret ends were very nice, and Pickup height was perfect.

But of course the sustain was pretty weak, but that's beyond your control and all S series has that problem. And I also believe that it excels more in the less heavy side of music, but once again, It's not your Problem

It's actually very hard to tell you everything I like about the guitar, because there are completely no problems. I like how I play this guitar way more often than any of my 5 other guitars namely, A gibson Les Paul Studio, A Fender American Strat, a Gibson SG, a Schecter and a Fender American Tele. So I'm pretty sure I Liek this guitar way more than the others.

I will be studying in New Jersey starting from next September, and I WILL order another guitar from you to play the Heavier side of music then.

I hope to hear from you soon



Hi Rich,
 maybe you remember, in March I got a 2007 RG8470F in Fire Agate from you, after a long search and lots of e-mail ping-ping with you. I just returned from a trip to Japan, where I had the chance to see and test lots and lots of J Customs from different years, so I could do a comparison - btw, I am the guy who posted that picture of the "J Customs on the wall"
 in the Jemsite forum (threat about the new purple RG8570). What can I say, for me, the guitar I got from you is pretty much the best I have seen so far. The finish, the flame maple binding (boy, there are some huge differences there!), the clear coat on the flame top, the book match seam quality, the fretwork, everything. The Kurosawa-specific MRG-8 and MRG-9 topped all of the models in the store in terms of quality (keep the EZ....) and beauty, but nonetheless, my 2007 FE truly rules.
 Your detailed pictures and answers to my e-mail questions were incredibly helpful before the decision, and I could now completely confirm that I made the right choice of guitar and source. It's a joy to even just open the case and stare at it, and even more when it comes alive while playing. Once more, thanks so much - I shudder when I think that other people order
 them from ebay sellers or other dubious sources without having such detailed contact...and awesome pro-rebuilding, of course!
 Keep it up!
 Christian (cm_17)


I have it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Rich !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all answers, thank you for the great communication we had
You make buying a guitar an easy thing even buying it at the other side
of the earth !!!
You are great !!!!!! You are awesome !!!!!! You are the best !!!!!!!!
Thank you very very very much for what you do !!!!!!!!!

How can you not like a letter like that?


What's goin on? Ok, now that I've played with this thing almost all night last night and most of the day today, I have to send you one of those long, detailed, "you are the greatest guitar dude on earth" emails... Ready? ok, brace yourself....


Ok, I don't know how you did it, but.....THIS IS THE BEST FEELING GUITAR I'VE EVER PLAYED!!!!!

I've played lots of high end stuff, including other Jems, most of them backwards because I'm left handed lol, but I just can't get over how this thing plays!!!!

The fretwork, fingerboard, neck, etc, is THE BEST I've ever seen or felt. The neck feels like silk, the frets like "buttah", it's just unreal!

The neck and body are put together soooo well. The notes sustain for days, weeks even lol. The whole guitar resonates as if it were one piece.

This is honest... I've played this guitar for two days straight, and played looots of Steve Vai stuff (heavy whammy work), and I've touched the fine tuners TWICE! Haven't even unlocked the nut yet, I haven't needed to, it won't go out of tune!

The bridge floats better than any I've felt. Even after playing stuff like "the audience is listening" etc etc....still in tune!! Honestly, the only adjustments I've had to make tuning wise are probably due to the climate change and string stretch, cause it sure as hell isn't the bridge :)

The action is fantastic. But after playing for two days I actually raised it just a hair on both the bass and treble side, just so I could "grab" the notes a little better. And if I want to raise the action, that means it was But it doesn't buzz much at all, especially considering how low and flat it is.

Oh, I love how you rounded and smoothed the ends of the frets. I didn't really notice it until I picked up one of my other guitars and it felt horrible in comparison lol. And it makes it look a lot "cleaner" and just, well, better :)

The fretwork really is amazing, you are a fretboard GOD! lol. Sorry, was that a bit much?

To put all this more simply.... Have you ever seen the movie "Beerfest"? If not its a great movie, go rent it :). If you have, you remember when they made the beer with the "secret recipe", tasted it, and the clouds parted, angels sang, etc etc etc.... This guitar is kind of like that ;)

Oh, a couple quick questions about this guitar specifically....

1. Did you put anything on the strings themselves to speed them up or is it just the neck and fretwork that makes them feel so good?

2. What brand/type of fretboard oil do you use? Just bore oil, fret doctor or what? How often would you recommend using it to keep it feeling this way?

3. If for some reason I decide to raise the action in the future, how much do you think I could raise it without having to "add" relief? .1mm, .2? etc.

4. If you remember, what were the measurements for relief, bass side, and treble side action? When I get my RG refretted I'm gonna have my local guy set it up the same way if he can :). If I were to guess I'd say .2mm relief, and 1.1mm bass and 1.0mm treble....something like that.

Ok, I guess that's enough ass kissin' lol, but you definately deserve it! The wife is starting to get tired of me talking about it so much, but I just can't help it, this guitar is just ridiculous. And it's not because it's a Jem, I've played lots of those. Those are just "guitars".... This is damn near a work of art!!!

Thank you for doing what you do, you're ridiculously good at it :) From now on, any new Ibanez I buy will be from you. Anyone I know who wants to buy a guitar, I'll tell them to come to you.

