NAMM 2013


NAMM reports are taking a new direction, being more of a report, and using Ibanez materials to supply all the specs. The picture bank is linked below but not linked onto pages except as needed on the New model pages which has always been the purpose of the trip. The report done the old way just took up 48 hours I can't spare at this time of year with all the New model files, web work, increased email and sales load, not to mention the Parts orders that just never stop and would be near full workload on their own.




One picture says it all!

But I'm not one to let the picture talk!

The JEM becomes a 7 string! I love this move. This is what a VAI 7 string always should have been. To me the UV was more glorified RG than anything else, some would say that about the JEM also, but the JEM has always been so unique and iconoclastic that it far transcended the RG in every way but profile. Now the VAI 7 has all the styling of it's little brother, and all the tone and playability you expect from an Ibanez JEM. And if you figure the 7th string only costs you an extra $300 [MAP], it's a bargain too! My only gripe is they did not rescale the vine to the wider neck, hopefully left to an improvement some time down the road. As a side note UV production moves to Indo and will be a Premium branded guitar coming in at a very attractive price point. Very much a UV7BK reissue with AANJ, this is definitely retro and fresh at the same time and will find favor with alot of players who love this look, if my current list of sales are any indication.

25 AGAIN??

These are the years that all the iconic models start to turn 25, we've had the JEM, RG, and S, and now the JS joins the vintage crowd cracking it's 25th year in existence. Although technically they are counting from the tim he signed and not from 1990 when his first models were actually produced for sale, which is the same thing they did starting with the JS10th, but they also did that with the JEM10. The 25th will mark the introduction of 2 new models, the JS2410MCCO in Muscle Car Orange, and the new Premium JS24P in Candy Apple. Both 24 fret guitars as that is all Joe has been playing in recent years They are called 25ths, but that is not in their model numbers anywhere. I overheard one rep saying they 2410 would be limited for 1 year only, but this doesn't seem to be the case, or it is definitely not known at this time if it will or won't. My rep put it more concisely by saying they chose to call them 25ths because that is the year they will be introduced. There will also be a mid year Limited JS but of course there are no details available at this time!


Where will the race for multi string supremacy end? Well this year Ibanez steps it up a notch to 9. As a show tease to gauge interest was a stunning Custom Shop built RG9 with one of the best quilts you'll see, and it was definitely as much of an attraction as the RG2228 was a few years ago when it debuted. Although just a tease, don't think for a second these won't start rolling out of the factory sometime soon. The bridge is a cast plate proprietary unit and Ibanez paid the beans to have the tooling made to produce it. The only reason they would do that is they know full production is coming. When pressed, I was told hopefully sometime 4th quarter, but nothing is set yet. This prototype was 28" scale and has coil taping Lace pickups, dual truss rods, but then my mind goes blank. For more information see blog as Peter has a much better memory than I do [I need to write things down!!] and was no doubt paying closer attention [some NAMM trim was strolling by at the time!!] At any rate I still don't understand the extreme width of the necks with the distance from the string to the neck edge so much further than it needs to be on the 8's and 9, unless I'm completely missing something you serious multi string players know and I don't. Why take an already very wide neck and make it even wider than needed? Maybe I'll get some feedback from you folks on this.


Ibanez is definitely putting some resources behind the new multi string movement with a stampede of new 8 string models across all price points. You can now buy everything from the finest 8 strings made in the world with the M8M Sugi built and new RG813 J Custom, all the way down to a LEFTY entry level 8 string model in the RG8L at $500 MAP. You also have new 7 and 8 string S models coming this year. The list seems endless as I  now count 32 different 7 and 8 string models in the current US lineup. I always considered 7's and 8's a niche market but, what do I know, I'm old!!


Ibanez goes after the metal crew with a new "Made-for-Metal" line of 6, 7, and 8 string guitars that feature EMG or Dimarzio's in every model which spans a combination of classic Ibanez staples in both RG and S variants. I love the pure look of the blank fretboards devoid of any embellishments. These are guaranteed to wake the dead, so you can play Zombie Apocalypse till the last one is gone!


Or not, if the bar's not there! The ZPS has been dropped on all RG's 450 and lower in a combination of price increases from the factory and the higher price points compared to the competition that were hurting sales last year. Doing away with the ZPS allows them to offer these guitars again at a lower price point, or, keeps them from having to raise the price they would have if they have continued to use the ZPS. All ZR's will retain the ZPS system, this only affect RG's, and the new Premium UV70 as Steve wanted the UV to be free floating as it always was. The new Iron Label series will also go without the ZPS unit. Replacing it will be the standard 5 hook claw and a larger mass sustain block reminiscent of an old Edge block with spring retainer.




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