JEM777PMC - 916848 - One of the best PMC swirls you will ever see, without doubt. Great pattern, strong colors, and good balance is incredibly rare combination in PMC's. This guitar was played a lot, most likely gigged by a player also performing like Steve would, or, he was just very drunk. This guitar has so many chips, large losses, finish cracks, fog spots completely loose clear, the is just horrible. There isn't more than a few inch area where there isn't something. There will be plenty of condition pictures below, and note how amber the clear has turned in the close ups even though you don't notice it in the longer range. Every MC ambered like this but with these chipped guitars you can see how dramatic the original colors still are underneath the clouded and ambered clear. Long Neck Joint crack running bass side 1/2" around the back. It was played high as most of the rivet worming in on the trem anc con covers which have been worn nearly smooth. For a guitar played so much there is virtually no fretwear, and very little dirt in the fretboard that never did have a very thick coat of clear. Clean pink clip lock installed. It was also fitted with a battery box on the back for some reason, whatever was done it's been returned to "original" long ago, except there's a 223 cap on the volume and a 223 linked between the tone and volume knobs. I don't know why, I don't know what it does, I just know the 223 on the tone would normally be right side to center on the pot, and there should be a 331 cap on the volume. Of course the guitar is almost as dusty as it is bruised. I'm sure I never cleaned it when I sold it! All in all this guitar is a mess and in very natural relic condition, but - look at that swirl! It doesn't get any better than that in a PMC. There's no doubt it's in the superior class. Anybody that has one this nice that's clean, please get ahold of me, I've been looking for that perfect PMC to keep! This one is in it's correct and beautifully Salmon lined UV1000 that has as many gigging scars than the guitar, and it includes a very cool paperwork history, with complete warranty card, manual, the original hang tag when the guitar was sold new marked at $1549.99, with case, no store ID on the tag, but also an original "receipt book" receipt dated 9/24/01, number 273, that I had completely forgotten I ever used, from a 3 book order, this was the 27th from the last receipt I wrote before I realized WORD was easier and a whole lot cheaper! Rare Ibanez Rules memorabilia HA!, none of the other guitars I sold Fred had the receipts, he forgot to take this one out of the case. This PMC sold for $1600 plus $20 to ship, in 01. Complete tool set and the original strap pins, but no bar with this guitar. This guitar also has the later solid green knobs standard on later guitars. Fred's JEM PMC CHIP identification tape next to the handle. These can be removed with GooGone and patience. **$2850**


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