Thanks for being cool, patient, putting up with my crap, my babbling, my money situation, etc etc etc.... lol.

If I ever have any set up questions or whatever I might email you, but I doubt I'm gonna change much on this guitar except for strings, it doesn't really need it :).

Ok, gonna go play some more. At this rate these strings aren't gonna last the rest of the weekend, but I have more..... ;)



JEM7VWHL - I still hate lefties!! [the guitars, not the customers!]


The guitar (PGM401) is a GOD. YOU'RE A GOD! Now I can die happy. It plays like a dream. I leveled up, just going to this guitar from my Jackson. :P
You are the most awesome guitar guy on the earth. The setup is SO perfect. Almost to perfect. Even my guitar teacher said "This guitar is almost too good to play on" And he have played guitar some years more than me. Pickups were awesome. I love the neck pickup. So creamy and nice. Bridge pickup is ok, but you can't do anything bout that. It's still VERY good.

And of course you. You are so awesome. Answers mail in minutes, when other people use 2-4 days to answer one mail. Holy moly. 1 1/2 month with mailing, and you still didn't block me. And everybody.
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BUY FROM THIS GUY. I promise you 100% it delivers. I was, of course a bit sceptical paying 2000$ to an unknown person in america (I'm from norway) but after a week and a half, my guitar arrived. Even in tune!
Buy from Rich. You won't regret.

So thank you Rich. For an early christmas present, and for having no alternatives next time I buy an Ibanez :P
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D



You have done it. I am pleasantly amazed by this. You have simply exceeded my expectations, in every category, across the board.

I usually NEVER write a company to thank them or commend them for their quality. Usually because in today's world, companies do not deliver anything but the bare minimum. And generally far less than that.

While I was initially skeptical about spending the additional money for a "pro set-up" - I figured that I would give it a try to see the difference your work would make.

Answer: A hell of a lot of difference!

Like most of your customers (and Jem owners in general) I own multiple Jems from different production years and models. I can honestly say that the '03 VSBL I received from you is absolutely the best set-up guitar I have ever owned. This guitar plays the way I imagine "Flo" and "Evo" would, and I have your exceptional skill and experience to thank for that.

Your attention to detail is immediately apparent upon receiving a new guitar from your shop. The packaging was bombproof, and the care taken on the inside of the case to make sure the guitar did not shift or bounce around showed that you really take the extra time in every detail of preparation. As I slowly and carefully un-cased this Jem, I also noticed that there was not a single - no, not one - fingerprint on this guitar. These are the "little" things that other companies seem to miss the boat on, and they simply cannot fathom why this level of care would be important to customers who are spending thousands of dollars.

Then there is the guitar itself. Amazing, truly amazing. The action, the neck set up, the trem angle and intonation and on and on and on... I noticed the perfect placement of the shims under the saddles and the flawless prep you do to clean a fingerboard so that it is in better condition than when it left the factory. And not the least important factor, the guitar was absolutely as described on your web site and documented in your extensive photos. All of these things are HUGE to me!!

I have read nothing but positive comments on websites the world over, and have spoken directly to people from around the country - all of which have nothing but great things to say about you, your shop, and your incredible attention to detail. I have not run across a single person that would not recommend you fully or purchase from you again. I am wholeheartedly in this category of customers.

This is not the first Jem that I have purchased from you, but it was the first to receive your special touch, and I would say again that it was worth every penny.

Please don't ever retire. Or die, or go on vacation, or anything else for that matter that would take you away from our community of customers that understand and appreciate what it is that you do.


Now lifelong customer - Rob Parks
Denver, Colorado


I dunno if you remember me, but I bought a JS1200CA from you a few months
back. I just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how it's been.
Straight up, it's the best guitar I've ever played on, and my co-worker who
is a HUGE guitar player with a sizable collection himself agrees it's the
best he's ever played. The tone is perfect, the action being so low has
really helped me develop into a better player with a light but deliberate
touch, and best of all the thing just LOOKS perfect. However, something
really special happened on Sunday. Joe himself signed my guitar just below
the tuning pegs on the back of the head.

I now have a JS1200 guitar, bought from the best guitar tech on the planet,
signed by the best guitar player on the planet. Thank you for your
attention to detail, reachability before, during and after the purchase, and
for your deep commitment to excellence. Feel free to use me as a reference
in the future, I know I'll never buy a guitar from anyone else but you.

Again, thank you.



Hey Rich,

Michael Rusher here. I'm the birthday boy that my daughter and wife purchased the JS1200 platinum setup for back in May.

Just a short note to say thanks for making a nice guitar an incredible instrument. I have had a couple of weeks to play this thing now, all I can say is "WOW", it's truly a monster.

Thanks again Rich for all of your hard work and dedication.

"Mikie likes it"

BTW, thanks for the B-day card is was great!!

Have a good one


Michael Rusher

PS, Rich, you should consider making a few videos on how to take care of and the maintenance on the setups that you do for your customers. I realize you have a ton of info in your tech section, but videos would bring that home. Sell them for $40.00 a pop, Hell, I would have bought one. I know you're a busy man, something to think about.



Woo hoo! Canít wait.

