Debono JEM Collection

Ray has been an active JEM player and collector for many years, I can't remember how long he's been a client, but it's been a long time. This is the sad but typical story of divorce and the division of assets. It's a sad time for Ray, not only the divorce, but loosing his JEM collection. He had large custom display cases built into his man cave so they could be on permanent display in a humidified room with no UV light. This was Rays art collection that would have been handed down to his sons, none of these were ever played as Ray only played one VWH that was kept out of the cases. As Ray was attempting to assemble a complete JEM collection it is very diverse and most of the models are represented. If you're looking for a JEM, Ray probably has one you're looking for.

I will need your postal code to quote shipping. All guitars are sold AS IS. No labor is included with the purchase and they don't need anything to be collected. They were all inspected and all have good necks unless specifically noted. That doesn't mean a fret won't choke out with low action and big bends. The majority are also old basswood guitars which I would expect the stud anchors to be loose. If you want them to be played, then at the least they'll need a fret cleaning and a good sorting and setup, any setup level as far as you want to go, casual play, serious shredder instrument, or clean it to hang on the wall, but all labor is extra, and quoted by what you want done and what I'm working on. 

The Collection

SOLD - JEMEVO - A12901 - New, untouched unplayed condition, as far as you can tell with these guitars, it has the extra scratchy version of the pickguards with long scratches running the width of guard from the pickups to guard edge, and with the extra razor cut for the tape edge 1/4" off the lower pickup tape edge. Very few EVO's have the razor cut guard from searching my archive, most with much less distressed guards with no razor cut. This EVO, is as perfect and untouched, bought new in Canada so has the EFKAY import label on the original double shipping boxes, complete with Cert and Chrome Strap, in Canada they left it in the straps original bag from Dimarzio with the Dimarzio labels. **$7777**


SOLD - JEM10TH #597 - EXC+++ Euro model which could also be Canadian version as I really don't know if Canada used the silver TKL cases or not. This is a very clean 10th with just a few minor marks, scratches, and impressions on the bottom side, and some small scratchy spots on the back quite possibly from shipping on top of the cert. There is one raised fog spot at an abalone joint 2" up from the butt strap pin typically caused by shipping thru a freeze where the body shrinks and the abalone cannot so it bends up where 2 pieces come together across the long end, this one very minor. The front is super clean and there is just a hair of chrome wear to the treble edge of the neck pickup, some light scratching to the treble of the single, and wear to just the edge of the neck side bobbin of the bridge pickup. Otherwise a very clean 10th that's clean enough to display as Ray did, or has just enough light wear it can be played if desired. In molded Euro case with JEM10TH plaque, the top with some marring dead center around the Ibanez logo. Cert has wrinkling around the edges and looks like it could have been shipped under the guitar body. **$4400**


SOLD - JEM90TH - Near Dead Mint, this is the cleanest 90TH guard I've seen in a decade. It was covered in a pretty thick layer of atmospheric oxidation from 15 years of display, but you could tell how clean it was underneath so, I cleaned a spot. Big mistake, clean a spot and you end up cleaning the whole thing [light spit on a microfiber]. I'd give it about a 50% coverage very light deep oxidation, with 2 spots of darker turn, one where you might finger bridge a couple fingers, the other a palm print over the neck bass side. I did not do a breakdown to clean it which is why I didn't clean the strip between the trem and pickup, also to show what it was like. This guard should come up near perfect with a nickel buff [I know a guy, $100]. Otherwise the guitar is perfect. There is evidence it was played by slight ebony polishing between a few frets, this has almost no play time. It's in it's rare original HUSA J Custom case in Near Dead Mint with a bare stripe of wall transfer on one edge on the back.  It has it flawless Cert, all tools and manuals but no Warranty card. For an original condition 90TH this guitar is as clean as they get.**$2650**


