Let me preface this page by stating that I am a guitar dealer, not a technical advisor for the world. Technical support is available for guitars purchased from Ibanez Rules only. If I sold you the guitar just email me your problem and include the model and approximate purchase date. Otherwise, I do not have the time to solve the worlds problems, and the 20-30 emails a day asking for help prompt me to write this message. The articles on this page were written to try and assist those that need help. They were written as simply as I could explain and if there is something in them you don't understand please try and find somebody else to help you understand. If I had the time I would write many more pages to add, but I do not. Bottom line is that trying to diagnose something sight unseen is far too time consuming and often virtually impossible. Nothing can replace real hands and real eyes and anybody having problems that can't be diagnosed should seek the help of a qualified local tech. And no, I don't want to hear a sob story about how there are none for 200 miles, I've heard it all before. Network with other guitar players as many of them know as much as most store techs. None of this is rocket science and in short, most is just common sense. There are always knowledgeable people willing to help in the tech section of the Jemsite forum where I do answer questions when I have the time, but as with all free advice, you get what you pay for.


  1. Stretching Strings
  2. Tuning The Floating Trem
  3. Lockdown and Fine Tuning
  4. Trem Angle
  5. Action Height
  6. Truss Rod
  7. Nut Height
  8. Intonation
  9. Breaking Strings
  10. Pickup Height
  11. EDGE ZERO / EZII / ZR / ZR2 / ZPS UNITS   
  12. I Bend A String and The Others Go Flat
  13. Removing The Trem
  14. Replacing Lo Pro/Edge Studs
  15. Squeaky Trem Bar
  16. Loose Arm Holder
  17. Tuning Stability Problems
  18. Fat Knife Edges and Bad Studs
  19. Sharpening Knife Edges
  20. AZ Tuning Return Issues When Using The Bridge
  21. Trem To Pickguard Interference
  22. Rounded Intonation Screw
  23. Locking Stud Mod For Edge Pro
  24. Fix Stripped Wood Threads
  25. Fine Tuner Range On Edge Pro Wound Strings
  26. Extremely Sensitive Springs
  27. Tips For A Stiff Guitar
  28. EVO - JEM7VWH / 30TH Intonation Issues
  29. Temperature and Setup
  30. Sustainiac Board Adjustment
  31. Noisy Piezo Output
  32. Picking Your Combo Lock
  33. How To Reset Your Combo Lock
  34. Repairing A Cracked Neck
  35. Cleaning Matte Clearcoat
  36. JEM90th Pickguard Corrosion
  37. 3PS1CGAE5 to 3SWLSP5 Wiring Conversion
  38. 3PS1SC5 to 3SWLSC Wiring Conversion



Used Guitar Primer - Cleanup To Setup

This is a 9 page folder that walks you through everything from cleaning your headstock to dealing with tricky setups. Long winded but full of little tricks and tips. A good general overview with each step more fully explained in the Tech section.


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