NAMM 2012




EGEN18TVF The EGEN returns unchanged.. 5 piece E-Gen Prestige neck, mahogany body with flame maple top,  unique "Kung Fu" grip on the upper horn [a little too small for my hands though] Jumbo frets on a rosewood board with the last 4 scalloped, Edge Zero Custom bridge with special springs only on the E-Gen requiring a different backplate, very nice oval abalone inlays [which I requested they use more of to a few ears at the show], Gold hardware, and Dimarzio HLM [Herman Li Model] pickup set, neck bridge and mid, with one of the most versitile wiring schemes available shown here, all finished in TVF [Transparent Violet Flat]. The info tag was missing at the show, which is usually where I get the info from since this was a TBA, with everything else to do I missed getting it. Ill have it posted soon. List price, finally set at $3733.32, includes J Craft case.

It was in a bad spot for light again so I'm using pictures from 2010.


EGEN8 - With the success of the EGEN18, Ibanez introduces an EGEN model the masses can afford. With the same styling as it's bigger brother, the 8 has the PLB [Platinum Blonde] finish of one of Herman's stage guitars. Mahogany body with flame maple top, 24 jumbo frets on a 3 piece neck, EDGE 3 bridge, V7, S1, and V8 pickups, $1066.65 List Price. Recommended case is the M100C at $199.99.

It was in a bad spot for light again so I'm using pictures from 2010.


Sam Totman


STM2SPB - The STM1 is replaced with a flame top version! Mahogany body with flame maple top, 5 piece maple/walnut STM thru neck, 24 Jumbo frets [the only 24 fret Iceman I believe made to date] on a bound rosewood board, Edge 3 trem, Dimarzio Evolution pickups with the bridge a zebra. Available in SPB [Saphire Blue]. $1199.99 List price, hardshell case is included. Indonesian.


Andy Timmons


AT100 - Andy was invited to play with the other major Ibanez endorsers at the Hoshino 100th Anniversary party in Japan. While he was there Ibanez approached him about bringing back the AT100 as a regular production model, and the timing was perfect. Andy absolutely loves his AT100 and it has been his main stage guitar for years, and was ready to commit to Ibanez again. With used ones selling for the current list price, this model should do very well for all. Maple AT Prestige neck digitized from Andy's stage guitar, Alder body, Jumbo frets, Maple fretboard with black dot inlay, Wilkinson - Gotoh VSVG bridge, DiMarzio Cruiser neck and mid, and DiMarzio AT1 Custom bridge pickup, Available in SB [Sunburst]. $3599.99 List price. Includes J Craft case.




NDM2BK - Ibanez recreation the first guitar they made for him in 1994. 3 piece NDM neck, basswood body, jumbo frets, fixed bridge, IBZ INF1 neck, IBZ INFS1 mid, and IBZ INF2 bridge pickups, available in BK [Black]. $933.32 List price. Case is the NDM1000C at $199.99. Indonesian built.


Paul Gilbert

FRM100TR - Ibanez realease a budget Chinese made version of the limited Sugi built Fireman. 3 Piece Mahogany / Maple FRM100 set in neck, 22 medium frets, mahogany body, Tight Tune locking bridge and tailpiece, Dimarzio Injector and Area 67 pickups. $1199.99 List price. FRM100C case available, $199.99 List price.


Omar Rodriguez


ORM1 - I must be really out of the loop because I had to do a Google search ;)  Very retro looking with the upper and lower tortoise pickguards. Mahogany body, 3 piece ORM 24" scale mahogany neck with 22 jumbo frets on a rosewood board, Gibraltar III bridge, single ACH-BL bridge pickup. Available in WH [White]. $666.65 List price. Chinese build. Gig bag included.




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