SOLD - JEM20TH - Untouched and essentially New In Box, plastic still on the pickguard, never played with a nice full multi color ribbon pattern and flamey maple neck. This was bought in Canada so has Efkay tape on the perfect original factory shipping box with Montreal port ID. It appears to be a complete package with hang tags and serial stickers but there is no warranty card, though I am not sure what Efkay does or does not provide for warranty cards and none of the Efkay guitars in Rays collection have cards. In perfect original case.**$5250**


SOLD - VAI2KDNA #149 - Virtually New In Box HUSA Package, Deep, dark, moody swirl with a mature palette that was displayed with pride. The fretboard is also beautiful with red tones thru smooth deep chocolate. I found about 20 fine fingernail scratches in a small area center guard. Otherwise flawless, probable original strings, the original soot layer on the headstock partially cleaned from the top edge to begin the tuners, before it was shipped to me. I would always give the option of keeping that on as it was "original" and most opted for me to clean the headstocks. I like seeing the smoke layer as I regret cleaning all of my DNA's. In excellent condition original factory shipping box numbered to the guitar by Jim Donahue after inspection, with shipping label from Fred's Music addressed to me, I'd hate to say back when dealers would ship a guitar like a DNA without any padding or protection except the original shipping box, but since most dealers still do this today I wouldn't be making a point! HUSA shipped these in an additional form fit distributor shipping box but only to keep road wear off the new guitars box. Same practice is still in place today except the boxes need a void fill on one side. Probably the cause of the 1/2" long fog spot at the edge of the neck pocket and the 3/8" finish crack running from it ;/ This is one of the lost guitars, there were a few DNA's in the hundreds of guitars that never found their way onto the for sale page, or photoshopped into the gallery, I probably have the original pictures of it in a "folder of the unfinished" from the 2000-2005 era. I've got lots of folders unfinished. I have zero recollection of this guitar but I obviously bought it from Fred's and sold it to John Cowan, and it's in the picture of 29 DNA's here, the first guitar in the upper left hand corner. Ray bought it from John not too long after. It is nearly complete with it's crisp cert, Manuals, tool pack, sleeping bag, but no warranty card. In it's crisp HUSA case that has always been stored New in the box, the case combination set to the edition number, 149.**$8500**


SOLD - JEM77PMC - EXC+++ Beautiful PMC with vibrant colors and no discernable fading. The body is nearly perfect except for a 3" long scratch on the back from the upper cutaway to the edge of the trem cover that will catch a fingernail, which ends in a small scattered fog area off the covers edge, and a small fog spot off the bottom back edge with a finish crack thru it. There is a 1" long snake neck joint crack on the bass side. The neck and headstock show no damage but a small ding on the back edge toward the tip of the headstock. This guitar has not been toyed with as the factory sanding belt scratching is still present overall, and stronger in some areas as swirls never did have the highest level polish. There are 3 circular depressions right behind the claw where it was not sanded flush, like the type you'll find on many DNA's, even though the clear on the 92' MC's was 3 times as thick as DNA clear. There is play wear and the pickguard shows cloudy scratching below and straight line scratching above the pickups, there is pimpling to the bass side of the trem baseplate with cosmo edge wear, also to the tops and high points of the bass saddles. There is the typical corrosion to the neck plate. There is some lift and fogging to the bass side ends of the 3rd and 7th fret inlay and as most PMC's had very thin clear on the fretboard this was played enough to show light coloring thru the complete fretboard. There is very little fretwear and the neck is nearly perfect quartersawn maple mated to a perfect quartersawn headstock. In it's correct pink lined UV1000 that has some staining on the well door and some typical small losses and scuffs of a used case, but still presents very well.**$5000*