Yes, I need it set up, as Iím going to play it to death from the minute I get it in my hands. My wife has already told our kids that they can anticipate that they wonít see me for some time after I get the guitar, as Iíll be playing it incessantly. Smart woman. I recall you saying that it didnít require fretwork, and I did read everything on the pick page, in fact, more than once, just because I enjoyed it so much. As I understand it from the pick page, the trem needs set up, and the neck needs to be shimmed. I saw the disclaimer, and have no problem with it. I know you will do your best to avoid any paint chipping, but if the cover needs to be removed to work on it (and it appears that it does, unlike the JEM trem covers with the slot that allows you to get a screwdriver in there without removing the cover), then that is just a risk that has to be taken. Glad to hear that so far, you havenít had any issues with taking off a cover. Iíll keep my fingers crossed that your good luck continues.

Let me know if I missed anything.

Many thanks again for all your efforts at putting all of this together. It is well worth the expense to be able to see and pick from a number of instruments, as well as having someone with your dedication and skill setting up the instrument. Iím still amazed every time I pick up my JEM at how much better it feels than the other guitars I own. I will only purchase an Ibanez from you. Thatís why I had asked you last winter if you handled the EP-9 acoustics. And why I was delighted when you were able to get your hands on enough instruments to accommodate those of us on the wait list.




I wanted to let you know I got the guitar and goodies.

Everything is in perfect order. Man I wish more people packed guitars
the way you do.

I am extremely happy with the purchase. I truly could not believe how
vibrant the colors are on these swirls. I did not get much chance to
play it, but for the short time I did fiddle, it felt great. I was
surprised to open the case. The guitar really does jump out at you.
You are correct, pictures don't do any of these guitars justice.

Thanks again for everything. You are fantastic to do business with, and
I do appreciate the work you have done and the time and effort involved
in this particular project.





Just finally had a chance to spend a few hours with my new Jem FP2. I am grinning like a kid on Christmas morning. I don't know that I have ever played a guitar this felt this good from the moment I touched it. There's literally nothing I would change about it, it plays like a dream. Without a doubt it was worth the 6 month wait to get. It's an amazing guitar, and you did a fantastic job in setting it up. The difference between your setup job and the typical one you see on the shelf of Guitar Center, is like comparing a Ferrari to a Yugo -- there's not even a discussion there.

Thank you again for the great work on the guitar, your patience in answering all my questions, and your great advice along the way. You have a customer for life now and I know I'll never buy an Ibanez from anyone else ever again as long as you're in business.

Thank you!



Hey man! I just want to say thank you for the time you put into my guitar. Hands down the most comfortable playing guitar I own. My first three guitars were Ibanez and I have always loved Ibanez. I was endorsed by ESP in my younger days. I received free guitars set up to my specifications and the playability out of the case of your guitar far surpasses any ESP I received. I have also had my guitars setup by a local tech here in Dallas and your setup is far better. I would definitely recommend your service to my friends or anyone who is looking for a quality guitar at a great price with professional setup. Thanks again, looking forward to doing business with you in the future!

Chris Ramirez


Hey Rich, I got the guitar yesterday, and would've emailed you then but I was too busy playing! The setup is great, strings nice and low so they have a bit of snap to 'em, and the fretjob you did on it is incredible! Has a sort of super-smooth broken-in feel without the actual wear and tear of being used. This is easily the most awe-inspiring guitar I've ever owned, and I've owned about 15 or so since I've been playing (Gibsons, Fenders, Epiphones, ESPs, Peaveys, and other Ibanezes). Much thanks again! Now I have a dumb question where I'm probably just overlooking something simple: how do you get the tremolo bar to stay in? There's no kind of flange or anything on it, just a straight bar, and it doesn't "pop in".


AT100CL - I still can't understand why Ibanez and Andy would go without a bar retainer!!

I happen to love the color as well. Can't believe that no one else scooped this up before I saw it, but once I did - it was over for me. Simply a must have.

My buddies will now be jealous of the set up this has too! Thanks again for the phenomenal attention to detail that you consistently show.

Not to say that it would be easy to do what you do, by any means, but I think some others out there might be able to do a good job - every once in a while, or when they are really trying to impress.

I will say that I am most amazed by you, because you continually and consistently surpass your customer's expectations across the board.

You are, very much - the man.

Sincerely, and still life-long customer,

Rob Parks


Got it! Everything about the set up down to the fret edges and even the careful packaging is phenomenal. I'm not sure if I should play it or take it out to dinner and a movie.... I'll make sure to post a positive review or two in the forums over the next few days.

JS1000JP 3/25/11


Nothing more needed on your behalf but to treat her right. Don't beat her even if she talks back, don't be stepping out and cheating on her with any Jem's, and she will respond very well to dinner and a movie. Just make sure to order her a salad, she's already getting a little hefty in the waist!! [don't tell her i said that!!!]


Hi Rich!

Just wanted to let you know the P3 arrived here in Milwaukee a few
days ago. I've been playing it daily since then and I can say for 100%
sure that it arrived in perfect shape from its journey on the UPS
trucks. Not so much as a loose screw. I can also say that this is
without a doubt the most amazingly well-set-up and comfortable and
cared-for axe I've ever received. You do amazing work, I'm
recommending you to every other player I know, and I can't imagine
buying another Ibanez that doesn't come from you. I compared the
set-up you did to my UV777 (factory "set up" only) and my PGM 301
(quickie set-up by a local guy) and the difference in feel and
playability between them is quite honestly astonishing.

