JS3 #26 - Near Dead Mint - Extremely cool and very difficult to buy, Donnies are at the top of the JS food chain. This guitar is #26 and is a 1991, signed, numbered, and dated by Donnie. This is one of the 4 New unsold JS3's Ed Roman bought out of the House of Guitars sometime around 1997, and the last one he sold. While in his possession he had an "artist" make copies of this guitar which he would sell for $5000, but this is the original. It has impeccable provenance, Roman sold it around 2001 to Steve Kearns who was a Cisco executive and passionate Ibanez collector that put together a fabulous collection [at one time he had both of Petrucci's LACS 7 string Picasso guitars]. Bored with Cisco, Steve parted out much of his collection when he went to a Silicone Valley start-up and Fred purchased it and has owned it since 2004ish. This is basically a new guitar but under inspection I found 2 things. A small very shallow 2x3mm bruise of the treble side of the neck, and whatever this clerarcoat blemish is on the edge of the control cavity. It is tough to describe, itís like a little scratchy patch inside a circle, which is not a ding, which is all within a scuff terminating in a straight line just to the left of the circular scratchy patch. It has slight texture, deepest at the line termination, but there is no marking to the cover against it so it was most likely pre-assembly. You will find clearcoat blems and anomalies on JS graphics as they were painted in Bensalem [then later by H&S in LA] and do not have a Fujigen finish. It would probably wetsand out but Iím not putting my neck in the guillotine to try. Stuff like this is best to just leave alone imo. The rest is as new, none of the factory polishing and wetsanding marks have been touched and are all still present so the guitar has not been polished or toyed with in any way. All the pickup mounting ring screw heads have no corrosion and there isn't a single pick scratch on the rings, or anywhere else. The guitar was never played, or if it was there is no evidence of it at all. There is a spec of thin blue paint on the trem cover about 1mm diameter, no doubt from the artist Roman used to make the copies of it, and there are a few squiggly scratches on the control cover. The case has both collectors stickers on it for identification.**$17,500**

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