JS2PRM - Ibanez makes a 3rd attempt at the infamous Chromeboy. The Platinum Rock Mirror is an atomized stainless steel finish with a super thin clearcoat to protect from discoloration. Not typical for an Ibanez Chromeboy these are very close to Cosmo in color. Extremely Limited to 60 pieces worldwide, only 38 will be available in the US. [My calculated total at this point [8/28/06] is 36 guitars distributed in the US, one in China, and I've seen one in Japan, although there is definitely a couple I do not know about. I believe the run is now finished. If you ordered and did not receive, you won't.]. The first run of 20 imported had numerous finish issues including water spots, white fogged areas, and bubbling. Mizuno Japan [sports giant] was contracted to do this second run and reports have these as having very clean and clear finish with minimal flaws, but the clearcoat on the backs of the necks are much more amber than 1st generation models. My [somewhat incorrect] NAMM assessment follows the pictures below.  If you play these guitars you should be forewarned that the finish will peel. Note the large area missing on Joe's arm contour as used on the Super Colossal tour. The first run models have sold as high as $8000 on ebay, although there is one eBay idiot currently trying to pimp one at $14,000, hyping it with a total bullshit story, here. Final production totals from Japan, 76 pieces shipped Worldwide. This figure does not include the stack Joe got, but does include all show samples.

  • Prestige JS 1 piece maple neck

  • Multi-radiused neck profile

  • 20mm 1st fret - 22mm 12th fret

  • 250mm Radius

  • 42mm nut width

  • 6105 Frets

  • Clearcoated Atomized Stainless Steel plated basswood body

  • Original Edge bridge

  • Chromed Dimarzio PAF PRO neck p/u

  • Chromed Dimarzio Fred bridge p/u

  • Coil tap and high pass filter push/pulls

  • Phase switch

  • Mirror headstock overlay

  • Cosmo hardware

  • List price $5329.99, includes Silver case        

  • $5350 + Shipping                                    


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JS2PRM - New for this year is the ultra limited 2PRM [I could not find out exactly what PRM stands for, but like the new JEM7B, probably something to do with Rock Mirror]. This is evidently the guitar Joe has been playing on tour for 2 years now, leaving his original JS2's at home in an effort to keep them in his possession. This is a basswood body guitar covered in aluminum which is probably only microns thick. Don't think of this as sheet aluminum but as I understand it's a process using powdered aluminum that is fused after application to form the "skin". IMO this is going to be just as fragile a finish if not more so that the 10th Anniversary. The 10th was on luthite which is a *very* tough substrate while sealed basswood is very soft leaving it susceptible to bruising from even slight contact. I had asked Mike Manning for details about the new "alumiboy" Joe has been playing and all he knew was he "thought" it was wood, didn't know a thing about aluminum, but did say it was tarnishing like crazy and scratched extremely easily. A haunting flashback to the JEM90 polished aluminum pickguards come to find where a fingerprint not wiped off ends up as a permanent fingerprint. On the guard the aluminum is 2mm thick and it can be buffed out. If this finish is only microns that is not an option. This is probably very close to an original JS2 in that it was also a sealed basswood guitar with a chrome finish also only microns thick, and they definitely scratch and ding extremely easily. This guitar will probably not make a great player unless you don't mind all the flaws it will receive during use, and the $1000's it will devalue due to condition degrading. This is not a catalog model so I'm going to assume it has Joe's current flavor of pickups, the FRED bridge and the PAF JOE neck, but Dimarzio has chromed the tops as they did the JEM10 and JS90's, although this is supposed to be a new process that is much more durable than the process used on those pickups. Only play time will tell. Added to this model [and I was told requested by Joe] is the phase switch to change the humbuckers to out of phase giving an even added tonal option to the already versatile JS. Abalone dots inlayed into slightly larger mirror dots, a headstock overlay like the one used on the Crystal Planet's but in chrome, and original Edge trem. Rumored to possibly come with a chromed case although that's many months from confirmation. Limited to 60 pieces worldwide with 38 coming to the US. $5329.99 List price, includes case.




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