SOLD - JEM777LNG # 297 - Exc+++, It's definitely had some serious play time by the amount of cloudy scratching to the guard, but it has very little fretwear and the only cosmo wear is to the points on the lowE saddle and the outer point of the handrest hinge, the original humbucker screws very clean with some natural wear to the treble side neck HB screw. He hardly ever had his hand on the rest but bridged with his fingernails on the pickguard is how I read it. There is virtually no clear on the fretboard but in the scallops and remnants on the inlays, the clear showing light scratching running head to bridge over the inlays. The board is showing light dirt along the G string and other areas, and it has the look of a board that has been cleaned. The neck is pristine at the neck pocket which would usually be showing some dirt in the L sides of the maple where this has no dirt in the back of the neck at all, and the finish is a little too smooth, although that can happen with play also I believe the back of the neck has been cleaned, as there is evidence at some point steel wool or similar scrubbed the fretboard. In hand it looks very clean. Otherwise the body is in wonderful condition with no neck joint cracks, a 4mm finish crack on the top off the trem and one on the arm contour, with an 8mm U crack on the front lower edge off the switch that didn't take the chip, just left the crack. There are about 100-200 tiny spots on the face of the guard you'd never notice, reminds me of a shot of hairspray nearby and the overspray settled on it laying in its open case [had a 540R once that was hairspray, looks just like it. Will wipe off with acetone if it is but this isn't my guitar so I'm not going to try, they're too inconsequential]. There is a small 3mm scuff off the jack cover that lead into and scratched the cover, an 8mm finish crack off the back bottom edge, a 4mm finish crack with light impression below the trem cover, and a 4mm impression 1" left of the signature, which is still very strong showing just a little lightening and no factory or armature attempts to seal, paint, tape, or protect it in any way. That can't be said for the neck plate and my bet is when it started to crackle on the end the owner decided to protect it with a coat of clear. It has worn thru in the middle to reveal perfect shining cosmo and rubbing did remove more, my bet, acetone would make it disappear, it would have to be removed from it's plastic seat first of course. All in all a very clean presenting LNG suitable for collection or playing. In it's Near Mint original pyramid plaque case, like most the plaque has fallen off [my theory is the cases were toyed with [Armor All] or something by either TKL or HUSA because they all have a much glossier sheen, and tape didn't like to stick to them]. The plaque suffered a couple bruises at some point while off the case. Included is the original full complete HUSA Warranty card, tools and bar.**$4950**


SOLD - JEM777SK - Very rare, very early, and very clean 1987 Shocking Pink with original handrest and little to no fade. SK's and DY's with handrests are the rarest of all JEMs. As the 517th JEM it's a very early SK and has the rounded edges and contours of an LNG. In superb condition there is cloudy scratching to the pickguard from play, it has a small 3mm ding on the front edge of the upper horn that didn't penetrate but turned the clear whiteish, a 4mm finish crack on the front in the area between the trem and jack, and a 4mm finish crack on the back off the jack cover. There is some crackle to the neck plate but it's very clean for an 87', and there is cosmo wear to the top exposed areas of the saddles not protected by the handrest. There's a 1 1/2" neck joint crack on the bass side, and 3 small spots on the fretboard where the clear was lost but the wood really hasn't taken on any color. This guitar was played for several years until around 1991' when it was sent back to Hoshino with neck issues and they put a new neck on the guitar. After the neck was replaced it was played very little and put away because the nut has the low E string too close to the edge of the frets and would slide off. I have offset nut bolts that will move the nut .5mm to the treble side and cure the issue. In it's original super clean 87' JEM1000C with the pale pink interior and just a couple small tolex ticks, with it's original warranty card.**$4350**


SOLD - JEM777DY - The body of this 91' Desert Yellow is in superb condition with just a small light impression off the grip and no neck joint cracks. Very nice clear yellow with some slight toning in a few areas if you try and find them, inside the bouts, beside the plate. It was played alot as noted by the cloudy scratching on the pickguard, but very well taken care of. The is some slight toning and dirt in the fretboard, but it looks clean and natural and never toyed with. There is some very light fingernail marring to the board in a few spots, There's a short line bruise in the back of the neck at the 3rd, and a series of small bruises on the beck bottom edge of the headstock. There is pimpling to the bass side baseplate and light cosmo wear to the tops of the bass saddles, the plate with wear and oxidized corrosion.  Good, honest, original, and never toyed with, almost, the trem cover is a non Ibanez replacement signed by Steve held on with non original screws. It's in a super clean JEM1000 with minor losses, lock set to 777, only bar and a truss wrench included.**$3000**