So! Thanks for a great guitar. You do incredible work, and I
appreciate the hell out of it.



Rich, holy crap! I received my guitar yesterday and got to use is it at rehearsal last night before we go to the studio tomorrow. I couldn't be happier with the sound and feel of this guitar. Keep doing what you are doing. You freakin kick ass. There is obviously passion in what you do and it shows in the way you conduct your business. Thanks again and hopefully one day I can do business with you again.

Don't forget to check us out.

Matthew Smithey


Hi Rich, the guitar got here late Wednesday and I couldn't pick it up until late Thursday because of work. Just got to play it a little bit today before work, everything is PERFECT. Thank you again for your service, prompt responses, great packing, the price and maybe most importantly, how up-front you were about showing the tiny blem on the body. I really appreciate good customer service and follow up, especially when I know the individual is a busy person. Many thanks again, hopefully this is only my first purchase from you!





I received my guitar and it is in great shape.


It plays great and I see a big difference in this one vs the other 5 that I played.  They all had string deadness on the wound strings from about the 13th fret going up toward the bridge and those were set with much higher action than the one I have now. They also had other various places with uneven frets.   This guitar sounds great and no dead strings or abnormal fret buzzing from the first to the last fret. I have not worked the tremlo much yet but pulled up and down on it a few times and it statys in tune.  You did an outstanding job on this and you have another very happy customer.  Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and answer my questions.  It was refreshing to talk with someone that is  genuine and not just trying to say something to make a sale.  If anyone I know is looking for an Ibanez or I see someone asking on one of these online sites I will not hesitate to tell them to order from you if they want a nice playable instrument and not just a guitar.




9/5/12 - RG920QM [WOW it's been a long time since I added something to this page, I so rarely do even though I get these letter all the time]

Dear Rich,

Thank you for the perfect guitar.  This is the first guitar that I am happy to have.  I bought my other guitars from other sites and they all have flaws, so I always assumed that it is normal for guitars to have flaws ( uneven left & right side quilted maple,  neck joint finish cracks, crocked frets, etc.).   

And thank you for letting me know, and fixing the too tight neck pocket, which could have created neck joint finish cracks in the future.

I have never experienced such commitment to excellence and pride of work, most people want to do a good job but profit is their main priority.  I am sure no other dealer would have done all the extra work to correct flaws and throw in a free case.  Thank you.


12/15/12 - RG1XXVFPK

Howdy Rich,

I've taken the time to go over the guitar and give some feedback just for good measure.

Immaculate beyond what I could've imagined in many ways. The setup was spot on, perhaps a touch too low for my own good, but I did mention I like it low, and it's about as low as I could ever want. I do hit harder than I thought, but it's just the tinniest little bit of buzz that I really don't notice anymore. I think the guitar has settled to the point that it's just so sweet and expressive to play. I did try and adjust the guitar but after raising the string height a touch I realized I would need to adjust the truss rod and I wasn't about to get myself stuck in a perpetual game of setup/play over and over to find what setting I would be more comfortable with. I just lowered the string height and it fell back into place.

Along with the setup the fret dressing you gave is totally noticeable and appreciated; the frets allow bending and sliding like butter and the sheen is something I hadn't seen until I had my other S's frets dressed in the summer. The balance between frets is also sweet; proper radiusing aside,the guitar doesn't feel out of place, and allows me to play light and soft as well as hard aggressive without worrying about hitting the notes and chords right. I can dig in and it responds better than any other guitar I've played ever. Intonation was bang on, not to mention the guitar was perfectly in tune out of the case.

I observed and feel that the neck pocket has been augmented, i.e. I feel you shimmed the neck joint (closest to the body) to align the neck with the body correctly. Not sure what type of shims, but I dare not touch the neck bolts for fear of throwing the neck out of alignment the shims. The lower left neck bolt looks to be inserted further into the body of the guitar than the other bolts. I'm not sure if you cut the bolt to be shorter, or simply augmented the hole that the bolt screws in to, but my guess is that was not done at the factory. My only concern with the neck joint is that the lower section of the neck doesn't make contact with the body; the back and upper section of the neck are tightly fitted to the joint, and I'm guessing again that when you aligned the neck with the body that the gap is a necessary evil for this modification.

The ZR2 trem system is pretty sweet, but when I received the guitar the bar wiggled ever so slightly within the bridge. I do enjoy the click-in tremolo bar with the torque screw, and at first I thought more torque on the screw would give me that little extra tightness to negate the wiggle, but it wasn't until the other day that I took the back plate off and minutely tightened the screw located on the bottom of the tremolo bar socket. Prior to this there was a bit of squeaking when using the arm that developed after a few weeks, and my only option at the time was some synthetic bicycle chain oil that originally took the squeak away, but didn't eliminate the wiggle. The slight screw adjustment on the socket has, I feel, removed that undesirable wiggle, and the bar will sit where I want it without it be too tight.

I haven't quite figured it out yet, but the bridge cavity appears to be smaller and yet the bar will loosen the strings a lot more than my Korean S, not to mention I get 4 1/2 hole tones of pull up perfect every time; unreal. Again there is a precision to this guitar that allows me to conjure the movements and thoughts in my head with the guitar, and it will execute them with ease every time.

