JS1CR30 - 30TH - WOW. There is nothing cooler about a JS than a JS in Chrome. This is just the sexiest guitar made. I always thought Black was too but they discontinued it after a year ;/ Now bringing the Anniversary year back in synch to Joe signing with Ibanez, ie. 10th and 20th, Ibanez and Joe celebrate the 30th Anniversary with a new 24 fret Sustainer equipped version of the Chromeboy, with a twist. Ibanez will only disclose that this is a proprietary finish and give no further details, after inspection I'm convinced this is a simul-chrome as it's always been the most logical solution to the "chrome" on wood process. It's most likely an Alsa based spray on simulated chrome which are amazingly realistic. The best thing about simul-chromes is they get clear coated which makes it the right solution for a player [even though, the earliest 10ths were cleared the clear turned amber, which is why we call them Goldboys]. The twist? They are coated with a clear spray on self healing Paint Protection Film which started to become available in the automotive aftermarket several years ago. In reality it's amazing. You can rub your fingernail into the finish and imprint a line, rub it vigorously with a microfiber cloth, and it just disappears. The self healing PPF is actually a little soft, as - you can rub a line into it with your fingernail, so the surface has that type feel, but this is what makes it harder to scratch to begin with, you can Google the tech.

Disclaimer - Just because it is self healing does not mean it is indestructible. I can guarantee you that you can damage it past it's point of healing. How hard you have to bump ofrscratch is a completely unknown.

Disclaimer #2 -  Ibanez is not known for extreme testing of "new" finishes [PRM comes to mind]. Most film PPF's in the auto industry are expected to have a 7 year average life span, but that would be on a car exposed to the elements. How that translates to something that will remain indoors is an unknown, but I believe it will probably outlast me. As a PPF these films will protect cars from small chips hitting pebbles doing 90, and scratches, so it is a guitar you can play without the worry of scratching from play or general handling, which every other iteration of Chromeboy has been susceptible to, as every other clear coat guitar Ibanez makes.

Ibanez released this statement to dealers,

To honor the world-renowned Joe Satriani Signature Series , the Ibanez R&D team worked closely with Joe to develop a finish that was worthy of both Joe’s approval, and of the Chrome Boy moniker.  Each and every JS1 Chrome Boy will have passed stringent Ibanez quality control standards, however due to the unique nature of this striking finish, some minor imperfections may be expected, are considered normal.

Translated, you should expect pimples in the finish, there are probably 15 on the show guitar in varying sizes, from tiny to teenager. And it's still stunning, why isn't everybody making chrome guitars???

Ibanez continues with its new policy of not revealing production numbers on any Limited Edition models, but will only reveal how many will be available in your country. I have commented about this policy elsewhere but rest assured they are extremely Limited, for whatever reason, with 2 available per territory [the warehouses received the lions share in the US again], I was told there will be about 50 of them in the US.

I am concerned because these are alder and they have a recent history of sink lines in some alder builds. I was told they believe they have that sorted with the prep, which I do hope because a Chromeboy with sink lines would be a funhouse mirror.

Due 6/20







During our long partnership with Joe Satriani, Ibanez has released countless JS signature models. Some of the most sought after JS models have been the elusive Chrome-finished JS guitars. Although immensely popular, the process to plate the 3-D curved body has been difficult to achieve at a manufacturing level. That is, until now. Taking the opportunity to celebrate our 30-year relationship with Joe, Ibanez is pleased to announce the JS1CR. The latest and greatest Chrome JS will be available in 2018.

The specifications are inspired by Joe's recent preferences: a 24 frets neck, Sustainiac electronics, and DiMarzio® Satchur8™ pickup. The guitar also includes a special case to protect its unique finish from damages during transportation.

Each JS1CR produced in 2018 will come with a limited edition JS1CR30 commemorative back plate.




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