SOLD - JEM777VDY - Exc - Nice first year 89' VDY with some very slight clearcoat toning in a few areas if you try and find them. The face has a 3mm finish crack off the tone knob and some light bracelet scratching above the trem. The sides are clean with only 1 U finish crack off the arm contour. The back with a 1cm finish crack over the cover, and a couple of deep fingernail catching scratches, a hockey stick upper back and a straight line running from the jack cover, and generous amounts of light button and buckle scratching covering the trem cover and directly above, most of the scratching is light but there are several that will catch a fingernail. It could benefit greatly with a light sanding and hard buff but it's hasn't been toyed with. It has lightly cloudy guard scratching and light but very even fretwear, the trem with lots of pimpling and verging on blistering to the tops of the saddles, the neck plate with about 30% original finish remaining. There are no neck joint cracks. The neck is very clean minus a couple small impressions, and there are several very light small bruises and a few frits to the front and back edge of the headstock. The strap pins were replaced with chrome locks, and the knobs are not correct and non Ibanez green, much too dark. It's in a basically brand new2000's burgundy lined UV1000 case with bar and some tools.**$2425**


SOLD - JEM777VBK - EXC+ This guitar was played alot but handled carefully, there are a couple of small dings on the top of the upper horn, a finish crack on the side at the arm contour, and a tiny ding on the back below the trem cover, the back just a little scratchy but it is a black guitar. There is clouding to the pickguard from play, and even fretwear thru the entire fretboard. The trem has been replaced with the new Lo Pro as the original worn Edge is included in the case well. All the body screws except the switch screws replaced with new ones. What I believe are the original neck and single coil are also in the case, I'd be guessing but I'm betting the bridge pickup was replaced with something else, or went bad, and all pickups were replaced so they would all match when the cosmetic restoration was done. The original pickups have a shiney surface the replacements do not, nor are they the same color green., In a clean Prestige TJC case. **$1650**


SOLD - JEM77BFP - EXC, This BFP is rare in that it's still very much blue as the clear hasn't yellowed, which has given most of these green hues. It has been played so is showing lighter pick and fingernail scratching to the pickguard and wear to the top edge of the volume knob, the painted blue wearing thru to the white knob underneath which is common on played BFP's. There is a fine scratch cloudy area on the top trem corner of the pickguard and into the paint above probably from a bracelet, none of the scratching is deel and all very fine. There is a ding on the front bottom edge, and the bottom side has several scratches and finish cracks, with a scuff on the top front side edge at the arm contour. There are a few small fog spots in the middle of the back and several small marks and scratches scattered. The jack cover is a non original replacement and is like the trem cover from the DY, which probably actually goes on this guitar. The trem has some fine pimpling to the baseplate and a little cosmo wear off the high points of the low E saddle and small spot corrosion to the tops of the rest, the neck plate with crusty white corrosion and about 25% original finish. There is a little dirt in the fretboard and it has very mild and even fretwear. The headstock is very clean. The back of the neck has been cleaned and clearcoated and all the orange peel wetsanded down and polished, probably to somebody's preference, and is super slick as it is. It does have an S shape neck bass side so it will need a deep fret level to make this guitar into a good playing guitar. It's in a basically brand new 2000's burgundy lined UV1000 case with bar only.**$2200** **REDUCED!! $1850**


SOLD - JEM77FP - Mint minus, super clean 1988 first year floral I sold Ray 14 years ago. There are 2 very small scratches on the back edge of the grip, and 2 probably short finish crack front and back edges off the tone knob area, and that's it for the body, neck, and headstock. Just super clean. It was played enough to get some scratch clouding to the pickguard and corrosion to the neck plate, but shows no fretwear at all. It would be difficult to improve on the condition for an 88' Floral. In very clean original JEM1000 case with a couple small bits on the back with some scuffing, top and interior near perfect. It has it's original HUSA warranty card and tools. **$3000**


