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IBANEZ RULES became an Authorized Ibanez Dealer on 7/17/2008

Welcome to Ibanez Rules. Your online resource for New and Used high end Ibanez guitars. From the JEM of Steve Vai, the JS of Joe Satriani, the JPM of John Petrucci, the US Customs shop, and J Custom Shop guitars, you'll find a nice selection of the best that's available. Stop back often as inventory is constantly changing. The Used page is updated almost daily when guitars are sold but I am slow to update new inventory so it usually goes on in large groups, and then quickly sold. Don't forget to stop by the Gallery for over a Gig of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Of course New / Untouched / Unplayed models are always available. All are fully inspected and then go through the most extensive rebuild imaginable so that they are ready to ROCK when they arrive at your door. But my passion has always been for the hot models of the recent past, MC's, 10th's, etc, you get the picture. I prefer to stock very clean guitars free from condition issues but of course there will always be a few in player condition in the mix. What you won't find are any of the lower line models, they just don't turn me on.

My firm commitment is to deliver the finest playing instrument possible, whether it is New or Used. Almost everything I sell will be given a perfect fret level and are fully sorted and modified [to a degree model appropriate] before they're setup to ensure they are far superior to a guitar sold by anybody else. They will most likely cost more that those purchased elsewhere but you are getting full value for your hard earned. Price should always be a consideration when buying, but when true quality comes for only a few dollars more that decision is simple. And that is a decision you will never regret. But if you're on a budget, I can also give you the best price you will find ANYWHERE on guitars that have passed my thorough inspection. All guitars that do not pass inspection are rejected and returned. I also offer 6 different Service Levels so I have a price point to meet any budget, or instrument level to satisfy the most demanding player. The Best price on a good guitar, or the Finest guitar and a fair price, or any level in between.

I'm just your average hardcore Ibanez player, turned collector, turned dealer to support my habit. I dealt privately from a very large email list for years until I finally started building this site in 2000. My main collecting interest is Satriani models but I'm always on the lookout for the Supreme MC to tuck away! Wish I could afford to keep them all! But since I can't I usually have a strong stock of very desirable models. I deal with many collectors and players alike and understand them both. I used to be very serious about playing, and now I'm very serious about collecting! What I am to the core - is honest. I don't pull any punches, and I rarely duck. I also have the highest level of integrity you will find in any human, it's just my nature. Enough dribble, if you have any questions please write here. Come back often! But don't forget to hit Reload to see what's new!


Disclaimer - Ibanez Rules is not affiliated with Ibanez or Hoshino USA.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Ibanez Rules reserves the right to refuse to do business with anybody and for any reason.

Copyright August 2000 by Ibanez Rules!!


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