JEM777LLG - LEFTY!!! Yes they did!!! This one even shocked me, a left hand version of the 777LG. EDIT! NO THEY DIDN'T! In a move with no official explanation, the LLG has been killed, and replaced with LSK and LDY. So you can buy a lefty pink and yellow, but you cannot buy a lefty green. None will be made. The funny part is while the right hand LG is Limited, the Lefty is not!! They obviously don't need to be as so few lefties are made and sold. 5 on order and will order more depending on demand.


The guitars everybody has known were coming. I never thought they would reissue these guitar, but they have. They are a modern version with 5 piece long heel [no fretboard extension] necks and have EVO pickups per Steves specs, as well as Backstops installed. The neck plate laser engraved 30TH Anniversary. I held the show guitar up to LG#1 in the Bensalem HUSA collection and #1 was just a shade lighter and a bit more yellow, all caused by the clearcoat taking an amber tint. I will get a final number at the show but as of a couple months ago there were a total of 900 guitars total planned with half of them being LG, the rest split between SK and DY.

It all started in 1987. At the summer Chicago NAMM show, Steve Vai’s signature JEM guitars were first introduced—and Vai’s endorsement with Ibanez was officially announced. This unconventional design immediately became the most recognizable signature model in the world, and it has been loved in its various versions until now. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the legendary JEM guitars. To commemorate this occasion, Ibanez is proud to release the JEM777, reproducing the features of the very first JEM model in an eye-catching, flashy finish.

The left-handed version JEM777L is crafted with a Basswood body for a fat but well-balanced tonality. The slim JEM 5pc Maple/Walnut neck includes Jumbo frets finished with the Prestige fret edge treatment for smooth, comfortable performance. A Maple fretboard features characteristic Disappearing Pyramid inlays and scalloped 21–24 frets. The JEM777L is equipped with DiMarzio® Evolution® humbuckers in its bridge and neck positions and a DiMarzio® Evolution® single coil in its middle position for an array of rock tones. The JEM777L will let you scream or moan with the Edge tremolo bridge and groundbreaking Lion’s Claw tremolo cavity, allowing pitches to be radically raised or lowered without obstruction. A Certificate of Authenticity (Tour Pass) and hardshell case are included.



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