Blackdog - THIS is the guitar I saw Joe play 20 years ago that turned me into the JS Junky I am today. Blackdog was the very first prototype JS that Joe used to decorate with colored metallic Sharpie markers as the mood struck him. It was immortalized when a picture of the freshly redrawn guitar was used on the back cover of FIABD, which has made it a favorite of long term Satch fans. Faithfully recreated by a Japanese doodler, this tribute is very accurate. So much so they went to the original photographer that shot the picture and got the original 4" x 5" negatives to make very clear enlargements for the artist to work from. Of course the graphic is under clear so you won't rub it off, but the doodles on the pickups and mounting rings, bar, fine tuners, and knobs isn't. Nearly dead on accurate in spec, Ibanez used the correct knob arrangement, and knobs, Silver Silk headstock logo, pearl dots, straight jack, black plastic p/u mounting rings, and the graphic is superbly done. The only minor inconsistencies I noticed were the JS Series moniker on the head instead of the original Roadstar Series [the original neck was a Korean neck from a Roadstar because at the time those were the only necks Ibanez was making with the "Strat" truss rod rout [skunk stripe] and straight headstock 1 piece neck], and the rubber grommet around the switch nut that H&S used on the Radius', JS3's, and first batch 4's and 5's. All Japanese built/assembled JS's got the all metal switch nut. It is sporting the current top mount locking nut and the trems now have the "Licensed" line ground out of the mold. Of course, it looks fantastic and I'VE GOT TO HAVE ONE! Limited production to 88 Worldwide, with 50 to HUSA..

Blackdogs are being built by the small custom shop in Nagoya Ibanez contracted to build the 2670 Artwood Twins and the Bob Weir Cowboy guitar. The fret finishing is very much like the best J Customs, the bodies are free of any contour blems found on the Fujigen production JS's, and they weigh in at around 6 pounds, probably pointing to the best American Basswood which is supposed to be lighter than it's siblings. The cases are a version of the world Y2K case you would find a non US Crystal Planet in, the certificates are signed and encased in Lucite, and a signed Surfing Limited Edition CD is included along with a black leather JS strap. All the Blackdogs I sell will have signed control covers.

When I spoke to Joe after the Glenside show he told me he thought they made they just for me. I thought he was joking, but then he said it again, seriously. I'm not quite sure what to make of it but I have been suggesting, pleading, begging, and groveling, for Ibanez to make this guitar, and it's gratifying to think it might have had any effect at all in that decision. Personally I tend to believe Ibanez already knew what I was feeling, that this was the right guitar to make for an anniversary, even though the Surfing guitar was also just as right in it's timing. But for Joe to say that was especially cool!

  • Prestige JS 1 piece maple neck

  • Multi-radiused neck profile

  • 20mm 1st fret - 22mm 12th fret

  • 250mm Radius

  • 42mm nut width

  • 6105 Frets

  • Basswood body

  • Original Edge bridge

  • Dimarzio PAF JOE neck p/u

  • Dimarzio Fred bridge p/u

  • Coil tap and high pass filter push/pulls

  • Chrome hardware

  • Black with faithfully copied Blackdog graphic

  • Full Pro Setup details here.

  • List price $7999.99, includes World Y2K'esque Flight Case with elongated handle, and several surprises.

  • Continental US shipping is included.


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