I've come across reviews that indicate that certain "A" notes above the 12th fret don't ring too long (not enough sustain) and I do feel that certain notes don't hold, but only when I'm playing very quietly on my practice amp (Roland Micro Cube RX). When I have the volume above 1/4 on either clean or distorted I'm not really hearing the dissipation too hard. I could be because I play too fast but I feel that It won't affect me in the long run. I'm pretty happy with the pickups as well, I can get screams and squeals a lot easier and the middle pickup, being so low, allows me to play with dynamics on the same amp setting (it never hurt to have a little less distortion for rhythm playing without having to touch my amp).

I think that pretty much covers it. Thank you again Rich for an amazing instrument. I was debating whether or not to bring this with me to Mexico for a year against my other S, and this one wins hands down for overall awesomeness. If I have any further questions I'll shoot you a line.

Rock on!


S570Q - Reviewed 3 months after receipt. I like these because they demonstrate feedback after living and using the instrument for some time, and not just the new guitar euphoria some will exhibit just because they have a new toy ;)

Hi mate,

Guitars arrived :-) rich if I was to have one "critique" here brother It would be our interpretations of "near mint". excuse the french here but this thing looks nearly fucking show room!

Set up is PERFECT,thanks for doing the screws for me mate,the poles in the EVO's are nowhere near as corroded as they look in the photos & the same for the scratch gotta look for the blemishes in the chroming as opposed to how you've made them stand out in the pics.but obviously you've got a collectors eye where as im just a player. it leapt out of the case at me like a lion & needs nothing more for me to do other than to get used to it.nada to be done at all to improve the esthetic as I previously envisioned. looks all but brand new..

I can't rave enough about the packaging a thumb in a bum & providing some bobble

Head doesn't toss a boogie MK IV combo on it enroute she should reach the Phil's as good as you shipped It.oh maybe the strings will be a little worn by then ;-)

My only regret with this transaction rich is we can't do more bro.BUT...if I ever decide to "upgrade" this to a 10th one day you'll be the FIRST guy I call no risk.

It was a pleasure doing business with you rich, I sincerely mean that mate.

Clock up another disciple!






Itís been a while, but I just wanted to drop you a note.  I got the JS1200 from you several years ago.  While playing a gig last night I just had one of those moments that reminded me of how much I love the guitar.  I have to attribute a great majority of that to how you have set it up and the love you gave to it before shipping it out.  I have played on a couple of JSs out in the world and none feel as good as this one.  Your set up has lasted all this time and the fret care is still the stuff that I hold all other guitars too.  Kuddos to you and the work you do, and I hope business is going well for you.



I hate spending money, it makes me nervous before I do it which is why I research everything over $20 to hell and back but it also makes me nervous when I get it. My anxiety often gets in the way of the enjoyment of my purchases. As soon as I opened the case it was different. This is the first guitar I've owned that has played as good as it looks (or better even). I've always loved the necks on the Ibanez prestige 7 strings but this is even better than I remember and it just goes to show how far a good setup can take you. Even though it isn't an apples to apples comparison this blows the 6 string Jackson soloists out of the water that I've owned for me personally and those are some of my all time favorite guitars.

I just wanted to thank you. Your customer service is better than any big box store by far (surprise, surprise) but it is even better than my semi-custom experience and brick and mortar small shop experiences combined. Your prices are an excellent value regardless of how far up the service chain you go. Your work speaks for itself, which is why you are still in business I predict but even more importantly you have gained a lot of respect in the Ibanez community. The only thing you've done wrong in my book is only sell Ibanez (ha!). I even contacted you a long time ago about my interest in the Premium RG920 and you were respectful and patient despite me backing out of that purchase. 

I'm a big fan of Japanese guitars, namely ESP and Ibanez, so this definitely won't be my last and you can be sure that I won't settle for any other shop but yours. I'll be keeping an eye out for the 6 string offerings Ibanez has planned. the way, I got it!


12/2/13 - S5427TKS Silver

Hey Rich,

 This made my day. I canít stop playing it. Iíve played a lot of guitars, but I just seem to dig Ibanez necks the most. I love how these whammys stay in tune when you do double stop bends. I know you canít flutter them unless you remove the counter spring set, but how often do you need to flutter? I also like the rounded fret ends, the swing-out truss rod cover, the tremolo arm tension collar, the lack of a string tree, and the fact that any position on the 5-way switch is noise cancelling and I still get some pretty convincing single-coil sounds. 

I was concerned that the action at the nut might be high after reading how you have to adjust those. Just eyeballing it, it looks pretty low, so thatís a relief. (no pun intended)

I would never buy an Ibanez elsewhere. I told my guitar buddies about your site. After checking out your site and drooling over the sweet Ibbyís for years, I was able to finally get one. I just knew it would be trouble-free, and this was an exceptional deal. Thank you so much. I am in Ibanez heaven.


8/8/2014 - RG920MQM - [been awhile since I added one of these, didn't want you to think they weren't still constantly coming in! ;)]

Purchased a 7VWH from you back in 06. To this day, it stands alone as the smoothest guitar I have ever played. The finishing touches you did on the fretwork were simply amazing. The other day I played a les Paul custom at a local dealer and I was shocked at how shoddy and sharp the ends if the frets felt compared to what I got from you.

