Sustainiac Board Adjustment

This are the adjustment point of the circuit board used in the current JS models and I suspect coming in some PIA models at some point. It's a pdf file so I cannot display it on the page

Here is the explanation from the Sustainiac site on what the modes should do.



Beginning sustainer users often experience confustion when the big strings start sustaining, while they solo. The wound strings respond more readily to the magnetic driving forces.
There are a couple of solutions to this:
(1) Lower both the magnetic driver and also the bridge pickup underneath the big strings. Raise them both close to the small strings. The height of both the driver and the bridge pickup underneath the strings has a large effect on the sustainer responsiveness of these strings.
(2) Practice left/right hand muting. It will take a little time. When you solo on the small strings, hold your picking hand against the big strings to "tame" them. People who often play loudly through a big amp are already familiar with trying to control amp feedback. Therefore, they will develop these muting techniques faster than others.




If you strum a full six-string chord, expect two or three notes to dominate after a few seconds. These will likely be wound strings. This is because the larger strings respond to the pulsating magnetic drive more readily than the higher strings. You can equalize this somewhat by raising both the bridge pickup and Sustainiac driver under the smaller strings and lowering them both under the high strings.

However, the physics of the situation makes the large strings MUCH more responsive to the driver's magnetic driving forces. So, for most chords, one, two, or three notes usually "win out" after a few seconds. The A, D, and G strings can make some nice doubles and triples.

In order to have absolutely equal intensity for all strings would require a hexaphonic sustainer (essentially six individual sustainers). Unfortunately, this is too large and expensive for a product in this price range. Maybe we will do one someday.....




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