The Great Millennium DNA Pick Off!

Hi all! I thank you for your patience these long months! Many of you knew the story from the beginning, some of you new to ordering Ibanez Limiteds, you've now been initiated. The crime of course being that all the guitars have been in the US for near 3 months now with cases only coming in sporatically to send them out! In reflection I wish I had just sold them and shipped them in the order they came in! You would have all had your swirls weeks, if not months ago, but then you never know what you would have gotten :-) But it's finally time to get these picks done! Plenty of swirls (16) for you to choose from so let the fun begin. I must note that pics cannot do these guitars justice and there is a huge difference in presence when holding them inhand where you can see all the vibrance, details, and nuances of the finishes!!

These digi pics are for reference only and I've broken them down into 3 categories. What I would typically call Swirly noting a very defined 'Swirl', Chaos which are typically much more random in design, and Nebula which is just a phrase I coined since these are typically dark with heavy black, but when they did this batch there was something in the air that caused lots of fisheyes in the paint, which look like stars in deep space shining through a Nebula. The digi pics are linked to High Resolution files shot with the Olympus camera I bought just to get good images of these (after an expensive failed attempt to get them on film!LOL) That will take a while to load! I pity you 26K connectors but you cable modem guys will breeze right through. Click on the picture to view the HR version. You will notice a big difference in the colors and detail from the digi pics. The colors are a little closer to 'True' on the 'in case' pics while the HR is a little saturated straight from the camera.

Pick Order

0. Me :-)                                                     GONE**        # 002

1. Chris Lange                                           GONE**        # 234

2. Alex Barreiro                                        GONE**         # 089

3. Charles Elliot                                        GONE**         # 006

4. Iain Ewen                                              GONE**         # 186

5. Bob Pruit                                               GONE**         # 020

6. Iain Ewen (greedy!:)                            GONE**         # 195

7. Allen Garrow                                       GONE**         # 014

8. Teri Ehrich                                            GONE**        # 130

9. Steve Kerns                                          GONE**         # 065

10. Shawn Lake                                         GONE**        # 088

11. Mike Kruzinski                                    GONE**        # 105

Post Pick-Off sales under way

12. Rodney Jamez                                      GONE**        # 229

13. Matt                                                      GONE**       # 075

14. John Cowan                                          GONE**       # 203

15. Michael Nicholas                                 GONE**       # 236

16. Clarence J. Kamerman                         GONE**        # 205

17. Mark Hopper                                       GONE**        # 074

18. Alex Lo                                                GONE**        # 152

19. Fred Koch                                            GONE**        # 103

20. Roland Schemers                                 GONE**        # 038

21. Chris Taylor                                        GONE**        # 032

22. Shane Haimbach                                  GONE**        # 193

23. Me (again) :-)                                      GONE**        # 197

24. Fred Koch                                          GONE**        # 073

25. Larry Ruszczyk                                   GONE**        # 227

26. Bill Hyden                                          GONE**        # 019

27. Me (don't even say it!:)                      GONE**        # 297

28. Me (see above!:)                                GONE**        # 253

29. Renato Abella                                    GONE**        # 061

30. Elliot Michael                                    GONE**        # 187

31. Fred Koch                                          GONE**        # 147

32. Darrel Drachenberg                           GONE**        # 237           

33. Larry Ruszczyk                                   GONE**        # 005

34. Dave Helton                                        GONE**         # 004

35. Me ;o}                                                 GONE**         # 155

36. Guess who ;o}                                     GONE**         # 010

37. Andrew Dextras                                  GONE**         # 012

38. Hendrik Hartono                                  GONE**         # 016

39. Remy Bulvestre                                    GONE**        # 037

40. Fred Koch                                             GONE**        # 174

41. Isaac Kwon                                           GONE**        #158

There was a buyer slated in the 8th spot but it turned out to be a credit card fraud attempt from Indonesia. He got me for almost $2000, I was lucky the DNA's took so long to be dispersed!! Because of this I no longer take credit card charges from overseas without special restrictions. I could have taken this 8th pick but moved everybody up instead, was only fair to the buyers.


To find the # of the DNA you are viewing hold your mouse still over it for a second and the # will appear ie. dna136.jpg is #136. There are some very low #'s, and high #'s, in case #'s mean something to you :-)

I have 2 Flight Cases, all the rest are in the US modified UV1000c case. If you prefer a Flight Case let me know and I will swap them. Here are links to pics of the cases Y2K_FLIGHT   Y2K_UV1000   The Flight Cases went to 1st and 2nd pick.

5 of these came without their original shipping boxes, evidently Chesbro didn't think enough about them to keep them with the guitars!! Since the majority of the buying dealers got more than one they were bulk packed, just cases in a big box! I know of a DBK that was shipped in a Crystal Planet box!! LOL  1 of these without box was from Hoshino terr. where the dealer evidently felt the same and threw the box out.  Of the ones that are boxed, Hoshino either shipped in an outer sleve box (so the shipping boxes are pristine) or shipped them without the sleeve leaving labels and UPS stickers and 'road wear' on the boxes. The cover of 1 of these boxes was even 'decorated' with a rendering of the Y2K symbols on the cover of the box, done in heavy red marker of course. If any of this is important to you, click here BOXES for the details of what is what. The boxes are #rd to the guitars so cannot be swapped around.

I need to know the size DNA Swirl shirt you want. These are the ones that Darren swirled for Jemfest2K and of course you get one :-)   Large, XL, or XXL (big as a house!!)

When you make your decision please call (or write) asap. I don't want you to feel rushed in making your decision, but there are those in line behind you waiting. Go with your gut instincts, narrow the field down to your 3 top picks, open up 3 different browser windows so you can switch between the 3 easily (copy and paste the URL into the new browser) and go with the type/style/colors/presence/etc that stikes you the most. You don't need to call your Mom or throw a "Come help me pick my Swirl" party :-) You know what you like, and if you like it in the picture I guarantee you're going to LOVE it inhand!

I want to get through all the picks before I start shipping. I'm buried setting up and shipping Crystals this week and I figure the picking should be over by the weekend so I can get everything packed up and out first of next week. Please understand I have 22 guitars to get out in the next 8 days, 1 of them is yours :-) The DNA's are all inspected, setup, each fret checked of course, then played for about 2 minites. They've all got GREAT tone. Some have a little more twang in the 234 settings, but all have very sweet tone on the 1 and a nice powerful but defined tone on the 5. But each has slight tonal differences to each other, only obvious if you sit down and play 10 different ones, and where ya gonna do that? :-) They definately don't sound like a DBK to me though! :-) Here's the links, have fun!


To view the Pick Archive page which shows the order in which the DNA's were picked, click here  or the PICKS ARCHIVE link above. I warn you, this page is at least 5 MB.

Rich         856-468-3922


Revised: August 08, 2006.