Quality control in this industry has truly gone out the window, and your work stands alone alone as the best I have ever seen. I have held Vai's actual EVO guitar before and his setup was identical to mine, smoothness and action and the whole thing. I have also played several Jems that did not undergo your thorough testing and setup and they were not nearly as awesome.

Thanks for the awesome dedication to your craft.  My guitar has given me years of joy.


8/11/2014 - I love getting emails like this 8 years after a sale!


Sorry it took so long to get back to you (busy, busy). I have to tell you, I am gobsmacked by the guitar! O.K., we knew going in I loved it for the look and the history behind it. But the work you did on it is just first rate. Of course I did my homework on it beforehand, and knew of its issues (Korean not MiJ etc.). The one thing I had read over and over was that the guitar was a pretty thing but not much of a player, and the action was way too high.

Yes it IS pretty. But I was NOT prepared for how it played. It is straight BUTTER. The action is as perfect as I could ever imagine. The only other guitar I can honestly say 'played itself' out of the case like that is my 1983 Pre-PT Schecter Telecaster! The action is so uniform across the entire neck that I was quite stunned. THIS guitar has NO issues with action! I swear it glides like a Maple neck.

I had read that fretwork and neckwork were a specialty of yours, and the extra dollars spent to have you do the setup are EASILY the best dollars I ever spent.

You made this a beautiful player to go along with its looks. I knew I was getting a great looking guitar (and you made her look gorgeous!), but the responsiveness is so great. I love necks that respond to a feather touch, and just glide.

This really is WAY better than I expected, and I know it has everything to do with the work you put into it.

So I think it's kismet that I got hot about finding this guitar, and eventually finding you and your site. One of my best guitar buys in my 35 years of playing!

You are a credit to your work! (I shudder to think of if I had given up finding one, and buying one of the Icemen on eBay from a sketchy overseas seller!)

I really love this guitar!

Thanks so much. The email updates where above and beyond great customer service. I wish you dealt in ALL brands of guitars!

Your love of the work shows in spades.

And, by the by...the first IBANEZ I've ever owned!

Thanks a ton Brother.

Scott Harbert

9/22/2014 - Used SGRG1Z

Hi Rich,

Wanted to let you know the Rg3570Z was delivered today. It arrived in perfect condition! I let it adjust to room temp for a few hours before checking her out. It was in perfect tune! Absolutely flawless.

The setup is the best I have ever played!

Here are four words for any of your potential customers that are on the fence:

Wow! Worth every penny!

Thank you so much for offering your service!




Hey Joey, I know I often sound like a "fanboy" or biased- but I highly suggest making a guitar purchase from Rich. The reasons go so much deeper than "Dude, he's the best". I'm sure you know all the reasons why, but I'm going to repeat them for any newbies or lurkers that run across this thread.

Buying from Ibanez Rules guarantees you the best playing and most reliable guitar available for sale anywhere on the planet. There is actually no other dealer in existence that meticulously inspects every millimeter of a guitar and then systematically repairs ANYTHING that does not live up to his incredibly high standards.

He's said it many times here and on his site- He WILL NOT accept any guitar from the distributor that he would not want in his own personal collection. His rejection rate is off the scale in comparison to all other dealers. This means that "Lemon" guitars don't even make it into his rotation.

I've bought three guitars from him- a standard Indo (RG3xxv), a Premium (RG920M), and a Prestige (RG752). Each of these guitars made it to me being absolutely equal in playability and stability. Think about that- a standard Indo that easily plays, sounds, and performs every bit as good as an MIJ Prestige-7. Of course the 3xxv took him a TON more work to get it as good as it was. He actually had to disassemble two guitars to put together the best neck and body. He then went through the whole process of shaving the nut, fixing the pocket for perfect neck alignment, shaving the fret ends, polished the frets, shimmed the neck pocket, set intonation, and a laundry list of other tweaks just to get me that BEST guitar he possibly could. Now you'd think the price would have gone up dramatically because of all this work. It didn't. In fact, Rich did all of this work all while FULLY KNOWING he was price matching the blowout sale that GC, Sweetwater, and all the other box stores were blowing them out at. He did all of this at a LOSS! Of course, Ibanez re-imbursed him for the discount on the price of the guitar- but he got absolutely nothing for all the work he did.......... well, other than a dedicated and loyal customer :wink:.

The bottom line is- the level of professionalism and dedication Rich shows for his guitars and his business are unheard of anywhere else on the planet. On top of that, he puts the same amount of professionalism that he does for his guitars into each customers experience. Everyone get the "Red Carpet" treatment whether your buying a $10 part or a $10,000 guitar.

2/21/15 - Ryc [RGTFanatic] from Jemsite making a post. I really should send this guy a check. [No, Ibanez does not cover any losses, a loss is always just a loss!]


I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for your excellent service.  BOTH interactions that I have had with you (my lefty Ibanez JEM and lefty JS2400) have been really flawless!  Your service is exceptional, your pricing is better than any other Ibanez dealer, your communication is excellent, and your shipping is super fast!

Also, I know I can speak for many many leftyís when I sayÖÖTHANK YOU for carrying Ibanez lefty models.  As you know, the guitar world is not very friendly towards leftyís, and Ibanez is REALLY not friendly towards leftyís.  Ibanez-Rules carrying rare available models like the JEM and JS2400 really makes you stand out with us (the ďlefty communityĒ), and we are very thankful.

