AZ2204SCR - This was a spot model limited to orders taken in October [who knows why] so it is limited to however many were ordered. I ordered 2, due in May.


AZ2204SCR_F1904277 - SECOND STOCK - Tag marked "headstock chip, heel flaw, and flaws all over body" - And it's clear this was a tried for 45 days and returned to GC or Sweetwater and they returned it to Ibanez instead of eating their own loss. Headstock has several small edge blems from tapping whatever, the body flaws are scattered light scratches, the plastic on the pickguard is covered with pick scratches and you can tell by the fingerprints on the fretboard this was played quite a lot. The very edge of the end of the neck pocket may or may not be a clear touch up, it's slightly lumpy but looks just fine. Another example of customer abuse I used to attribute to demo guitars. Like buying a guitar that has been in GC for a few months. Light S stamped on the back of the head. All Second Stock guitars come with a 1 years Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty. AS IS $1350, BRONZE $1450, SILVER $1675 - PLUS SHIPPING

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