JEM7EAFXBK - As radical a departure from a regular JEM, and at the same time the most "standard" JEM of all, 2009 sees the addition of the first fixed bridge JEM. There have been the non trem Acoustic/Electric EP7 and EP9, but this is a full blooded solid body JEM with a fixed bridge. Using the Tight End bridge from the FR series to give the appearance of a large bridge, it looks little different from your typical double locking JEM. The Vai/Earth graphic behind the bridge fills the rest of the space with enough visual candy that you don't miss the claw one bit.

  • Prestige 5 piece maple/walnut neck w/o scarf joint

  • 430mm Radius Rosewood board

  • 21st through 24th frets scalloped

  • 18mm 1st - 20mm 12th fret

  • 43mm nut width - 58mm last fret

  • Warmoth 6105 Frets

  • Basswood body

  • Tight End Fixed Bridge

  • Dimarzio Breed neck p/u

  • Dimarzio Breed mid p/u

  • Dimarzio Breed bridge p/u

  • Chrome hardware

  • BK - Black - with Vai / Earth Graphic

  • List price $TBA, includes molded J Craft case.

  • Continental US shipping is included.

  • International - Please ask for a shipping quote

  • Service Package Level Details  

  • Gold - Card Price - $2600  [Visa and Master Card only - US only]

  • Platinum - Cash Price - $2600  [Cash customers and ALL International customers] 

  • Platinum - Card Price - $2645

  • Other Service Levels Available!!!

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