JEM7VPWH - The VWH gets a Premium version at about half the price of the Japanese version. The Premium will have ebony fretboard and Edge bridge while the Prestige will retain Rosewood.






JEM7VPWH_P01210410675 - Second Stock - The file says "cosmetics, drip in poly on side" but after examining it for 10 minutes I find nothing, except the trem either has something stuck on it of the plating isn't good. I rubbed it and nothing happened, I didn't try any chemicals and you don't want to rub gold too much or it won't be gold. Otherwise it's perfect. Super light S stamped on the back of the head. All Second Stock guitars come with a 1 years Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty. ** $1425 AS IS, $1525 BRONZE, $1700 SILVER** - PLUS SHIPPING

When Steve Vai teamed up with Ibanez in 1987, little did he realize what a lasting impact his signature model guitar would have. Today, the JEM is an iconic instrument immediately identified with the legendary guitarist. As part of the Ibanez Premium series, the JEM7VP is a high quality instrument created for the working pro.

The JEM7VP starts with an Alder body featuring its clear tone, and covered in high-gloss pure White with gold hardware. The Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM rods includes Jumbo frets finished with the Premium Fret Edge Treatment for smooth, comfortable performance.
Its elegant Tree of Life inlay prominently stretches along the contrasting Ebony fretboard. The JEM7VP is equipped with DiMarzio® Evolution® humbuckers in its bridge and neck positions and a DiMarzio® Evolution® single coil in its middle position for an array of rock tones. The JEM7VP will let you scream or moan with the Edge tremolo bridge and groundbreaking Lion’s Claw tremolo cavity, allowing pitches to be radically raised or lowered without obstruction. A gig bag is included.




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