RG921QMF - Ibanez introduces a new Premium line of guitars that are being built in the Jawa Timur factory in Indonesia. Before you balk at their origins, these guitars have the goods. In a joint venture, Hoshino Gaki and Fujigen have purchased a portion of this factory, sent their finest craftsman to train the employees, and several have stayed behind to oversee operations to maintain the expected high degree of quality. Premium guitars are based on J Custom quality, without the J Custom price. These guitars feature select wood, Japanese trained craftsmanship, close tolerance, neck profile like Prestige Wizard [not Wizard 2!], and Dimarzio pickups. To keep costs down they're using figured wood veneers instead of 4mm tops, so you get the high end look without the huge price tag. The new Tight End R bridge has been redesigned to look [IMO] more like a trem because RG's only seem to look "Right" with the trem. High end Japanese features for low end Japanese money. I have 3 of each on order. Due in March.







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