SOLD - JEM77FP2 - Virtually New In Box, this guitar has only been on display, never hung in a store, and never played. The plastic was removed from the pickguard and there is a couple fine dusting scratches to the guard that's unavoidable. It's an Efkay guitar with Montreal port routing on the original numbered shipping box. I've got to charge you $3000 for a new FP2, you can buy this one for **$2400**


SOLD - JEM77VBK - Virtually New In Box, this guitar has only been on display and never played, and never hung in a store. The plastic was removed from the pickguard and there is some fine dusting scratches to the guard that's unavoidable. It's an Efkay guitar with Montreal port routing on the original numbered shipping box. **$1950**


SOLD - JEM77BRMR - Virtually New In Box, this guitar has only been on display and never played, and never hung in a store. The plastic was removed from the pickguard and there is some fine dusting scratches to the guard that's unavoidable. It's a typical BRMR with a .5mm gap between the binding on the upper horn and the mirror, same with the lower horn and on the bottom front edge, a few spots of glue squeezed between the acrylic and mirror, on the arm contour and just off it, and a typical stress shimmer toward the strap pin side of the arm contour from the bend. All in all a very typical example of a brand new untouched BRMR, this one just sat on display for several years. It's an Efkay guitar with Montreal port routing on the original numbered shipping box. **$2000**


SOLD - JEM7VSBL - Near Mint 2002 Lo Pro version that was played a little but not much. There is some light fingernail scratching on the guard, few light button scratches on the back, some light scratching to the truss rod cover, and a little ding to the back edge tip of the headstock. The trem has taken an odd color from sitting in the case but shows to wear to the VS finish. This is a Chesbro US guitar so it's in it's correct clean UV1000 with a few light scuffs and has all it's original paperwork.**$1875**


SOLD - JEM7VWH - Near Dead Mint - 2002 with ebony, the absolute best year of the ebony board VWH's. This is a late run, one of the last ebony and Lo Pro VWH's. There are maybe 5 fingernail scratches on the pickguard, and a small area of about 15 tiny depressions on the back near the strap pin that are between 1/2 and 1mm diameter, with another about the same on the back of the neck. There is some light dusting/wiping scratching to the gold trem with a little gold wear to the high points of the low E saddle, otherwise there are no faults. The pickguard has been well signed by Steve and it displays very well. It's a virtually new 2002 VWH with a very near perfect 1/4 sawn neck. In correct near perfect UV1000 case, all paperwork is for a different VWH from 2004 except for the hang tag and serial stickers which are numbered to this guitar.**$2000**


SOLD - JEM7DBK - Super clean first year model that has had some play, but very little. There is a small bruise on the back bottom edge off the jack cover that's very difficult to see of photograph, and a 1/4" neck joint crack bass side of the pocket. There is some light scratching on the pickguard under the pickups, and a crack running thru a switch screw hole, usually the occurs from shipping only [they usually crack thru the knob holes]. The neck maple and headstock are flawless, there is some light lines near the frets in the rosewood between 21-24. I believe it's had a fret level either to true the fretwork or to remove some fretwear, I don't believe this guitar was played long enough to wear much. The frets are oxidized and dirty with dirt from play against the frets thru the whole board and would benefit nicely from a clean. It's in a very clean molded TJC case with a few white painted wall marks, comes with bar only.**$1000** **REDUCED!! $875**


