THBB10 - Scott LePage from Polyphia gets his own AZ signature in a Premium.



THBB10_P01211210756 - SECOND STOCK - File specifies heel crack and there's a 5/8" bass side crack, right beside it is a white spot that's under the clear. I don't know if the black is missing or the white is on top but it's under the clearcoat. Light S stamped on the back of the head. All Second Stock guitars come with 1 year Ibanez Rules Platinum Warranty. **AS IS $1100, BRONZE $1200, SILVER at $1350** - PLUS SHIPPING

Speed, fluidity, note clarity, and unrivaled technical proficiency. These are the words that might come to mind when needing to describe the music of the band Polyphia. In order to deliver such technically demanding music, players require a guitar that will excel in these styles. Tim Henson, one of the two visionary guitarists of Polyphia, has been an Ibanez player for quite a while and after intense collaboration with Tim, we are now able to finally introduce his official signature guitar, the THBB10.

The THBB10 is based on the popular Ibanez AZ models with a few special modifications to make this guitar uniquely suited to Tim’s style and sound. An AZ Oval C Roasted Maple Neck and fingerboard provide stability an excellent sustain. The guitar also offers a flexible tonal array with a custom DiMarzio® HSS pickup configurations voiced to Tim’s exact specifications. The tuning system consists of Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads, a Graph Tech® nut, as well as a T1502 by Gotoh® tremolo bridge. The combination offers solid, stable tuning and excellent tremolo functionality.

Both contemporary and traditional in its appearance, the THBB10 sports a look that would fit in anywhere from a three-piece Jazz ensemble, to the most cutting-edge Prog Rock groups and beyond.

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