PM200 - Legendary jazz great Pat Metheny has been playing Ibanez signature guitars for as long as anyone can remember. It's easy to see why, all you have to do is pick one up and play it. 


PM200NT_F1427441 - SECOND STOCK - The description tag is marked "Buyer directed second" which at a time meant that anything that was returned for a perceived flaw was automatically made a second [policy has now reverted back to HUSA inspection and if pass will be reshipped] but since it was returned in it's factory shipping box and not in an outer box the shipping box did get some road wear. After long inspection I found what looks like a line of fisheys in the clear between the treble F hole and the edge that's about 3mm x .5mm, and a wave in the clear over the binding not far away. There is also a couple spots where the fretboard was shaved to mate with the binding [see pics]. The floating bridge shift during shipping so there's a footprint mark from it's centered location that should cover when moved back, but might be a lighter mark in the current spot. Otherwise the S stamped on the back of the head wraps it up. All Second Stock guitars include 1 year Ibanez Rules Warranty.** $1950 AS IS, $2075 BRONZE, $2250 SILVER**







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