ATZ100SBT- Andy has decided to play the AZ and introduces his typical classy version of the model. The AT100 still survives for now, but the ATZ seems to fit Andy's eclectic style perfectly. It will be interesting to see which one he plays more.




ATZ100SBT_F1921090 -- SECOND STOCK - No tag but from the fingerprints I can tell this was the sales meting guitar that would have gone to NAMM. It cleaned up all but perfect with a 3" line scuff that's just took enough matte off to be visible, but it's on the arm contour where your arm will always cover it. Very light S stamped on the head.All Second Stock guitars come with a 1 years Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty. AS IS $1850, BRONZE $1950, SILVER $2275 - PLUS SHIPPING

We are pleased to introduce a signature model from AZ line of one of Ibanez legends, Andy Timmons. The ATZ100 is based on the Ibanez AZ Prestige model and includes all of that model's advantages, as well as adding new features favored by Andy and not yet offered in the AZ format.

The ATZ100 features the one-piece Maple neck made with S-TECH wood, an AZ staple. S-TECH wood is processed with a special nitrogen-heat treatment. This process increases the wood’s stability, durability, water resistance and tolerance of temperature changes. The neck is sealed with an oil finish (sealer coat) which makes it feel similar to a well-played neck. The ATZ100’s fretboard width measures 40.5mm at the nut, slightly thinner than the Prestige AZ, and its grip shape is also slightly thicker, to mirror Andy’s legendary AT guitar.

The shallow body back contour and big forearm contour help the guitar’s body fit the player naturally, thus increasing playing comfort. The body has a deep waist and different radii on each body edge curve (3 mmR on body top/8 mmR on body back), making it easier to play in both standing and sitting position.

Andy’s favorite DiMarzio® The Cruiser® pickups are installed in all positions. The combination of these pickups deliver single-coil tone, open vocal-sounding mids and a bit of added strength to the bass. These pickups also relieve players of string drop-outs and sustain-killing magnet pull. The guitar also includes the Smooth Taper volume filter, which maintains the guitar’s high frequencies at low volumes and provides more uniform tone from 1 to 10.

The Wilkinson®-Gotoh® VSVG tremolo unit features smooth arm action and the unique design of its elongated baseplate screw holes help promote accurate pitch return by eliminating binding. Its locking bent-steel saddles provide a vintage tone and feel. The string mounting holes in the steel block are staggered to help keep string angle over the saddles consistent, which helps increase tuning stability.

GOTOH® MAGNUM LOCK® machine heads, which have an established reputation for tuning stability, are mounted on the headstock. Its H. A. P® (Height Adjustable Post). system allows for the adjustment of string post height to achieve the appropriate tension and string angle for each string individually. Hardshell case included.

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