JEM7VWH - The VWH is arguably the most popular JEM ever built. Steve has been playing EVO and other versions of her for over 15 years, and is most associated with the VWH than with any other guitar he's every played. You don't have to love Steve to appreciate the extraordinary array of features and visual appeal found in this guitar. If you want to be noticed, this will get them looking, and the great tone will keep them captive. For 2010 Ibanez turns the clock back 20 years and equips it's best signatures models with the Original Edge trem system. This will be a running change with the new models expected in sometime between now and Spring. If anybody feels the EDGE is not low enough profile for them the trem can be changed to a Lo Pro for a small upgrade fee.

For several years between early 2011 and late 2013 VWH's had a manufacturing issue in the body that threw the intonation off so far the guitars were not saleable. Factory and the engineers were notified and there were several changes made, none of which fixed the problem. So I have only handled older used VWH's thru these years. Because of a client that wanted a New VWH I checked every incoming batch and finally, they've gotten them corrected. I am now stocking good VWH's again.





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