I think everybody that has an AZ has complained at some point, and whenever I'd be doing one I'd just keep at it until it behaved. Of course I'd be pretty stoned and as few AZ's as I'd do it's not like the next one I'd pick up a month later I'd remember, if I ever really figured it out. But since I quit smoking weed, and I had 3 AZ's to do in 4 guitars, I had to resolve the problem.

Itís the tuners. It is a weird phenomenon. You have to detune into tune. If you do what you should, tune up to tune to take the slop out of the gears like you must on any fixed bridge guitar, it returns mad sharp on a lot of strings. If you detune into tune it behaves very well. It is non locking so itís never going to be 100% but itís quite passable. You still have to cut the nut open right, back relieve it, lube the nut, lube the studs, fully stretch, all the normal shit, but the main problem is the tuners. So just detune into tune. I always hated these locking tuners you use a quarter on the top to lock anyway, but now I don't hate them quite as much.

This should be the same cure on any AT's as I always had the same problem with them and they use the same tuners.


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