Loose Arm Holder

Tightening the arm holder is best done with the trem removed from the guitar. Hold the trem in your hand and use a set of channel lock pliers to tighten the holder from the bottom side. Only grab the END of the arm holder with the pliers because if you use them anywhere else on the holder you'll deform the holder and the bar will not fit in it anymore. I normally don't remove the bar retaining spring but be aware if you spin over it with the pliers you'll be ordering a new spring. Once you have the holder itself tight take a 10mm wrench and while keeping counterclockwise tension on the holder with the pliers, tighten the holder nut [if you try to tighten the nut without keeping the tension on the holder the holder will loosen again] This might be a little tricky for some who could make good use of a vise to hold the trem while tightening the nut. Put the trem block in the vise to hold. You will find some later model Lo Pro Edge trem where it's impossible to get the nut tight without loosening the holder [I have yet to get to the bottom of this] and in this case it's more important to have the holder tight than the nut tight, so tighten with the pliers as tight as you can possibly get it [remember, only use the pliers at the tip of the holder!!]. Of course there is a tool they use to tighten the holder at the factory from the top and why the holder has a slot cut in the top, but the tool is not available anywhere [even from the factory]. Some people will use a large screwdriver and tighten the holder from the top, but you have a very great chance of slipping out of the slot and making a major scratch, and, you will not get the holder near as tight as you will using channel lock pliers at the tip of the holder. I have found that a holder tightened this way is tight for good, but some of you may want to go the extra step and use Locktite on the holder threads before tightening. Locktite is available at most auto parts stores and is used in engines to keep bolts from loosening under constant vibration. More or less, it glues the threads together, but not so glued it can't be pulled apart again later.


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