JEM77PMC - 911645 - Near Mint minus - Very early plate number for an MC, sweet open swirl of mostly orange and pink with the swirl defined by the purple. Signed by Steve on the back between the covers which is in a nice spot for a body sig. There is plenty of play scratching on the pickguard and other signs it was played quite a lot, but the guitar is in incredible condition. On the front there is a minor trio, a small scuff to the top edge of the pickguard, that runs to a 1/2" long scuff on the bottom edge of the grip [there's 1 scratch in that scuff that wouldn't easily polish out, the scuff could be], leaving a 4mm ding [set of finish cracks with tiny fog spots] right in the middle, off the bottom edge of the grip. There's a finish crack under the edge of the pickguard right at the edge scuff. Otherwise the body is perfect save for a tiny 2mm NJFC treble side. The back of the neck is perfect and very clean, and the headstock is near mint other than the small 2mm edge distortion just below the very tip and a mar left next to it on the bottom side. The fretboard is Excellent as played but has a factory paint fix against the 5th and between 5th and 6th where they lightly sanded off clear blems and didn't reclear leaving the maple raw. You can see it's taken on just a little color where the maple is exposed. There is some light fingernail worming scattered thru the board but there is virtually no fretwear, and it had a wonderful  neck relief profile.. Except for the corrosion on the plate the hardware is super clean with only some light cleaning scratching to the trem baseplate, there is cosmo wear to the tuners of a guitar that was played regularly. It is quite strange this has the later solid knobs, which isn't uncommon in MC's, but it has such an early serial number to have later solid knobs. They are quite probably original though. Bar, tools, manual, a Fretwear catalog and an early Ibanez stocker in the well as case candy. It's in its original pink UV1000 with some tolex ticks and end scuffs but in Excellent condition with a never set lock. Fred's PMC CAMO identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience. **5000**


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