Thanks again Rich,



Hey Rich!

I just wanted to let you know that I think this  guitar is superb!  Right out of the box it was spot on and only needed the low E fine tuned, thanks to your great packaging (not bad for a trip from NJ to TX with at least three transfers!).  Glad I opted for the double box.  

This is my first top shelf Ibanez.  I got hooked on Ibanez back in 1987 when I tried out a JEM model at a guitar expo. It played like silk.  I've tried out many different guitars over the years, but have always preferred the feel of the Ibanez.  Due to budget reasons, I have mostly been able to afford low end to mid-grade guitars and was taking a serious look into the new Iron Label S series when I came across your website.  The sun got brighter and the birds chirped louder as I discovered for about the same amount I could actually own a new (second stock, but still new) Prestige.  The Iron Label may be a fine instrument, I don't know (haven't played one yet), but it's still not a Prestige.

This is now the finest and best playing guitar in my humble collection.  I couldn't ask for a better set up on it than what you provided.  This thing just won't go out of tune - and believe me, I've tried my best!  It is so easy to play and sounds great!

Thanks for doing what you do.  I'm glad I discovered your site - I couldn't be happier with this purchase.  I know I've received a much better playing guitar and service than I would have gotten from any big box type music store. Who knows, maybe in the future I can come back for a JEM or a Satch.  Whatever the case, YOU are my Ibanez guy!


Thanks,  Waylon


Hey Rich!

The 652AHM arrived yesterday and i happen to work from home on Wednesdays so i got to play it a lot today. Man it is just superb. I instantly bonded with it! I just couldn't put it down. Even my wife loves it. Which is a nice bonus for me... hahaha.

Thanks so much for working with me on the finances and doing such killer Platinum setups. It really is worth every penny to have you dial these things in primo. I hope the bound fretboard wasn't too much of a pain to do... it came out super clean and feels just friggin amazing.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks again for the peerless service. You da man!


4/22/15 - 2 in 1 day! [The program and page was already open! Jason has bought enough of these things I remember who he is! There are about 100 of you I recognize like that! The rest are obscured by the haze of the internet!]

Ibanez Rules:
Intended for anyone considering a purchase, or service from Ibanez Rules...

I purchased a Signature Series JS2450MCP from Rich this March. No previous experience with Ibanez Rules. Was planning to order through a large chain retail. Then I heard about Rich at Ibanez Rules. Large chain had a generous return policy, Rich had the more impressive reputation for the highest possible quality. Big-ticket item, big decision.

Decided to buy from Rich at Ibanez Rules. Wow, what a great decision. Transaction, shipping, delivery, were all simple & quick. Rich was great to work with. The guitar is absolutely stunning. Perfect in every single detail. To the credit of Ibanez (and, in collaboration with Joe Satriani) geometry & design, components, materials, workmanship, are just remarkable.

Been playing this guitar now for three months, (almost non-stop). Overall playability is simply unbelievable. I've been playing for more than 45 years. I have owned, and currently own, some great guitars. Fender, American Strat, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Custom (Gibson Memphis Custom-Shop). This JS2450 rivals them all, and that's really saying something.

Read through Rich's setup page & tech sections. I elected the ďPlatinum SetupĒ. Rich delivered. Setup is exactly what I wanted. Bridge (Edge) trem, action, intonation, neck, pickups. Stays in tune better than any guitar I have ever played. Re-stringing is easy. Amazing for a floating-bridge.

If you are thinking about buying an Ibanez through a big chain retailer...consider this: you can spend your money, and take your chances. Pay extra for a custom setup. There are many good (and some, very good) techs out there. None, likely will have anywhere near the level of experience with Ibanez guitars as does Rich.

There are many places you can buy an Ibanez. There's only one place you can get a ďRich HarrisĒ Ibanez. Ibanez Rules!

-Kevin C.


It got here yesterday and I haven't been able to put it down! You sir are a god amongst men, the setup was the best thing I've ever put my hands on! Seriously, pardon my language, but this plays like one smooth motherfucker. I love this guitar, and I'm so thankful I ordered through you, you've been nothing but quick and helpful. 10/10 would easily do this again.


Josh Vichare


Dear Rich:

The guitar is beyond beautiful. It is essentially a new 2000 guitar appearing in 2015! I could not believe it when I opened the case. I can find no scratches (but I will take the Master's word). It is simply gorgeous. It plays flawlessly and is far superior to the other "new" Jem that I own. I have no idea what you do (and yes I have read all of your materials on the web and still haven't a clue) but it is sheer sorcery. It stays in tune even with dramatic dives, the action is perfect, and it plays true even at the highest frets. You are a true Master and I hope that legions of guitarists buy from you instead of the music mall/empires.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this instrument which I will forever treasure.

Best regards,
Rick Whatley



Hey Rich,

How are you? Itís Jake from Belmont MA here. You may or may not remember, but I (rather, my Dad) bought an RG2228 from you earlier this year - one of your last two or three before you got rid of them all. I just wanted to write you to let you know how happy I am with this buy. Aside from the price being incredibly good, you also added in the bigger lowest nut for no charge, which was great thinking, since the low F# string is often too thick for the stock one to work properly. The guitar itself plays and sounds incredible, and thanks to your setup, I havenít even had to adjust anything at all. Iíve since gone to college at the University of Illinois, and every time I play it in my dorm, Iím wowed by how great of a guitar it is (it plays like a 6-string!), and how perfectly it was set up - and I didnít even get any of the special setup packages! Iím about to order some white EMG808Xís to replace the stock 808ís. Ibanez rules, and IbanezRules rules! Just wanted to thank you for everything, man.




