JEM777LNG #31 - New, untouched, low number. Fred is the original owner on this LNG. It was purchased from HOG where it sat in an interior glass case with no UV exposure, wearing it's hangtags for 13 years, and then in the case for the last 15. Of course, HOG had given another customer the original case ions before they sold this, so anybody with plaque case #31, here's your guitar. All paperwork and case candy were in the case. HOG pulled a brand new UV1000 out of storage [I bought 4 new pink lined from them when they finally cleared those out around 2010!], a little dulling to the lockplate, otherwise new with a couple light stripes on the back end. So you have a brand new unplayed pristine LNG with it's handrest and hang tag, the plastic still on the pickguard but loose in areas as expected.  Being this low a number it is a clearcoat sprayed signature where Steve had signed with the not-Sharpie and they were rubbing off. Paper towels taped off in a parallelogram, then rattle can cleared. They did not shoot a dust coat first so all these cleared signatures show evidence where the ink was breaking up. This clear layer is not very heavy so there isn't much distortion. The heavy cleared signatures show lots of distortion. This was obviously "tried more than a few times over the 14 years on display so it's got some pickscratching on the plastic over the guard, and did lightly bump a couple spots, a 3mm finish crack on the bottom side an inch off the tone, and a 5mm finish crack on the back just off the belly cut/arm holder point, and one where it tried to finish crack 3mm on the edge of the jack cover, but didn't crack. The 3 of #31 had a fine scuff line thru the original pen before it was cleared. There's also what I think it airbrushed clear sprayed on the B/E to edge at the second fret. If I'm guessing this was done by the HOG, I don't know why but there 's a depression at the middle of it with a spot of discoloration. I'm guessing HOG did this because Brand New #xx which I sold had 2 areas on the board that had the clear sanded on the board to remove pimples, to the wood, and never resprayed. The neckplate is flawless, as is the trem and rest, the tuners showing some odd wear from a winder. A Brand New low number 777LNG with handrest and hangtags in a brand new pink lined. Fred's JEM777LNG identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience.**$5950**


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