SOLD - JEM7BSB - EXC condition with little play time and very little loss of stain to the back of the neck. There is fingernail scratching to the pickguard and some tiny corrosion spots to the tops of the saddles, but the face of the guitar is extremely clean, with a few very small edge marks on the lower horn and near the butt strap pin. The back is close to perfect save a 4" long very light surface scratch/scuff, and the only real bruise is a 4x8mm dent on the bottom of the lower horn. There is a 1/2" impressed line on the bottom side off the tone knob and another zig zagger on the side off the arm contour. There are also plenty of lines from the tip of the jack searching for the hole, with poor aim. Since it's raw stained basswood every time it touches anything it leaves a mark so this guitar is pretty clean for a BSB. The neck and headstock are perfect although there is fingernail worming in several areas of the fretboard but no visible fretwear. It's in a perfect molded TJC case with bar and tools.**$1500**


SOLD - JEM7PBK - First year PBK's in nice condition are hard to come by and rarely available. This one has its issues but overall it presents very clean. The worst blem would be a top side bruise that left a 1/2" long impression radiating 3 finish cracks, one finish crack breaching the front edge is all that can be seen from the front. There is a creased oval finish crack between the tone and jack and a couple touch marks around it, and just a light scratch at the end of the grip. There are 2 shallow depressions over the bridge but no cracks or bruising if they were bumps. I believe the paint has been buffed at some point and the round of the arm contour is a little hazy. It has typical played mid haze scratching to the pickguard and wear to the saddles and baseplate, with no pimpling. With the super clean headstock that only has a tiny edge mark on the bottom edge and a scratch across the swoosh, this guitar looks very nice. On the back are a 5mm and 3mm long finish cracks, and very light buckle scratching mostly on the trem cover but working into the area between the cover and lower cutaway. It has a 1" finish crack on the bass side of the pocket, the plate has about 40% corrosion. There is light and even fretwear commensurate with a few years of play, just a little deeper at 2 and 3 as expected. The pickups were evidently gone long ago and a "no logo" replacement set bought, but there is a white with chrome Humbucker From Hell in the neck position, so however it got in this configuration, it was also wired with a push push on the tone, the lead running to the 6th pole of the switch [white/black from the neck pickup], which I'm not positive what the mod does, wiring gives me a headache, I need a diagram to tie my shoes, so to speak. The ground wires were redone and the jack line spliced. I checked the anchors when apart and the treble is slightly loose, the bass barely if any, but discovered a thin chip off the inner edge of the trem rout that hides on the other side of the trem when inspection the surface.  It's in a rare molded plate joint model TJC case, which probably makes it a PGM100RE case, with bar and the extra PAF PRO only.**$1750**


SOLD - JEM7RB - This first year RB is in superb played condition. I want to give this a Mint minus, but it has several small flaws. The scratching on the guard indicative of a couple years occasional play, the guard is still shiny and not cloudy, with commensurate wear to the cosmo on the tops of the saddles only, with just a little wear off the baseplate with no pimpling. But the paint is extremely good. There are 2 very tiny spots off the treble side of the trems back corner and 2 tiny edge finish cracks off the tone knob and off the jack, and that's it for the front. There's a little fogging inside the jack, but there are several small to tiny edge marks around the back bottom edge off the jack cover, the worst a 4mm round finish crack with another 2mm line finish crack in the middle of it, with a couple more edge cracks and marks. There is a 2x4mm shallow ding on the back off the jack cover. There is no paint missing from this guitar, just small marks, and it's in its untouched original condition, it's never been polished or toyed with. The tip of the headstock has a couple light bumps to the front and back leaving small marks, and a tiny mark on the edge of the tip, otherwise except for some super light scattered scratches the headstock is super clean. There is just slightly discernable fretwear, 30% of the neck plate has corrosion. The pickups have a little fade but still very nice, and the bobbin on the head side of the bridge PU is slightly pinker, the other bobbin the exact color as the neck PU. The bobbins on that pickup are from 2 different runs and all original.  It's in it's extremely clean original JEM1000C that has residue from an old sticker under the logo, but unfortunately a broken lock tongue. It has its complete HUSA Warranty card, a couple other papers and its bar. Honest, clean, original package early RB's are uncommon.**$1925**


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