Hey Rich!

The S55 got here safe and sound this morning and HO-LY SHIT. I've been playing it all day. This is really a treat - an incredible guitar. The way it feels to the way it rings just keeps me hooked. I would expect no less of a Prestige. And let's not ignore the amount of care behind it thanks to you. There's not a doubt this is one of the best from the warehouse and, if there were any issues, you worked them out for me. A true instrument.

Proud to say that you're my guy for any new Ibanez-related purchases. Definitely going to put many good words in for ya. 

Keep up the amazing work!

- Matt

11/1/15 - S5520 setup in C# with 10-56

OK Rich,

Here's the scoop.

I have read every letter on your website. " Don't ask me stupid questions ", " Don't call until after 11: am ",

" This is my guitar until you know damn well it's your guitar "

and so on - so forth.  In other words, People, take responsibility, pay attention, use your Fucking brains.

And in return, I will give you what you have paid for & a whole lot more.!

Well, guess what, you have done exactly that.  This guitar is one bad ass bitch. I destroyed three picks in a

very short time on Saturday. I am dialing in some really bad ass tones with this axefx2 ( Headphones, don't

piss off the wife ) At this time I am letting you know, " This is my guitar Now "

You have done a more than great job for me, I am more than satisfied. I enjoy & totally

agree with your no-nonsense, non political correct point of view.

When able, I will be a return customer.

Can't thank you enough.

Gary D.  ( Texas )

8/25/16 - RG655GK


I just wanted to send you and update. I now have had a lot of time to spend with the RG and I have to say I absolutely love it. It took time for that to set in and get over my initial experience and being worried incorrectly about the buzz with the lower strings. I obviously don't have a lot of experience and most of my guitars are acoustic. This purchase was really important to me which is why I probably was freaking out about it being right when I got it. I apologize if I was a little bit difficult. The setup on it is amazing and I can see that now given some more time with it. I wanted to get something that I would be really excited about and would really drive me to want to play more and more. This guitar really is the one. I had a really special Ibanez '89 540R when I was a teenager, that I never should have sold and I feel like this RG has brought back memories from when I was a young man. 

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I really love it and appreciate it now that some more time has passed.Thank you for doing such a great job on this!


11/25/16 - RG655GK

Just received my new JS1200CA at approx 10:30-11 am this morning :)! The packaging was nothing short of bullet proof! I saw the truck as it pulled up and waited for the driver to get to the top of the steps with the box. I quickly signed and thanked him and then proceeded to post pics of step by step opening to show your thorough packaging skills, and then came the unveiling :)!

It was absolutely worth the wait! I quickly unplugged the crappy Fernandes Dragonfly I've been forced to practice with and then sat down for an hour or two to enjoy the sound and feel of a quality axe. So much less weight and feel difference, let alone the sound and tone of the Ibanez. I deeply regretted the day I had to let go of the BTB (and still do) but this was like a twin ... and even better.

I sincerely appreciate your quality of service and skill level. And while I'm sure you don't need my endorsement for any sales I will be praising your work and attention to detail to everyone I know. When it comes to quality guitars you will always and exclusively get my business!

Thank you again Rich from a totally happy and satisfied customer!

William (Dave) Scarbrough


Hey Rich,

Iíve been meaning to send you an update on my JS2450MCP now that weíre 5 or 6 weeks into it. In short, I canít put it down. Creamy and smooth it is physically and sonically awesome. Iím feeling like itís the best guitar Iíve ever played. In fact, Iím enjoying how it naturally resonates so much, Iíve not plugged it in too many times. I just enjoy hearing the smooth creamy tones of the Alder quietly and acoustically. Maybe Iím crazy.

Anyway, Iíve been manhandling the heck out of this thing and it seems like no matter how hard I push it, itís begging for more. I just canít get enough.

I thought Iíd let you know how truly happy I am. Itís not just a great guitar, itís a true companion. 

I probably have a couple of questions for you to ensure I can maintain the set up, but Iíll give you a call for that when I can actually set aside a few minutes if thatís ok. Iíve also been scouring your tech pages and I think I have a pretty good idea what you did here, how I can maintain the JS2450 and how I can replicate it on my JS1000 and JEM7V.

I hope you are well my friend. Thanks for putting the love and mojo into this guitar for me. Itís truly one of a kind.

Best regards,


Round Rock, TX

10/23/19 - Man I haven't added one of these in a long time!

I recently bought an RG 550 from Rich with the Silver package set up. It plays like a dream. The attention to detail in the set up is fantastic and Rich changed the RG from a normal shred guitar to a very fine musical instrument.

Dealing with Rich was very easy and enjoyable. He patiently answered all my questions and made suggestions that worked out very well for me.

The business is very busy so the RG took a little bit to get to me, but believe me when I say any wait time is definitely worth it.

I have my eye on another Ibanez and without a doubt will be buying it from Ibanez Rules.

Tim B.



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